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BLC 20 plan and before pics

Monday, September 17, 2012

My plan for the next 12 weeks to make the round of BLC a success:

1. Eat clean, I wan to cut out as much processed food and sugar as possible. The plan will include eating out as little as possible, quitting the diet coke and meal planning ahead of time. The weekends are the struggle, so I will be rewarding myself for every weekend that I follow my clean eating rules! (no restaurants!!!)

2. Exercise, I have no problem getting my cardio in, but ST is a bit of a problem! I will finish the insanity program! I have already decided I need to modify the schedule and take an extra rest day in the middle of the week...if I don't I will get burned out and never finish it. Also, after I runt he 1/2 marathon in November I will have to modify my cardio workouts as well...I'm thinking it will be a perfect time to switch things up. Maybe add some spinning in...I will reward myself for each ST workout I get in for the next 12 weeks!

3. Track, I have to track my food...I have already figured out where I am having trouble(see eating out above), but I need to keep being honest with myself to be able to keep improving.

My summary:

Eat Clean, no diet coke, no restaurants.
Strength train, keep running, switch up some of the running after race.
Track my food everyday.


For each weekend I stick to my clean eating plan I will plan to pamper myself on monday night DIY style. (Bath, pedi, mani, facial, etc.)
For each strength training workout I will put a $1 in a jar to spend on a new outfit at the end of the 12 weeks.
For every weeks I track all my food I will put fresh flowers on the table for Wed. night's dinner.

Now, for the part you have all been waiting for....

BLC20 Before Pictures!
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