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12 week plan for me me ME!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ok, this is going to be straight to the point:

Week 1 - work on getting exercise daily, it may not all be mileage, it may even be a good couple hours raking my yard or cleaning out the barn (hot hard and sweaty work) but it will be daily.

Week 2 - repeat of week 1, add in 4 out of the 7 days nothing sweet at all.

Week 3 - repeat of week 1, repeat week 2 add in use my little plates for all meals force self to slow down eating and wait minimum of 20 minutes to get more of anything. Measure EVERYTHING. Do not flip out yet on quality of food, I already eat homegrown meat and veggies, I am not a bad eater, just a too much quantity.

Week 4-7 -make the first three goals a habit.

Week 8-12 - work on increasing speed during walks, shave off a minute a week. Continue new habits, but now, replace half normal bread with an extra serving of vegetable.

This should be a gradual enough change that I can keep the good habits without falling off the wagon. Yes, it is going to be hard, but I have done great with week one so far so on we go!

I plan on losing 20 lbs, when this is achieved I will post a picture of the silliest socks I can find that I purchase to say woo hoo me! emoticon
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