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12 Week Plan

Saturday, September 15, 2012

No fancy title here.

I am keeping the plan for the next 12 weeks simple too. Simple, straight forward, and achievable.

I weighed in at 170 this morning. Over the next 12 weeks I can realistically lose 12 pounds, bringing me to 158, the max of the healthy BMI range for my height of 5'7". I would like to lose an inch from etch of the following body areas: chest, waist, thighs, arms, hips. Again, realistic.

TO reach this goal, I will consistently:
track every bite
use my HRM to get an accurate measure of calories burned.

I will eat mostly clean.
I will go to my ballet barre class 3 times a week.
I will ride my bike 2 times a week until the weather/darkness factors inhibit me. When this occurs, I will begin C25K and see how my back fares.

This time last year, a healthy BMI seemed so far away, now it is really within my grasp.

Consistency is what is really key here.
Weight fluctuations are normal and will be taken in stride.
Derivation and negative self talk are unacceptable.

And, Here are my "Before Pics" Taken just a few moments ago...

Beginning Stats:
Weight: 170
Chest: 39
Waist: 29
Hips: 39
Thighs: 24
Arms: 13
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