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Sad news for our family

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Been a bit out of it for a few days. hubby's sis is back in Hospital for a blood clot in her leg. Then on top of it she was to start her cancer treatments in Houston. Well the doctor told us Friday morning that it wouldn't do any good that it had spread and nothing would help. All they could do is manage the pain. That the close it gets toward the end the more she will sleep. We had hoped for so much. She is the kind of person who went in for checkup's and it had been missed many times.
Not much anyone can do other than pray for peace & comfort. He hubby is not well he is in a hospital rehab for infection in his leg. We as a family (hubby is oldest of six kids) are going to try to work out a how we can help schedule I just don't know This will be the 2nd one we will loose to cancer. Hubby has buried his emotions about it. None of them have gotten along in a real long time as for like doing holidays. But if you were in trouble they are their in a heart beat to help out.

When my mom passed they were right there, I had been taking care of mom for months. They came in while I was gone & cleaned house brought food and took care of us for several days.. Just a little more than I can cope with right now, as of a few weeks ago we had hope. Now we are just hoping for Malissia to have some good & close moments with her mom before she goes. She is an only child (she is an adult) but I know how hard it is to loose you mom to have to watch them suffer and you can't do anything to help them. Other than be there.
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