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Signs of Aging

Friday, August 31, 2012

Okay, so I had a birthday last week. I told my friends I was 48 going on 15...maturity-wise. It was a great birthday, though. I was biking around Indiana, with 21 friends, seeing as many covered bridges as we could in a week. On the evening of my birthday, we had a party that I will always remember. It was such a good time!

I really have the best friends in the world! They really made this day special.

Now...for the aging part....

I've been dealing with a sore thumb for months. In June, I went to my doctor. He thought it was tendonitis. I took steroids for 10 days and wore this big clunky splint for 5 weeks. It went from mid forearm to mid hand, immobilizing my thumb and wrist. Needless to say, this really interfered with life, but I wore it religiously. After 5 weeks, my thumb still hurt. On top of that, my wrist was starting to hurt from fighting the brace. I decided to quit wearing it and called the doctor to see what my next step was.

Yesterday, I went to a hand specialist. He was a big, burley, 'good-ole-boy' kind of guy with a big booming voice. It took him about 3 minutes to find that arthritis in my CMC joint is my problem. (That's the bottom-most joint at the base of your thumb, near your wrist. He gave me a cortizone shot in that joint.) Holy H**l! That hurt like crap! I think I might have taught that 'good-ole-boy' some new curse words! Within 5 minutes of him finishing, I thought he had set my hand on the floor and stomped on it!!

I had to be fitted for a new brace and learn some hand exercises from a physical therapist before I could leave. She tried to hurry through it and more or less just handed me the list of exercises because she could see I was in pain and wanted to get the h**l out of there. The hour long drive home was filled with whimpering and "Holy s**ts." Hope I don't have to do that again! I'm happy to say, that today the pain is the same as it's always been and hoping it improves.

The new brace is a lot smaller and only covers from wrist to mid-hand. It's flexible and makes manuevering easier. The good news is that the physical therapist said that my biking hand position is actually good for this.

I'd like to think my vehicle will last forever, but now I feel it's starting to fail me. Is this a preview of what's to come? Well...I plan on fighting it tooth and nail!!! I am only 15, after all!!
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    What is failing on your bike? My poor 2006 Stumpjumper Pro hardtail "Little Stumpy", is starting to feel "loose". I then realized I must have a bazillion hard trail miles on the little bike. Little Stumpy is still a confidence builder and a very easy bike to ride fast over difficult terrain.

    But he is showing his age.

    I know what you are thinking. "What happens if you get many miles from home and the bike breaks?"

    I think you look great in your bike outfit. BTW - two of my boys and my daughter need cortizone shots occasionally because of playing college sports. I dislike cortizone because the effects are temporary.

    Good luck healing.

    3212 days ago
    I have a birthday coming up at the end of the month~will be the big "50"! The body lets me know it's aging and doesn't always like what I am doing to it but it just goes along with it.

    What a great way to spend your birthday! Happy belated Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great time.
    3248 days ago
    LOVE the helmet tiara and Happy Belated Birthday.

    Hope the hand feels better soon.
    3249 days ago
    Fight it! Glad you had a wonderful birthday. Sounds like a great week of riding.
    3249 days ago
    Well, I hope that thumb starts to feel better! I had cortisone shots in my knees (both have OA) and pretty much fit your description of the pain! BUT it did settle down after 48 hrs. Hope yous does too.

    UGH. On the other hand, glad you had such a wonderful birthday! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I am 58 and I"ll tell you, I feel better now than I have ever felt. So, it's all about how you take care of yourself. Can't say I feel 15, but maybe 16??? Yeah, that's it . . . 16!
    3249 days ago
    LOVE that saying 48 going on 15! Mind if I borrow it??

    I had tendonitis twice - and the physical therapy that goes with it. Funny things happen in your 40s that we don't see coming. But people tell me I don't look my age so I just roll with it. Sounds like you will too.
    3249 days ago

    Love the cake!

    Hope your hand is feeling better soon.
    3250 days ago
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    First up, Happy Belated B-Day!

    I just wanted to offer some encouragement, a cortisone injection can take a few days to catch and have any effect, but they are wonderful pain relievers and a lot less dangerous than the steroids. I can't believe your Dr would prescribe steroids for tendentious ........ WOW ! I know there are several types of steroids, but they are all so bad for you, check out what they do to your teeth and bones, especially as you age! My husband took them due to M.S. for years, and constantly broke ribs when he coughed too hard, AVOID THEM if you can!! emoticon
    3250 days ago
    Did\Does your joint itch? Not around the joint but the core of the joint itself? When I had my first OA flare-up, on my birthday 2 years ago (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!), I was in agony!! Dear, God! It burned, it hurt and...it itched! I mean, it just itched like crazy. But, I found if I placed my fingers under the heel of my foot and I pulled my hand back - like I was trying to pull my hand away from my fingers - ahhhhh! Instant relief. So, for most of the day, and that weekend (it was a Friday), that's what I did. I didn't recall it hurting this badly since the day I broke that wrist in college, back in 1988.

    After a visit to Dr. Gracy's office, on Monday, he confirmed it was what all my Internet browsing and research had confirmed: Osteoarthritis. Fortunately, it's not RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) which is generally bilateral. I started taking glucosamine, condroitin and MSM tablets as well as some cod liver oil. I've not had a debilitating flare-up since that day, though I've had mild flare-ups since.

    The key is to keep mobile and active with that joint. Don't let the onset stop you from using the joint - that'll just make it worse and the flare-up last longer.
    3250 days ago
    I hope that pain disappears as mysteriously as it came. It sounds dreadful as we use our hands all the time.
    3250 days ago
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