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Friday, August 31, 2012

I ought to do a little less time on spark people I think, It is an hour a day and that is too much.
It is because I want to reach maximum point level...and it tkaes time to read those articles, watch videos, comment on others ec... I was getting there once before - and then they created a new svale with more levels.
Mi idea is that when I reach that highest point level (100 000, 12 914 points to go) I can stop collecting points and only do the things I really enjoy - reading blogs, writing blogs and track when I think it is meaningful... sort of. My worry now is that they are going to change the levels again before I get to the top...

OR - I do have the option to stop obsessing and do the things I need to do, regardless of how many points I get. But those points kind of helps me, knowing that there are 24 points to earn from exercising encourages me (those are the ones I seldom earn maximum, I am mostly at 12 or 16 exercise points)

Today is the last of august, the last day of a work week and my last deadline day of the september edition of "my" paper. I am looking forward to this afternoon, I hope to be calm and collected then instead of worn out and tired... plan on passing the gym today, tomorrow is the grand opening of the restaured indoor swimmingpool that my gym is situated in, which means that next week I will be able to swim and use tha sauna ...looking forward to that although I think my bathing suit is totally worn out...I have no swam (?) at all this summer.
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  • SILLYHP1953
    I no longer care about the points, thank goodness. I do spin the wheel when I log on, and am tracking my nutrition and activity, though I can't quite figure out how to track my strength training. My trainer does things that I do not find listed.
    2437 days ago
    Wow, Meddy, how do you get by with only an hour a day on Sparks. I'm with KASEYCOFF that it takes at least 2 or 3 hours a day, sometimes more. This place is addicting. We transfer our addiction from food to SP, or maybe we just add SP as an addiction, cause I know for me I still have my addiction to food.

    I don't collect points; in fact most days I don't even spin the wheel, but still I spend a whole lotta time here. I'm not here for the points; I'm here for the people and reading the blogs. Sometimes I want to seriously cut down the time I spend here, but that never lasts long.

    2635 days ago
    I am compulsive about the spark points - I, too, spend about an hour a day but am making myself track food and exercise before I allow myself to do all the other stuff so I am getting better at limiting my time to just the hour. I consider it my "me" time but I am retired and can't imagine trying to fit it in and work full time. I'm sure you'll figure out what works best for you.
    2638 days ago
    i've been trying to get close to 100 points per day - the tracking food helps, and maxing out fitness has been part of our lifestyle this summer. the goal keeps me focused, and it replaced another "addicition" - soduko, which i discovered about 5 years ago. not sure how long this new "addiction" (obsession?) will last, but it is a positive if it keeps weight loss/maintenance/healthy living/fitness/exercise front and center in our consciousness, imho. it's a helpful tool - and it's better to be sparking, than mindlessly eating or watching TV or other pointless things. if spark time were replaced by quality activities (walking doggie, being with people, cooking healthy meals ahead of time, etc) that would be worthwhile. but it has it's place!
    2638 days ago
    Ummm, dumb question perhaps, but why would you want to gain a lot of sparkpoints? I don't even know about levels... but then I am STILL trying to find my way with all the ins and outs of this site.
    I'm all for 'just' doing what you like to do though! Life is too short to do things you DON'T like!
    2639 days ago
    Funny about the points....the one obsession (unhealthy) I have with measurement is the scale, which is now living in the bathroom vanity.

    I like to earn the points, but fitness minutes count more for me.

    I probably do spend in all up to an hour a day on SP. I consider it completely important to do such, and what the heck,I could be doing other things like watching mindless TV or eating junk food. SP is better.

    I also make absolutely sure to get my workout time and my guitar practice in.

    Don't worry so much about the points. Use SP in the way it works best for you!
    2639 days ago
    Funny, the sparkpoints have never been that great an attraction for me. But, I collect plenty just doing things I want to do here. Time is a problem and I've reduced teams to help with this some. I'd rather be active on a couple than overwhelmed with info on members I never really get to know. My biggest time problem is that my computer is slow and the ads really bog it down. I hope to get a new system soon. No timeline on that yet. I won't let Spark be another thing I "have" to do; I keep it to the things I want to do. All is well.
    2639 days ago
    emoticon I firmly believe that creating Spark Points was a Stroke of Evil Genius on Chris Downie's part!!
    2639 days ago
    Oh, Meddy, that is so funny about the points-scale: the exact same thing (they'll change the levels as I am getting closer) occurred to me just yesterday, lol...

    You are so right about SP being time-intensive. I know there are Sparkers who will tell you about 'moderation in all things, including Spark time' and how it doesn't take all that long. But it does if you're actually reading what people have blogged... checking in on even a few message threads... connecting with a team or two... recording your own stats on the trackers... then posting a blog, even a short one, of your own. My mind doesn't work fast enough to enable me to do all that in an hour, and then I find myself at the computer for two - three hours / day just on Spark. And that's just too much, even tho it all consists of things I WANT to do here.

    Yepper, tomorrow starts one of my favorite months. I love autumn!

    p.s. Swim - present tense; swam - past tense; swum - past participle. 'I swam this summer'... or 'I have (not) swum this summer.' Your command of English continues to amaze me; and any time you have a question, I enjoy discussing grammar, lol...
    2639 days ago
    Busy busy busy!! I hope you find some time to relax soon!
    2639 days ago
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