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NF Challenge Week3 + Mini Challenge Update

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Moisture dripped from the ceiling and sizzled in the flame of her oil torch. She tried to avoid touching the slick green walls. The pebbled floor afforded some traction but she moved slowly, trying to see past the torch's glow. Her heart thudded steadily in her ears as she focused on her feet and her breathing. She found herself clenching her teeth to keep them from chattering... it was getting colder. The light flickered off a slick green-brown surface in front of her.. with a ring for a handle. She grinned.

She held her breath and listened by the door. Did it exit the castle? Did it lead into a main bedroom? Sneeeeaky stuff-shirts get around after all eh? She pulled on the iron ring and almost slipped in the puddled muck at her feet. It was dripping more steadily, but seemed to be escaping somewhere.. "or the place would be flooded" she thought aloud. She laid the torch on the ground, careful to cant the flame away from the watery floor, braced her foot into the stone wall and pulled. It gave a little, then a little more, then flew open as the green muck lubricated the old wood and she slipped into the puddle.

"You have GOT to be kidding me." Sighing she noticed her splash had killed the torch, but the hall was still lit. Something in the small room beyond was glowing. The only object on an old hardwood bookshelf, an iron bound book stood on the top shelf. A large milky green stone embedded in the cover shone with unnatural light. She stood and stepped toward oddly plain bookshelf, and was plunged into green icy water. Her mouth filled with the taste of algae and she kicked up towards the greenish light, her limbs already numb and her small pack scraping against the pit's wall. She broke the surface and gasped. Grabbing the bottom shelf of the bookcase she pulled herself up, climbing it like a ladder. Unable to keep her teeth from chattering she sat on top of the bookcase and pressed her heavy wet leather vest, hoping to get some, any, water out of it. Angrily, she grabbed at the ridiculously heavy book and shoved it in her pack, extinguishing it's light. She clenched her jaw as her eyes adjusted to the dark, and she climbed down the front of the bookcase, wiggling this way and that to settled the, now heavy, pack. She leaped.

Her foot landed soundly in the pebbled hallway and she crouched into it. Snatching up the torch she found it would light, and all but stomped down the hallway towards the mechanical door. The heavy iron bound book was cold even through her pack and vest."You sooo better be something good."


Updating late due to TS Isaac (Hello from South Florida!). It's also why this chapter is sooo wet. We battled a minor living room flood on Sunday through early Monday, and spent most of the weekend wet. Even hot and muggy outside, you will find reasons to shiver. Stupid tropical storm.

Breakdown Aug19-Aug26
-Binging: 6/7. On Wednesday I had a dip craving, bought fritos, and ate them from the bag. Oops. But, it was only once! Yay!
-Studying: 5/7. Two days I didn't study. I did well on most of the days I did, scoring 4 hours of studying on Sunday at work (before the flood).
-Fitness Minutes: 6/7. On Frito day, I also didn't even bother to walk. BOOOO.
-Working towards a pullup: Only on three days. Really 2, as I start incorporating negatives, and bent rows into my workouts. Obviously I need more, and am already working toward it (today I did lat pull downs, rows, curls, and some pushups after pilates! WEE!)
-Mini Challenge 2 "Carry Stuff": I carried an extra 10 pounds with me on one of our fitness walks. I wanted to do it for all of them... and teeechically I did, since I only went on one (stupid rain) but I really could have packed it up for the elliptical too. Excuses excuses. I'll try to incorporate it into this week too. It reminded me of rucking, which I miss.

SO. Actually a pretty good week. I think it has about the same score as last week. Need to buckle down more in the studying, since I really have the most to lose there, but still, WEEEEE!!

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