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Six days post-op Cosmetic surgery

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hi everyone! It's been about six days since my cosmetic surgery. I had a tummy tuck (abdominalplasty), body contouring of the flanks and lower back (liposuction), breast lift and breast augmentation.

I am doing well. Today I am tube free so I feel like a new woman! Tube free means the catheter (removed second time two days after surgery), drains (total of two; one removed three days after and the second one six days after) and the GLORIOUS pain pump aka medicine baby and lifesaver 9removed six days after).

All in all, this experience has not been bad. Yes, at times, I have had bad times but totally not bad. Not awesome either mind you. I attribute the OK time to my health. My biggest attribute has been my legs. Since I had all those procedures done, I have not been able to use my abs, chest or upper body strength. I have had to solely be dependant on my leg strength. Good thing I have a ton from running and biking. This strength has made the recovery OK.

Two days after recovery, I was able to view my breasts completely. I had a chance to look at everything the next day after surgery BUT still so groggy and unable to see past my chest made it difficult. Woah, was my first reaction. What in the heck! I look like Dolly Pardon! Well, I quickly was told that I am real swollen and will be for quite some time. What I did like was that my breasts were not sitting on my stomach naturally. I can see skin that I normally do not see out of a bra. Happy time.

I was told two days after recovery that I can take a sponge bath. Oh, awesome! I have not bathed in 2 1/2 days. Well, that was not what happened. I undressed and saw my tummy for the first time. WOAH! OMG! Where is my gobbler (second stomach) and where did these curves come from? Holy moly. I was stunned and nauseous. Standing proved to be a tough task. It was everything I could do from staying conscious. My husband escorted me to bed and put Humpty Dumpty together again. What I mean by that is all the gauze and tape on the incisions, front clasping bra, binder/girdle, attaching the drains to the binder and putting the pain pump back over my shoulder which was conveniently put in a sling type bag. Very helpful.

My incisions are plenty. The major incision for the tummy tuck runs hip to hip underneath the bikini line, in anticipation that I would wear a bikini. OK? Wait a minute, me in a bikini. LOL. Guess I'll have to report on that one much much later. I have one "hole" on each hip area from the liposuction. The lipo is what has caused me the most pain. I am bruised and very swollen from my lower back around and throughout my hips. The Dr. had liposuctioned my hips, love handles and part of my lower back. I can happily report I have no love handles. But, I am so swollen in the hips that I spill out in a chair. You guys know what I mean. I have not spilled out of a chair in quite some time, kinda new for me and upsetting at times. The other major incisions are on my breasts. The incisions look like anchors. The breast lift removed my nipple and placed it where it should be. The aerola was reduced by stripping away the extra hence I have stitches around my nipple/aerola area. The incision runs vertically from my areola and underneath my breast, hence the anchor referral. The implants were "stuffed" in the anchor incision underneath the pectoral muscle. Let's just say my "pecs" are very angry at me hence all the swelling. All incisions have a covering kinda similar to super glue. This super glue has aloe and many healing ingredients to help minimize scars and promote healing. This glue should start to peel off in about four weeks. Until then, I have to cover all incisions with gauze and tape.

I do not remember anything related to the surgery. The dr gave me I don't care medicine. He said kiss your husband and said I will be right back as we were going to start very soon. I just kinda chuckled. I did kiss my husband then all of a sudden the room went weird. I felt like a chameleon meaning my eyes were going in different directions. The dr and a nurse walked in and I said the same thing to him. The next thing I remember was asking everyone when the surgery was going to start. Everyone chuckled and said I was done. It already happened. HUH? What are you talking about. I am sitting at my computer working. When is it going to start? I kept talking about work. Probably because I was on call the week before. I worked from 8a the previous Monday morning through the following Monday until 5pm. It's a rotating schedule that my group in on so I work this schedule every 5-6 weeks. The next thing I remember is seeing my husband, sleeping on and off then asking him what time it was. He replied that it was 8:30PM! The last time I remember is 10:30AM! I said woah and you better get home to the kiddos. I'm good as I have my own nurse. I stayed that evening of surgery in the surgery portion of the cosmetic surgery office. I slept most of it. I finally got out of bed at 1:45a. I remember this vividly as it took everything I had to make it 30 steps to the bathroom. The journey felt like a marathon. It hurt, I was so nauseated and just wanted to go back to bed. I made it to the bathroom where I did use the toilet. The nurse had removed my catheter before our journey. I was happy to pee since this task is very difficult after surgery. I was very ill so I received some anti-nausea medicine. After sometime, headed back to bed. The next few hours were spent sleeping off/on and drinking water and Diet 7-Up. Boy did that soda taste good. I finally had to use the restroom again. This time, walking wasn't SO bad. I sat on the toilet and tried to pee without any luck. Two different times I tried for a total of an hour. The nurse tried all the tricks to get me to "go". I had to go but just could not, how agonizing and upsetting. The nurse had to place another catheter. Great, all I needed was another tube. At least I had relief. Later that morning, I went home with the catheter. Actually, I was happy to go home with it looking back. I didn't have to get up several several times which I could not do without assistance. The catheter made the first day home "easier". That night, I slept on the couch/recliner. Thinking about trying to sleep in bed just was nauseating. That night was rough, real rough. Back spasms were happening all the time. The Oxycodone, one every four hours, was not cutting it. I just suffered through it. The next day, back to the dr to get the catheter removed. I informed him of the back spasms. He said I should have doubled the Oxy dose, geez who knew? He prescribed Soma, muscle relaxer, each night since has been so so so much better. I actually slept in the bed the very next night. YEAH!

Recovery has been good. I have the most amazing caregiver, my husband. His work allowed him to work from home so he could be with me. He was seriously at my every beck and call. The hardest thing has been eating. All the different medication created acid reflux and loss of appetite. I am finally starting to eat again. I'm not up to 1200 calories yet. I hope to be there today as I have to eat to heal.

I'll give another update in a week or so. I am working from home today and tomorrow with the plan to return to work on Wednesday (8 days post-op).
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CAINE39
    Thank you for sharing. It sounds hard but I bet now that you're recovered it's so worth it. Like having a baby! Could you give an idea what all this cost?
    1699 days ago
    I will repeat what everyone else has said. Thank you for your frankness and honesty. Though I must add I know it was much worse than those words can convey!!!
    You have done amazing!
    You have left me encouraged
    ...but a bit scared! ...to be honest! emoticon
    2338 days ago
    I agree with the comments about frankness. So many of us with more than 100 pounds to lose have wondered about this issue and your honesty and openness is a real gift to us. Wishing you all the best. emoticon
    2340 days ago
    Thanks for your frankness. I have a feeling this will be something you are able to refer people about to go through a "Mommy makeover" to in upcoming years.

    Have you heard of MakeMeHeal.com? If not, you can post before/after pics and your story there, too. It's a plastic surgery site that I used before my breast lift that really helped me to not be so in the dark.
    2707 days ago
    Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Hope you feel better soon and that your results will be everything you're hoping for!
    2707 days ago
    There is a website called, I think, makemeheal.com that was extremely helpful to me after my surgeries. Give them a peek.
    2707 days ago
    Wow... you are a trooper! That's soooo much stuff to have happen all at once! And YAY for a super hubby/nurse!

    I totally know what you mean about leg strength... after my gallbladder surgery, that was the only thing that made it possible to move those first few days...

    Here's to a tube-free speedy recovery!
    2708 days ago
    here is to a quick recovery!!
    2710 days ago
    2710 days ago
    2710 days ago
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