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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The race report.

So the event I was registered for was the Red Hills Tri in Richfield, UT. It is in a small town with a small registration. About 100 people. http://www.utahrunning.com/eve

I did the beginner length:
225-meter swim (9 pool lengths), 5-mile bike, 1.25-mile run

Now, at the beginning of the summer I thought I was going to be doing 2 legs of the bike portion of a major tri relay - total mileage 55 - at the beginning of August. But that team fell apart about two weeks before the race. As I was commiserating about that to a friend at the pool she told me about this race in Richfield. She was helping her friend train for the sprint distance and was going to do the sprint distance as well. I looked up the info and when I saw the specs on the beginner course I decided I would do it. So, yeah, I registered for the event three weeks prior to it, without having swum a lap in over 20 years and without actually being able to run on my hip. Perhaps thoughtless. But it all turned out ok. I figured that from an endurance standpoint I would be ok since I was riding 3 hours on a typical long workout.

I packed my tri bag on Friday before leaving for the hotel. That way I could leave it in the car overnight and just pull the whole thing out at the race. I laid out everything I would need prior to the race at the hotel (swimsuit, bra, the clothes I wore to the start, water bottles to fill with ice, my pre-race breakfast).

I got up at 5:30 and got ready, we left the hotel at 6 and arrived at the rec center by 6:15. As I mentioned this was a small event, so it was pretty easy to figure out where to go and whatnot. I went and picked up my bib, bag, and shirt and got my number written on my arm (191). Then I laid out my transition area.

My friend Sherrie (the redhead) and her friend Annabel arrived and also got set up.

Then it was time to get our heats for the swim. Sherrie and Annabel were in the third heat and I was in the fourth. I stood with them until they got in the water and then I went and dumped my shoes and clothes at my bag and picked up my goggles and ear plugs and waited for my turn.

There were only 20 or so of us registered for the beginner length. And most of those were fast kids! The kid in the lane next to me was the fastest boy in the beginner length. He was out of the water when I still had three lengths to go. But all in all my swim went well. I did my swim in about 8 minutes.

The transition to bike was the most involved since I had to get dry and then put on my cycling gear. But it went smoothly. I had mentally rehearsed it several times which I think helped.

The bike ride was 5 miles and it was a fun and easy ride. I wished later that I had set mapmyride because I ended up not getting any split data and now I wish I had it.

I missed my BF at the transition area because he had gone to sit in the car for a minute, so I don't know how long I took on the bike, which also means I don't know how long my final leg was either. But Annabel's BF got this picture of me heading out for the run.

The run was the hardest leg for me. My hip is still problematic so I started off walking since there was a bit of a climb up to the trail where the out and back portion was. I did jog several times during the leg, including jogging across the finish line.

Because I started in the fourth heat, the clock time was about 45 minutes ahead of my actual time. They had me at 61:something. The really great thing is that there were only three of us in my age division in the beginner length - so I actually got a medal!

All in all it was a super fun experience. WAY different than the half marathons I've done and the full that I've attempted. I think I like having the variety. And being done and back to the hotel in time for my wonderful BF to still make me a waffle - well THAT was fantastic.

I think I'm hooked!

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