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NerdFitness Challenge Week 2

Sunday, August 19, 2012

*Sitting cross-legged on the cold stone floor, she again looks left, then right, then peers at the yellowed map. Sitting up a little straighter she rotated her shoulders to work a little of the soreness in her shoulder blades.* "Been a while since I spent that much time scaling walls. Definitely out of practice. UGH! Darn this map!" *She'd run into the same dead-end.. again.* "Sigh, at least it was only twice today." *Turning the map upside down to try to orient herself she remembered something a warrior had once told her (big dude, shiny armor, had a beef about some Ch'nups in his woods). "If you keep getting lost, get a new mapmaker."

*Standing, she peered at the seams where wall met floor, and then where it met the ceiling. She examined every edge of the recessed wall, purposefully ignoring the faded tapestry hanging in the middle. She pressed her fingers into the seams, tracing them, noting the lack of mortar. Almost laying her face on the floor she felt for it... there! There was air coming from the seam at the bottom of the wall. Now her eyes searched out from the recess. A pedestal supporting a rather ordinary urn, a dusty painting of a bored looking woman, and a set of curtain hooks set on either side of the wall's tapestry.* "Weird..."

She tried to rotate the left-most curtain hook. Nothing happened. She tried rotated it the other way. It wouldn't budge. She pulled, and it gave a little. She whispered "Sorry if I break your castle...." and pulled. It sounded like the grinding of stone for a moment, and then the wall suddenly slid left, as if sucked into the wall. She grinned. "Crappy map... change the map." Peering inside the now-hallway she saw the wall-door was set on four thick springs and a sort of ram. A rope protruded from the other side of the not-curtain-hook. A handled gear completed the mechanism. She lit the dusty torch with her flint, and turned the handled gear. The ram pushed the door, stretching the springs, until she could see the curtain hook's rope and pulled it backward to lock the door into place.

Turning into the torch-lit darkness, she walked.


This week was better.
I only missed one day of PT (down from two).
I missed 3 days of study (down from four).
And, I've changed how I plan to deal with the binging. Trying to track the binging by calories has not been working. Yes, binging usually results in an overage of calories, but I could work those calories off with PT and the binge wouldn't show. Alternately I do go "over" on days that I don't binge, liiiiike when we go out to eat or I treat myself to something and then don't workout.

I actually binged one and a half times.
The half time occurred on his Birthday, which I had previously decided to not count, but I did eat a bunch of brownies, while not hungry, just because they were there. I did throw the last one away once I knew he didn't want more, so small victory, but even uncounted I technically binged.
Someone gave me a box of pecan pinwheels, and they weren't disgusting. So I ate one with breakfast. And then 2 with lunch. And then 3 more throughout the day. Not a "one-sitting" binge, but still a binge. I ate crap that I didn't really like or dislike, just because it was there, throughout the day, and added 600 extra calories to the day. -.-

Note, even if I were to change my "score" from last week to work with the new rules, only one day would change. Woopdedoo.

So! While I want to not go over calories, I MORE want to stop binging and graze-binging. I HAVE snacks for throughout the day, snacks that I like, snacks that I passed over in favor of something I didn't particularly like. I DID, however, avoid the OTHER box of crap I was given at the same time, some chocolate-flavored filled Twinkies. But only after I tasted one. They're awful! I'm giving them away today at work.

SO, out of 6 days, since I'm still working on today, 3*6=18 total, -6.6 = 11.5 instances of doing sticking to my goals.
I did not do work towards my pull-up, which doesn't hurt me now but will definitely hurt me later.
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