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Friday, August 17, 2012

Well, I kept saying "My first attempt at a mile straight" because I knew it was a possibility I just wouldn't be either physically or mentally ready to tackle the beast just because it happened to be the scheduled day to do it. It's part of my "forgiveness" plan as of late. Not setting my expectations so high that I hate myself for not reaching them.

This morning, it was a sore shoulder that put everything out of whack. By lap 12 it started hurting. I kept monitoring it. It was sore. Then it hurt. Then it went numb. Then it went to sore/stiffness. And finally, I had to stop because it was getting to actual pain - like injury type pain. I wasn't going to risk it. I didn't HAVE to do my mile today. I managed 48 pool lengths even with the shoulder issues in 28 minutes, and I'm alright with that. My hope is that with a weekend to rest, I'll be ready to get after that mile fresh and new on Monday morning.

As for this weekend, I don't have too many plans.
I think I'll tackle trying to get the hallway completed.
Then I move on to the living room, which needs yet another pick up, and the kitchen that always needs help. *lol* I'd like to sort through some clothes as well because I think it's time to try on my goal pants again and see if I'm any closer. I put on one of my goal shirts today and it fits me perfectly...except the length. It's a bit too short right now for me to feel very comfortable in it. Stops just at my natural waist, which just highlights my still huge stomach too much for my taste. I don't think people would think hardly anything about it, but until I feel comfortable, I can't wear it in public. I'll either have a brave day, or by the time it grows in length (when my boobs shrink again) it will be too big and I'll have to donate it.

I think we'll also make a trip tomorrow night to the drive-in again. This time I'm dragging Hubs along. They're showing Dark Knight Rises followed by Magic Mike. Anyone who has seen the second movie - is this something I should avoid taking my 12-year-old to? My 10-year-old will likely sleep through it, as he usually does, but my 12-year-old will watch any movie you put in front of him - no matter how boring - and especially when I think he shouldn't watch it (because of excessive nudity). I'll have to do some looking up of reviews. I'd hate for him to miss the first one, but maybe this weekend should be date weekend for Hubs and I to avoid any issues there. *shrug*

Oh, and today I get to fill out about 100 of these stupid forms for school. I honestly don't understand why they need the SAME information I gave them last year if it hasn't changed. Can't they just pull my emergency card from grade 4 and stick it in grade 5's slot and we can be on our way? I mean, I can understand an "Update this if anything has changed" but COME ON! I have 2 kids...they send at least 2 dozen papers for me to sign and/or fill out with each child...this is the ONLY thing about the start of a new year that I absolutely HATE.

That being said, I think both boys enjoyed their first day back at school. Logan even seemed more chipper about it than I expected. And Ethan is already crushing on a classmate (ah...to be in 5th grade again...). Logan is most excited that he's starting band this year, though. I'm actually excited as well. I was disappointed in him for dropping it last year (well, it's not entirely his fault - they make them CHOOSE an art now. You can't play in band if you take art class and you can't take art class if you play in the band. For an artistic kid like my Logan, that's like asking whether you want to keep your right arm or your left. I hate the state of "arts in the schools" these days!). This year he opted for this instead of FFA...which he really wanted to do...because I asked him to. It's sad I had to do that. I know he loves building things and growing plants, but I'm going to try to find a way for him to do that with his grandfather and at home (I'm looking into 4-H opportunities for him now). The truth is, he has an amazing ear and mind for music. He played for the first time in 5th grade. It was the first time he had picked up any instrument for any real intent to play, and he learned it so quickly he was soon being recruited by the middle school band teacher. (Who gets RECRUITED in band?!) She wrote this glowing letter to us about his amazing talent and how much she really wanted to get a chance to work with him (almost begging us for the opportunity to do so). I told him last year when he had to "choose his art" (they say elective...but it's all arts other than gym) that I would really like for him to see how far he could take this talent with some serious instruction...and I can't afford a real tutor for him. He agreed that he missed it and it would be a shame not to try...so he sadly put a 1 by band and a 2 by FFA (they call it Agricultural Studies or something like that).

I think we might be in for an interesting year ahead.
Ethan likes girls.
And I've asked him to seriously decide if he wants to be a football player or not (and if so, to really devote himself to it).
Logan is starting to play music again..so there will be concerts to go to, I'm sure.
(I also think his voice is starting to change...so that's been weird... *lol*)
I'm looking for jobs again and my off-Spark blog has really gotten me interested in that entire blog-o-sphere out there of amazing ideas and talented (and hilarious) people.

...Hubs will just keep keepin' on....because that's what he does. *lol*

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    There is alot of sex in Magic Mike...not just 2 people sex but 3-4 people together sex. Also alot of drug use, I would not be comfortable with my 12 year old seeing it. I saw it with my 18 year old daughter and felt funny about it.
    3183 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Good luck with that shoulder!
    3183 days ago
    Hope your shoulder will get better. emoticon
    3183 days ago
    Still proud of you for getting those laps in even with your shoulder hurting! AND it makes me so happy to hear about parents getting excited for their children to explore music! My husband is a middle school band director and we live in a rural TN town, and there are SO many kids who want to be in band but their parents won't let them because they think it will cause "extra work" on their part (the parents). You guys are such fantastic parents!
    3183 days ago
  • TREP13
    I watched Magic Mike and really enjoyed it. There really wasn't excessive nudity (there was quite a bit but it was more about the lives of male strippers than the actual stripping) but there was a lot of drug use and some violence and I don't know if it's really appropriate for a 12-year-old. Although, I'm not a mother so what do I know? :)

    Sounds like this is going to be an interesting year for you and the kiddos. Good luck in all that they do. You should give yourself a big pat on the back for raising such talented and well-rounded kids.

    3183 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    Wow, busy!

    Wise for you to stop your swim before you actually hurt yourself--just not worth it!

    Wonderful to have a musically talented son, and for you to be so encouraging of him!

    3183 days ago
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