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Tired Of Waiting (Gastric Sleeve)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sigh, just venting...
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  • CAINE39
    Keep in mind that even though you're discouraged, you're here on SparkPeople, and you're not binging. That's coping effectively! And that's the name of the game. Remember we'll never be perfect (in this system), so managing things better is the best we can hope for. And you're doing it! Don't forget to give yourself credit for that, rather than only berating yourself for the negative feelings. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees, but it seems to me like you're handling this low OK.
    2653 days ago
    Hey Rose emoticon
    Oh my goodness, I just wanted to jump thru the computer screen and give you a big HUG! You very eloquently told my story and many others. Its not easy being that open and honest.
    It was HARD going for me before I got my surgery date. I got to the stage where I thought "why bother, I have yo-yo'd all the way up to 134kg, what makes me think this time is going to be any different" I got sick of doing something I knew I would fail at.
    When I got my surgery day, that ALL changed. I had 3 weeks notice and was put onto a STRICT Optifast diet. Optifast 3x and 2 Cups of veges a day. I think it was around 500 calories! Crazy crazy stuff. But my goal was in sight. It wasnt some day, I had a date and time.
    My personality doesnt do lists, doesnt count calories, doesnt food track. Some people feel really empowered by doing that. I feel like I am in bondage doing those things! The answer?
    Your Uncle Sleevie Wonder is coming to the rescue! LOL You will not want to let him down. After you have been thru the surgery, you will not want to sabotage all that hard work. Your sleeve will make it very difficult even if you tried.
    You are not on your own any more.
    I am one of the most unstructured people I know and I am doing it! I am down to 103kg now - 12 weeks out.
    Hang in there Rose. This is a process and a journey. It takes time.
    You can and will do this - I have NO doubt!
    Be encouraged Rose :)
    2653 days ago
    Your nails are so pretty! I'm impressed that you were able to go to golden coral and only eat salad and steak!! That place is one big temptation for me! I know what an emotional toll dieting and eating can have....I've spent many a tear on weight issues. I'm happy that you are headed toward a happy new beginning. Stay strong girlie!
    2653 days ago
    Hang in there, you are really close emoticon
    2653 days ago
    The time is gonna fly for sure!! I am so excited for yoU! emoticon
    2653 days ago
  • NEW-ME-IN2012
    We all need to vent from time to time & we all get frustrated. It makes us feel good that you feel free to express your feelings to us & know you won't be ridiculed . Different ones have left you some good advise & I don't know how I could put I could put it any better. But advise is no good if it's not taken to heart & applied. Remember we care for you & want you to be successful. emoticon
    2653 days ago
  • no profile photo STEADFASTNSEE
    A couple of things; First I agree with what Asta said. And I am worried because you don't sound "firm and determined" (sorry I love that song and use it for everything! lol) Stop thinking of yourself on a "diet-mode" but think of yourself on a "life-mode". To misquote an Indyism (Beth Donovan; aka `INDYGIRL) "Life is happening now not 5 days from now!" Remember, Once they operate you can't go back. Sorry to be blunt but honey, remember I have a friend who wasn't successful because of her mindset. Please don't be like her. emoticon Laurie
    2653 days ago
    FIVE MORE DAYS and you meet with the surgeon...and get the date of the surgery. That is not long in the overall stream of things. You can do this. (You did say the 21st, right?)

    I do kind of worry about your saying how you start out gung ho and then can't maintain the enthusiasm to reach your goals. Right now, you can diet or whatever and if you "give up" you can eat whatever. BUT..after the surgery when you get tired of measuring, monitoring, counting calories etc...then what? You won't have a lot of choice and you sure can't go to McDonalds or Arby's or Golden Corral and endulge. Knowing that you struggle with keeping going...I hope that you will find it in yourself to keep going when you get discouraged or bored AFTER the surgery. Just something to think about. You know I wish you great success...and am probably going to be in envy mode when you are slim and trim and I haven't kept up with your success (on my end).

    I know your hopes and expectations are high. You can DO this!!! I know you can. Go for it, Rose.
    2654 days ago
    You are SO close! Even though you went to an eating trough (my husbands words, not mine) you didn't do terrible. You DID have portion control without even really thinking about it. Like you said, you didn't have steak and potatoes, and all that other food. You only had one small dessert.

    You can do it!!!
    2654 days ago
    Rose, some of us know EXACTLY what you are talking about. We are experiencing exactly the same thing.....you are just one of the "lucky" ones who will actually have the surgery to help you and it will. We have a sister in our congregation who had it done and she has been at her optimum weight now for almost 5 yrs. I wish I wish I wish I could afford the surgery also.....you keep going now, dont tire out, its sooooo close.
    2654 days ago
    Wishing you well with the surgery and your lifestyle changes. It is a frustrating journey and very difficult to not have it be the focus at all times.
    2654 days ago
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