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Update Results of Operation Latrant

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First, I want to thank all of you who took the time to post to my DH’s page that I created in the hopes of Sparking him to join me here.

To be blunt, the result of “Operation Latrant” thus far are a big "zero." My DH enjoyed and appreciated your posts and I was politely thanked, however, he is not as enamored of the Spark Kingdom as I am.

In his defense, he IS a pretty busy guy.

No, please don't throw any virtual eggs and rotten tomatoes at my DH's page.

But, I had to try.

It is a shame though, because he is a pretty amazing guy with a lot to offer. In fact, one of his passions is planning for retirement. Really. I'm not joking. He can be a little obsessed with the topic and I was hoping he could start a Team to help others out since there are so many different Teams with such varied interests.

He is a doctor, but could easily be an economist based on the way the blah, blah, blahs to me about annuities, pension plans, insurance plans and economic indicators. He could also be a computer IT guy the way he blah, blah, blahs about technology. In fact, there are about dozen other careers he could have had, and been successful at.

I think intelligence is sexy, but he takes it too far sometimes.

Or... maybe he does not take it far enough since he can’t seem to see the benefits, the power and the beauty of the Spark Kingdom....

Edited note: He called me from work and asked for his log in and password. I'll have to see if he starts to Spark stalk me....

Edited note: Hey!! he posted a note to his page!:

This is the Actual Latrant! (Not Triangle-Woman, my DW!).

Thought I'd say hello and thanks for posting. I know my DW thinks I've abandoned the idea, but 60 hour work week, call above that and travel time 75 miles away makes it hard to fit in blogging/responding.

I appreciate all of my DW friends and your efforts to get me interested in the Spark World. I sit in front of computers all day reading MRI's, CT's, X-rays, Mammograms, Ultrasounds, etc and it is hard to find time to go to any site let alone SparkPeople.

My 23 years in the Army, exercise was part of the schedule/day or at least the top 3 on the list. Now, its about coverage and efficiency and, I hate to say it, revenue. There are always good and bad things with every endeavor, job or website. I don't know that I'll be here daily but at least weekly.

Latrant, Actual!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My DH has had a SparkPage for two years now... the only comments on it are mine, and he hasn't updated his weight in 18 months... even though he's lost 40 lbs. LOL! Some men just are not the community type! GOod for ou for evncouraging him, though... I love seeing couples who put marriage in the best light!
    3214 days ago
    Okay that is adorable
    3228 days ago
    HAHA You guys are so freakin' cute!!! XO I wish I knew ANYTHING about planning for retirement... I might need to get your hubby to give me the blah blah blahs at some point since I am HOPELESS. Intelligence IS sexy and I'm sure he doesnt want to look at a screen EVER after all that worktime, so I dont blame him, but.. selfishly, I wish he WOULD start that Spark Team.. haha. XO
    3228 days ago
    I think you did a SPLENDID job! You rallied the troops, we had fun, and I, personally, had the opportunity to gift a MonsterTruck SparkGoodie (how often does THAT happen?). My Guy is often resistent to any idea he didn't come up with on his own. Sometimes it will be a few weeks after he's refused my suggestion before he comes up with the very same idea on his own and embraces it!

    You are an awesome wife (but I bet he already knows that).
    3228 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3692258
    60 hour work week is not healthy and will lead to a need for insurance. If he wants to enjoy life after retirement he needs to get and stay healthy. Getting on SP should be part of his day like looking at the financial reports. You don't have to post to every board. You don't even have to post at all. Record your intake and output and make sure everything balances. Plus there are helpful tips on how to get the rewards of good health.
    3228 days ago
    You never know.. he might come back more often :)
    3229 days ago
    Sometimes it's all about timing and desire and complex things going on for each of us. If someone had put this site in front of me a year ago (come to think of it, I *did* see it briefly a year ago, when I friend mentioned it and I went to her page) it would have made no impression at all. When I was ready, it reappeared. Everyone has to get there on their own, at their own time.
    3229 days ago
    One thing I have realized is that a person has to WANT help. For example- I did a really poor job of taking care of my health because I didn't WANT it enough. I didn't quit smoking until recently because I truly didn't WANT it enough.
    He may some day come around and have an "AH HA!" moment, but then again he may not. He is an individual with his own personality and way of doing things.
    LOL on the retirement stuff. I'm like that about my budgeting. My SO is what Dave Ramsey calls a "Free Spirit" and I... well... I like to plan my weekly budget a full three months in advance. I have a sneaking suspicion that your DH and I would get along. Count your blessings on that one; at least you know you don't have to worry about that stuff since he actually enjoys handling it!
    3229 days ago
    Remind him that the key to a successful retirement is good health and longevity!
    3229 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12867455
    Your heart was in the right place. In time maybe he will come around. Enjoy the Sparkkingdom and who knows.
    3229 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12351332
    Good try but we will keep cheering him on!
    3229 days ago
    Aw at least you tried. The idea's in his head now so maybe one day he'll have a lightbulb moment, and there will be a page ready and waiting for him : )
    3229 days ago
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