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Swim, Girl! SWIM!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Just so you know...that bacon meatloaf is a winner in my house! (You can find the recipe at paleOMG.com under Bacon Meatloaf.) I didn't care for the BBQ sauce (too spicy...I'm a wimp) but I stuck some all natural ketchup on there and ate it with a nice big helping of mashed cauliflower and OMG! SO yummy! (Today I have leftovers! YAY!)

Anyhow...distracted by bacon...moving on...

Today was the first day I can officially say that I swam 1 mile in the pool. Sorta... Let's just say according to initial measurements and the 0 to 1650 program, I swam 1660 yards in my pool today, which is about a mile according to the program. However, my gym says it takes 88 touches (44 laps) to swim a mile (they also say it's like a 25 meter pool or something...and none of that even makes sense together) and I only did 83 this morning. Semantics! (not really) Still, I was impressed that I was able to get all 83 touches in (plus one cool down) without, well, dying...though I seriously need to ice my back now. Wednesday I will do the same -

60 touches (1200 yards)
3x5 touches (3x100 yards)
2x3 touches (2x60 yards)
1x2 touches (40 yards)
= 1660 yards (or 83 touches)

And then on Friday it will be my first attempt to swim all 83 (88 if I'm feeling brave) without stopping. We shall see! (I just hope I don't lose count...if I don't keep repeating the number I start to lose it as it gets higher - around 42 today I thought..."I just said 42, right?" and almost panicked! *lol*)

I also wanted to note that things are going well in my household right now. I sacrificed the majority of my weekend for a nice long batch cooking session and now have stored 2 weeks worth of meals for my family that all follow the Paleo (and, more importantly, Ethan's no-dairy dietary restrictions) rules.

Speaking of, Ethan's appointment went great. Doc seemed to agree with me on the encopresis and my suggestion that it was a lactose issue --- it helped that Ethan went dairy-free all day Friday and had the best day he's had in months! She's sending him to get allergy tests done (which she says are MUCH better now that they've advanced beyond poking you with a bunch of needles) so that we can see what, if any, allergies to food he might have. She said they should also test for gluten allergies and lactose will certainly be included. They'll also test for other common allergies like strawberries and nuts. Until then, she instructed us to keep going like we are - him avoiding dairy as much as possible - and putting him on a regular bathroom schedule. I'm proud to report that last night was day THREE of no problems and he actually THANKED me yesterday! *love*

Anyhow, it's been a crazy weekend, and looks to be a better week this week now that I'm a bit more prepared. The boys start school on Thursday, but it means earlier bedtimes for all of us now. *grin* Didn't make getting up this morning that much easier, but I still made it to the pool, so that's what counts, right?! ;) Also? Today is my first day without coffee. I've switched out my morning joe for some chai tea with some almond milk and a bit of natural sweetner in it. We'll see how it goes. I did miss the creaminess of my creamer a bit this morning, but the tea helps me feel like I'm not completely restricted. It's just for 15 days...then I can go back to my creamer if I want.

You can read more about my weekend at my blog:

Hope you all had a great weekend! I can't wait until the next one! *lol*
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SUGIRL06
    So glad Ethan is taking the change well!!! Hopefully this will fix him all up!
    3197 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    Wonderful for the swimming....I could not ever imagine doing that!

    3198 days ago
    Great work!
    3198 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Awesome! Congrats on the swimming. I took Kate and a friend to the pool yesterday and swam about a dozen leisurely laps over the 2 hour period that we were there - I can't believe how sore my shoulders and upper back are today! So I am really impressed at your accomplishment. And I'm so glad things are looking up with Ethan. good news all around!
    3198 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    Awesome on the swimming! Congrats! I know how hard you have been working on this. And I am equally impressed with the 2 weeks of Paleo food! That is quite an accomplishment as well.

    3198 days ago
  • TREP13
    Congrats on the swim!!! I need to find out the length of my gym's pool to see how much I'm actually swimming. I'm just going on time right now. And yay for the progress with your son's diet.
    emoticon emoticon
    3198 days ago
    Swimming is SO hard!!! I am in awe of you right now!!!! Haha.
    3198 days ago
    Wow! That bacon meatloaf looks YUMMY! I might have to try that myself!

    Congrats on the great swim! You've just come so far!

    83 lengths is great! And it's not so very far away from 88. Usually I tell myself, "come on, you've done that many, what's another 5? It's nothing!" On the other hand, you do need to know when to stop so you don't hurt yourself. Sounds like you're doing really well! emoticon emoticon
    3198 days ago
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