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What IS "progress" anyway?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Progress Report after one week back on track:

Progress on the scale is always nice.
Progress in inches and better fitting clothes certainly makes me smile.
Progress toward fitness goals, like a 5K or a faster time, or a higher jump, sure feels great.
BUT in the long run, those aren't the measures that count.

Having reached goals, congratulated myself, and then fallen away from healthy choices, I am wiser.

The progress that counts is the daily progress that I make in doing it:
tracking - no matter what I eat.
weighing - no matter how much I think I know what the scale will say.
moving - no matter how tired, busy, etc. I am.

The rest is gravy.

So, for this week at least, I am making progress. I have been pretty faithful on all three counts. It is showing on the scale, but even if it didn't, I know I'm making the kind of progress that counts.

Let's see how week 2 goes!
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