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Thursday, August 09, 2012

First things first...I know my weight isn't doing much of anything, but my legs sure are feeling a bit smaller/tighter/firmer. Not sure if this is an illusion or water build-up in the muscles or what, but I'll take it. I think my rear is shrinking a bit as well...at least it seems that way to me.

We're now a full week into August. Can you believe it?! It's going SO fast! Before long it'll be September and I'll officially have a teenager under my roof (shouldn't be a huge shock - he's already acting like one..."forgets" to shower and do his chores and spends 90% of his time in his room on the computer... *rolls eyes* I should have never let that thing go into his room! (No worries, we have parental control locks on there...Hubs is a computer guy and I'm not too shabby with them myself.))

Anyhow...how am I doing thus far on my August goals?


I won't know on this one until the end of the month, though I'll probably do a half-way check next Wednesday or Thursday. I'll also check my body fat measurements. All I hope to do is lose about 5 pounds this month, but I really have little hope that will happen unless I can get my eating under control.


Minutes - 303/888

I think I'm on a good track to hit my goal if I keep at it.

As far as my workouts have gone - I've done 7 out of 9. I'd like to end the month with at least 26 days having worked out, but, again, I'm trying not to stress myself over it.

emoticon is going well. I was considering adding in another week before I go from 1600 to 1650 (or 1660 in my case...20 yard pool and I'm not stopping 1/2 way through), but yesterday's swim was much better than Mondays and I think that my new goggles are partly to blame for my troubles Monday. I took breaks with them off and that helped a LOT yesterday. They sit a little tight, but I expect them to stretch out a bit like the others did. I'm not going back to the others though - these are wonderful! They make the pool a bit brighter instead of darker and they never fog! It's a wonder, I tell you!

emoticon NROLFW is going alright. I missed a workout this week (Tuesday) because I was home sick, so I'm a day off and I'm not sure how to make that up (or if I should even try). I'll figure it out, I'm sure. If all plans fail, I'll just keep moving on with the workouts whatever day they fall on. Today I upped my weight on Workout A and am currently back to squatting 100 pounds for 15 reps. The only thing I have real trouble on is the step-ups (though the pushups aren't much better) as my right hip is weak and the PF in my right foot seems to be flaring up again. I got through them all today, but I won't be upping the weight on these again until my form improves and I feel more stable. Whenever my trainer pulls out the step I get a little antsy...it's my true weakness.

emoticon I almost skipped my Yoga on Sunday but, boy, am I glad I didn't! It was only a 20 minute session (not 30 as I'd thought), but it's a Giam AM Yoga DVD with 5 different programs on it - things like Standing Poses, Twists, and the one I (thank goodness!) did on Sunday - Hip Opener. As my hips are what give me the most trouble, and they were super sore this past week, this was the perfect way to end one week and start another. I felt much better after and hardly felt the soreness I had been feeling in my right hip/pelvis. I may repeat that one again this week.

emoticon The only thing I haven't done yet is my Saturday walks. In fact, yesterday my youngest and I were going to go for a walk, but we were so diverted by our hunger that we simply forgot. I'm working on it. It's a habit I want us to start. I'm considering taking one of the dogs with me to football practice tonight and walking him while Ethan is playing. We shall see how tired I am come day's end. (I'd love to bring both of them but...well, Joey is almost as big as a minature horse, but he's the easiest to control. Champ weighs a whopping 25 pounds, but while he may be small he's sturdy as all get out...and he likes to bark. He's still a puppy and easily bored, so I don't know if I could keep him under control (and keep him from barking). We'll have to see...)


I'm not going to lie...this is where August has fallen apart. It's not that I'm binging all the time or eating unhealthy crap all day. I make good choices a lot of the time, but adjusting to my new work schedule and 4 day a week football practices after work...well, it's been a huge change to our system. We took to bagging up some crockpot meals this past weekend, but none of them have been exactly stellar, so I'm going to have to work out some more interesting dishes if I can...

The other wrench in the plan is that we're trying to put our finances back in order so I can't just blow a bunch of cash in the produce section of the grocery store. I know you will all say that it's a lie that it costs more to eat healthy, but it's not a lie when you know how to coupon like a mad woman. They don't give out many coupons for fresh produce - sorry! So while I can get a couponed meal from the middle aisles for about a buck to feed the whole family...the fresh ingredients I need for many of my meals are considerably more. This weekend will be the real test as I'll start today trying to put together a meal plan and a budget-friendly shopping list. This would be so much easier if I lived alone, but when you have 2 growing boys, and one adult boy who is no longer growing but can eat 3 servings of anything I give him (and never gain an ounce, mind you)...well, it's been a tough thing to sort out.


My weekend projects have been going pretty well. The hallway is nearly done - I just have to decide if I want to paint/decorate or if I'm just going to call "clean as a whistle" overhaul enough. I also got started on part of the kitchen and part of the living room this past weekend. The kitchen is already decorated, but I've been eyeing a paint color for the living room/hallway for the past 3 years or so...it's just such a large undertaking seeing as my wood panel walls require a bit of primer first...a good bit if the color is light...which this is. Plus, I need a new couch/seating and I don't have the funds to buy a new living room set right now. Which means I either need to make the stuff myself, or settle (again) with what we have. I haven't decided what to do yet...though I did talk to Hubs the other day about the couch idea I have that we could make together...if we ever find time to be together for longer than an hour.

As for my blog. It's going alright. It's been a bit of a challenge as I try to write something different there than I do here...but that doesn't always work out and a lot of times I end up on the same topic there. Still, it's nice that I can make that little corner of the interwebs my home. I'm not fully 100% sure what I'm going to do with it, but for right now, I'm just moving forward with what I've got. I hope y'all will visit me! I'll try to do better at taking pictures next week of meals and projects that I do. Which reminds me...I need a project plan for this weekend AND a new meal plan. I think we're having 4 practices again next week, so I'll need 4 made-ahead meals ready to either go in the oven or the crockpot while we head off to practice.

Here's my off-site blog address if you want to check it out:

I haven't posted today yet, but maybe once I wrap my head around what needs to be done I'll have more to say.
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  • SUGIRL06
    1) I love Giam AM Yoga!!! I like the bending sequence I think it is? Great for my running!
    2) It is cheaper to eat crappy. I am 100% with you on that. I saw Chef Boyardee Ravioli for $0.88 a can yesterday. I got Wendy's for lunch (who me?!) and spent $2.69 on a Junior bacon cheeseburger and a value fry (plus a free kid's frosty). I can't cook for those tiny amounts.

    3191 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Dang woman, you are smokin'! Sounds like things are really going well. Don't beat yourself up for what's not happening - focus on the MANY things you're doing right!
    3192 days ago
    Food budgeting can be a real challenge and produce IS very expensive! I have been able to reduce produce costs a little by shopping at the Walmart produce department and taking advantage of the farmer's market and road-side produce stand in town. It's still a challenge though.
    3192 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12682378
    You're doing great so far. Keep it up!
    3192 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    You are surely a busy woman.

    And strong. Did I read that you squatted with 100 pounds? Wowza!

    Keep it up, you will succeed with your goals!

    3192 days ago
    The scale is not the only measurement we have available and we must not be a slave to the scale. Much better gauges are how do I feel? and how do my clothes fit?

    Make it a great day!
    3192 days ago
    3192 days ago
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