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Getting Real About Hate

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Thursday, August 09, 2012

So going forward we are going to celebrate ourselves and all our curves.

We are going to live life to the fullest NOW and not put it off. We are going to stop talking negative about the parts of our bodies that we don't like because we love our curves. We are going to break out of our comfort zones and experience new things. We are going to take care of ourselves and our bodies. Yes, that means that we WILL be eating healthy. If we don't know exactly what that entails, we are going to do some research.

We WILL be exercising on a regular basis. Even if regular basis is 10 minutes a day, that is great! If we don't understand how fitness affects our bodies. We WILL do the research to find out.

Oh and if we purchased skin care for ourselves, we will use it NOW and not wait until we lose a little more weight!

We WILL emoticontalking negatively about ourselves. We WILL emoticoncomparing ourselves to others.

**Some side notes - I had a few questions in my last few blogs and I thought I would answer them here.

1. What are freggies? Freggies are fruits and veggies. I picked up this work in some of my Spark teams and it stuck. I love made up words! lol

2. What is hummus? Oh this is an amazingly tasty food. It is made from chickpeas. It is like a thick dip in my opinion. You can find many recipes online for making it (as I found out from some Spark friends). You can use it as a dip or some people use it as a spread on sandwiches. It is just a yummy food. If you haven't tried it yet...get on it! lol I have been buying it instead of making it. It can be found in the cold section of the deli at Walmart for one.

3. What do I think about SparkCoach? Well, first of all, you can sign up for SparkCoach for FREE (free 2 week trial). When you sign up for the trial, you earn 500 Sparkpoints! That is fantastical in my book! You do NOT need a credit card to sign up for the trial. Another plus! The cost is $7.99/month but I think they are going to offer 3 months for $14 or something like that. I love it. You go to it daily and it takes you through step of your program. There is visualization, it encourages tracking your food and fitness. If you do all the steps each day, you earn 25 Sparkpoints a day! Plus Plus! There is a daily video - sort of a little training. Today I watched a video on how to read food labels. I thought I knew how to read a label but I learned something new today. You also have the ability to email a coach. That part is not currently available during the trial but if you opt to pay for the program, that is part of the features. I see benefit for myself in this program. There is also a private Sparkteam that goes along with the SparkCoach. I encourage you to check it out. Let me know what you think.

4. For those of you who are pinners (on Pinterest) I had a request for my name so they could follow me there. My name is Susan Rodriguez on Pinterest. Look me up!
I am contemplating on doing a Facebook page dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Hmm look at me spreading my wings!!

Okay, I think I covered all the questions. If you have any other questions, let me know and I will try to address them. We are in this together! Let's work together and succeed!!!

Much love!

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