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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

FoodLover's FatLoss System ~ Day 22, Sort Of

So, I am supposed to be finished with the 21 Day Metabolism Makeover. The only problem is that when I stepped on the scale this morning, I had gained two more pounds, which comes to a total of three pounds gained since Day One. That's not really what was supposed to happen. Now, I know I wasn't perfect, and there were some days where I didn't really follow the plan at all, but it's not like I gorged myself on junk food.

I'm hoping that it's primarily water retention that will eventually go away - I can feel that my feet and ankles have been swollen the last few days, which is exactly what happened to me two summers ago when I tried to lose weight - it was hot, I was drinking a lot of water, and my body just held on to it all and my feet ballooned.

But, whether it's water weight or not, this 3 pound gain puts me even further from my stated goal. Now, in order to hit my goal weight at the 8 week mark, I'll have to lose five pounds a week, every week, for the next five weeks. I'm well aware that that is probably not physically feasible. However, my parents are coming to visit the third week of September, and I would like to be less than 250 by then, so if I can lose 10-15 pounds over the next six weeks, I'll be a happy camper. To that end, I am starting the 21 day makeover period over. And this time, it's serious. So the plan is PLAN! Plan out meals, schedule workouts. Set goals and rewards, and follow through.

I created my own food journal to track everything I'm supposed to track in a notebook that makes me happy. :) I'm also considering posting it here daily or weekly for accountability. I'm not sure you really want to know that much about my life, but thinking that other people know what I'm eating and drinking might be a little reality check. Do any of you do this? Does it help?
I'm also going to really work on planning dinners at least for a week in advance. What happens more often than I'd like to admit is it gets to about dinner time and I either don't "feel" like cooking, or I didn't think far enough ahead to pull something out of the freezer, so hubby drives to Taco Bell or Wendy's or somewhere else awful for us.
I've gotten really into my Just Dance game, so I'm going to try and follow the Just Sweat mode programs a few times a week. I need to get into some strength training so I'm trying to design a little circuit program for myself. Here's where I'll need some feedback. What I'm thinking so far is this:

30 secs of (pretend) jump rope OR 20 Jumping Jacks
24 Squats, 12 Squat Pulses
12 Wall Pushups
10-15 sec Plank
equivalent Superman
(May add 12 Reverse Crunches)

The goal here is to target large muscle groups with a fairly simple routine until I've lost enough weight/am comfortable enough to do a real weight training routine. Obviously, if it's too easy the first time I'll add to it or use more challenging moves, but it seems that over the past year I've let myself go and my core is much weaker than it used to be. I know I can't do a regular pushup, not even on my knees. Or rather, I can do one, but not a set. I haven't done crunches in a long time, and I'm sure the plank is going to be a challenge. However, I'm always open to ideas, so feel free to comment.

And, please, Sparkfriends, please help keep me accountable. One more person in my family had a recent health issue that may have been prevented by a healthier lifestyle - and as my mother was so adamant about reminding me, I am built just like this person.

So - on to Day 2 (again)!

If anyone has ideas on releiving the swelling in my feet, that would be awesome.

Also, I did the circuit today. What I ended up doing was -
30 secs pretend jump rope
20 jumping jacks (one leg at a time, there's too much bounce goin' on to really jump)
24 squats and 12 pulses
12 wall push ups
15 sec plank
15 sec superman

- two times through. I think it's challenging enough for now. I could definitely feel some muscles burning, and the superman especially was much harder than I expected. The hope is if I do it regularly for a few weeks it will become not challenging enough. I also did some all-over stretching at the end, which felt fantastic.

In other news, starting over day one went very well, except for not working out. Day two, not so much, except for the working out. I guess it sort of balances. Tomorrow I'll just have to get it all in!
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    I came across a Sparker who posted pictures of what she was eating each day. Very interesting. Your idea of posting your food and exercise log in a blog is a good way to stay accountable.
    3081 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    emoticon emoticon
    3086 days ago
    Everything will fall into place and the weight will start melting away. Continue to watch your sodium and read food labels. Make sure you drink your water everyday. Keep up the excellent job with the exercise. Try different workouts so, you will not get bored or feel like your in a rut. This will help with the progress as well. Good luck to you in school and on your journey. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3086 days ago
    Keep it up Kat! You WILL get there!!!
    3124 days ago
    Sounds odd but drink more water to reduce swelling -- if you do not take in enough your body holds on to it.. Prop the legs up whenever you can, sleep with them up as well if you get them over the level of your heart it is better.. AVOID salt and sodium containing foods.. eat cucumbers!! Also Watermelon, Celery and tomatoes help. Good luck I hope this helps
    3130 days ago
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