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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Wow so you can hear my fan from my computer ... eep!
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    I have to agree with the others... water, water, water. We have a Brita filter pitcher thing and use that.

    With mileage, if you don't turn the app on when you go walking, there are some online sites that let you calculate the mileage based on maps. I am not sure if that will help. I think Runkeeper is one.

    We use the bodybugg for a pedometer. It isn't real cheap but for us it was worth it. It keeps accurate steps plus it keeps track of your physical activity and your sleep.

    We also started making healthy swaps...turkey burgers on whole wheat buns, stuff like that. that way we didn't feel so deprived.

    3233 days ago
    First, it's really nice to see and hear you...makes more of a connection so yay you!

    You sound so bummed and that is typical...(this morning I'm a bit bummed myself because my expectations aren't matching my actuality) But....the thing i that our moods, our expectations and our appetites and motivation run naturally in cycles..so we need to understand that and know that tomorrow will be different.

    I have had pedometers that didn't work very well but with any of them, you can do a bit of a check by turning it on and walking about a set number of steps and check the results. If it's over counting, if i has a sensitivity setting you might be able to adjust...the other factor is where you are wearing the unit. I had one pedometer that under read no matter where I wore it...currently I am using a pedometer/hr watch that is very accurate...about 30.00 at wallmart.

    You said you hadn't been tracking these last few days and that is part of the problem in seeing what you're accomplishing. I know it can be a pain...time consuming etc. but tracking will allow you to generate reports so you will be able to see increase in your miles over time...that may be helpful. have you ever tried the mapping feature to map out your walking routes? This can be a fun way of finding ways to gradually increase your mileage. Because it's a tangible thing you can see it can be good for people like us who like to make lists and see it.

    So many great comments from others here, I hope you will find some support in it all. Remembr that change takes time...I believe I read that it takes something like 18 weeks to form a habit (or break one) so give yourself some time to see change.
    3233 days ago
    Ok... First I totally admire your openess to doing a video blog... I can write anything, and often do... but something seems so much more exposed and personal about seeing someone..tell you the inner thoughts, fear, frustrations and for that I 100% totally admire your blog...

    So- let's see... it sounded like you were not only let down by the lack of measurable and/or visible progress but also at a bit of a loss for where to start... Being a list persome myself... I shall help by making this list form... Keep in mind I am no expert at all, just a gal with purpose to help others with what I've learned since January, plus we share the "list lover" bond...

    1. Water water water my dear- This is a huge one. For me, I never drank anything but water and coffee/tea so I didn't have a soda habit to kick (not sure if you do) but water is a super important part of this process. I add cucumber slices to mine and it's yummy. I also invested in a BPA free water bottle in my fav color ($9 at target) and keep it with me all the time and refill wherever I can

    2. Fitness- when I started I had knee pain (2 issues, long story and unimportant), a lack of motivation and stamina... the only thing I could commit to do was walk... but I often found walking outside was not always possible, too hot, raining or very late at night and not safe. I found Leslie Sansone walk away the pound and let me tell you, it's not as easy as it sound, walking inside (it is a cheesy but hey whatever works) I could only do one mile at first (15 minutes) and then the little traker comes on the tv and tells you you just walked a mile!!! AWESOME I know do the full 4-5 miles when I can and daily do at least one mile, especially when a biggest loser or yoga dvd seems like too much "brain" work... walking in place is pretty brainless but gets the heart going.

    3. Food, fast food... I get it... mine was fast food (mainly french fries) and ice cream... big time, all the time (even breakfast sometimes if stressed) this was a killer hard habit to kick.... So said you know what I'm going to take Saturday's off and boy do I ever... snacks, dinner, ice cream, smores, chips, whatever the heck I want... and I love it.... but Sunday I start the 6 days over and the biggest way I got over the cravings... was to pre plan my days food and then write it down while I have my coffee. Something for me about writing it down and then sticking with the list for the day helped me stay on track, plus it helps me look at all the food I got to eat that day and when doing good planning you can eat a lot and still lose.. in fact I eat more now than ever and I always thought that was a lie skinny girls told chubby girl to keep them chubby, and while I am still chubby... I am less chubby than before and it's true... I do eat all the time.

    I hope some of this helps you...
    Keep sparking... it is the last item on my list and something I owe a HUGE bit of credit to my success.. the support is beyond good... it's crazy good!

    3233 days ago
    First comment! :)

    Video blogs are awesome because it helps us connect better to your story. Maybe I'll finally get around to making one sometime soon! I had a few thoughts as I was watching your video that I thought might help because I know it is SO FRUSTRATING when you are going and going and then boom, everything stops and it's like you've fallen off a cliff. Replacing everything you drink with water and low fat milk is a good way to go. You stop craving the sugary drinks. As for McDonalds? You are always going to have days where you want to scarf down a burger, so pick a day once a week that is your cheat day and have whatever you want for one meal. I'm a huge big mac fan, so I feel your pain haha.

    Don't stop walking! Even when you feel like you aren't going anywhere. Just moving around is better than not moving at all. The thing that helped me see my progress in the last few months was having someone take a picture of me wearing almost nothing and not showing it to me until I'd lost a certain amount of pounds. It was exhilarating to see the difference! And it gave me the motivation I needed to keep going.

    I would love to hear more from you and follow you on your own journey, and I hope you'll check out my blog. It might just make you laugh sometimes, but there are some really good things in there. Just keep going, even when you feel like you've hit a wall!
    3234 days ago
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