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Introducing... {Insert Cat Name Here}

Friday, August 03, 2012

You may remember a few weeks ago I mentioned wanting to adopt a certain kitty from a local rescue (see blog entry "Proud Moments and..."). Well, firstly hubby said yes (after I agreed to pay)! So we went to the foster mom's house to meet the kitty, which meant we caught a brief glimpse of her butt as she skittered out of the room as fast as she could. Then we waited another week and a half or so until she could have her spay surgery. She's been with us for about a week now, and at first she wouldn't even let us come close to her, hissing when we did. She didn't eat or drink much of anything for the first two days and wouldn't come out from under the furniture. Three days later, she's eating and drinking normally (possibly more than normal), I've had several extensive petting/scratching sessions with her, and she's currently sitting on the window sill, watching me as I type this.

She's a beautiful cat, with the tortie half black, half orange face, bright green eyes and a large white bib and four white feet. She has an unusally short, crooked and inflexible tail, which I think must be a result of whatever abuse she suffered. It would certainly explain why she's so skittish. She's still rather afraid of my husband and startles very easily. It's even kind of an uphill battle for me - it seems that no matter how much progress I make in one day, I start over at square one the next day. But I can definitely tell she's warming up to us and our home.

So - the reason for the title is this: I'm having a hard time naming her. The rescue called her Queenie, which I'm just not that fond of. I've thought of a few names that are ok, but nothing seems perfect, so I'm asking for your help. Here are my ideas, and some parameters:

1. I'd rather it not be too cutsey - Muffin, Fifi, etc
2. Nothing that could be easily misconstrued as my child's name - ie, nothing too human.
3. Bonus points for literary names!

I've thought about Sheba (as in Queen of), Sasha (human, but not currently very common) and something along the lines of Faeling or Fae (as in Folk of the Fae or Faerie Folk - becuase she's always hiding and she can move faster and quieter than you would believe). Also Callie, but again, human, and a bit obvious for a calico. So on that note, all ideas are accepted, please leave them in the comments below, and here's a few photos for inspiration!

For the record, this (and my profile pic) is Bean, our three year old male tabby.

Helping me pack for my trip to Turkey

Upside down

Doing the Superman

Trying to fit in a shoebox

Nap Time
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Was your new cat on AOL? I saw a picture of a cat like this on there. She is sooooo pretty!!!! Have fun with her!
    3086 days ago
  • MRSKS2009
    Thanks for all the comments and wonderful suggestions. Each one was carefully considered, I promise! But the household consensus was...
    [drumroll please]


    We're off to the vet tomorrow for vaccine boosters (and a thorough look-see, because I think we might have fleas, ick!), and at the end of the week we'll make the formal introductions between the two - so far it's been a couple stare-downs through the doorway!
    3131 days ago
    Oh What beauties you have!!
    3131 days ago
    Yes, Shanarra is from Terry Brooks and Saphira from Eragon !! Or Cleo for Cleopatra !!
    3131 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/7/2012 1:17:55 AM
  • MRSKS2009
    @HiddenRunes - the name Loki is great!... Except all I can think about when I say it is the bad guy in the crazy horns from The Avengers! Nyx is cool though!

    @JenJen - I really like Nerissa, but it too reminds me of an unsavory character (from a fantasy series.)

    @(Nascar)Jen - I actually don't know those references. Is that the Shannara series by Terry Brooks?

    3132 days ago
    Congrats on your new Kitty !!! How about Shanarra? I'm sure since you like dragons, you thought of Saphira !! lol Good luck and enjoy !!
    3133 days ago
    Wow! She is beautiful! Congrats on rescuing! I like the names:

    Nyx - meaning night
    and Loki- slightly masculine but her markings just make her look so mischevious..I think Loki could work for her.
    Anyways..hope you find something to fit...my black cat came with the name sugar and I hated it and it didn't fit her but I never bothered to change it. She is pretty skittish and independent but amazing when she wants to snuggle.
    3133 days ago
    Kitten love - yay! I only have two suggestions:

    1. Eureka- cat from "The Wizard of Oz" books - Euri for short?

    2. Nerissa from Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" - not a cat character, but I like the name so much I thought I'd put it out there.

    Have fun!
    3133 days ago
    lol I'm glad you like Twix I picked that name because she looks like a Twix to me the name just hit as I was thinking of name the other 3 names are the names of my cats Bast is my polydactyl cat or boxing cat she is a smoke gray with a white chest and very silly always getting stuck in the curtains.
    Freyja is my Himalayan she is very sweet and the lazy one out of the group. she is kind of like dog always wants in your lap and will fallow you around all day.
    then Cait Sith is my Sphynx he is very playful and he gets his feeling hurt easy he was my first cat and the reason I got the others as he did not like to be alone.
    All my cats come from the pound Cait Sith was going to be put down the day I got him because he had some temperament issues and being hairless with it made it where people where not try to adopt him. but after a few months of tlc the temperament issues went away.
    3134 days ago
    !!! Adorable! I love your cats! I'm not good at coming up with names...but from the ones you already suggested, I do really love "Sasha"... seems very feminine and feline, and goes well with her beautiful colours.
    3134 days ago
  • NCSUE0514
    We just got a kitty that we "rescued" from the vets - he'd been brought in with his sister 4 months ago, born to a feral mama. The vets had named them "Tarzan and Jane". Jane had already been adopted, and I completely refused to call a cat "Tarzan". I immediately thought of the name Louie, and that's what we're calling him. He's learning his name.

    As far as a name for your kitty, you may want to wait on naming her for a few days. Her personality will begin to show itself and the name will be revealed... like magic!

    If you want to "meet Louie", head to my personal blog (non-SP). I've shared a few photos of him & it's a photo swap, so you can include pix of your beautiful cat. Maybe someone else will be more helpful than I when it comes to choosing a name!


    She is truly beautiful!

    3135 days ago
  • MRSKS2009
    @BGUTHRIE - Great ideas, loving Twix especially (the PB kind is one of my fave candies!)

    @PICKIE- I can't believe I didn't think of the Phantom! Good catch! Hmmm... maybe there's a way to twist Christine? For that matter, I'm kind of a theater buff, so let's think...

    Maureen>Eh, not Maureen. Oh, and the names from Cats - what were they again? I guess I'll have to look through my Playbills for ideas!

    Thanks Sparkies, keep 'em coming!
    For the record - both Socks and Scarlett are off the table - they were previously owned kitties. Also for the record, Fae would be pronounced FAY, in case anyone was wondering.
    3135 days ago
  • no profile photo WHERERMY62KEYS
    my grand daughter rescued a cat that had been abandoned in a skip. We have called him skippy. He is so funny, has made friends with two other cats and a fox-would you believe it.
    3135 days ago
    very cute cats here is a list of names you might like
    Bast- Egyptians Goddess of cats
    Freyja - Norse goddess
    Cait Sith pronounced Kett Shee- Final Fantasy VII

    3135 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Well, the first thing that came to mind when I saw her face and front, was a very obvious Phantom of the Opera!! Tuxedo chest, half-mask face.. she also has a body like a patchwork quilt!!

    Phantom Patch(Fan for short?) What do you think of that?
    Phantom Diva??

    Not sure about that, but the Phantom mask thingie was startling and very obvious!! What beautiful markings..
    Our friends had a calico for 17 years,, they called her Khaki Bear..she was VERY aloof,, the only time she would allow me to be near her or touch her, was when I was expecting my daughter, she slept on my tummy, was ALL OVER ME!! After I delivered, she never went near me again,,
    I loved the name of Khaki Bear though..

    3135 days ago
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