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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Quick blog/rant:

I think I may have hurt a co-worker/friend's feelings because I said her lunch smelled horrible. Someone had cooked Dominican food for her, something with fish and rice and spcies. Which probably tasted delicious fresh (I love seafood!) but smelled like old garbage with fish and shoes in it when reheated.

I have purposely avoided bringing garlicky or fishy things to work for lunch, because I know it will stink up the entire office when you reheat it. In addition, she brought it back to her desk to eat, rather than eating in the breakroom/lunch room. So I was not the only person commenting. In fact, my comment followed someone saying, "What is that smell?"

She's now spraying the air freshener from the bathroom everywhere. So I guess I made my point at least.

Should I feel bad?
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    I bring homemade food most often to work, and it's almost always leftovers that were frozen reheated in the microwave. Usually I hear, "I knew you were at lunch, what're you eating? That smells amazing!".. but I also have a freezerfull of meals that I won't take to work because they're fishie;)
    2736 days ago
    In my opinion, the only reason you would need to apologize would be if you deliberately said something unkind with the intention of hurting her feelings. It doesn't seem like you did. So you are good :)
    2736 days ago
    Nah, She should have eaten it in the lunch room. However if she had been eating in the designated food area and people made comments then in my book that would be a little over the line.
    2736 days ago
  • KATYDID412
    Office etiquette says don't reheat fish in the office microwave. (I wish everyone in my office subscribed to office etiquette.)

    You're fine!
    2736 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Yes you did hurt her feelings. Yes you should apologize. Yes she was also wrong for bringing in stinky food but 2 wrongs dont make a right. Someday you will bring tuna and may have an aroma yourself.
    2736 days ago
    No, you're fine, that is standard office etiquette. Although I admit when I wasn't feeling well the other day I did make popcorn and it burned a little and we had to open the door to let the place air out. I felt a little bad. It's a learning experience.
    2736 days ago
  • SWP0213
    "Old garbage with fish and shoes"... funniest thing ever. And no, you're not out of line. It's called courtesy. I have an issue with people treating their office like their home. Don't leave your food in the fridge till it grows legs, don't leave your dirty dishes in the sink (really, who do you think is going to wash them?), and don't subject your innocent office-mates to your stinky food choices. And, while we're on the topic, go easy on the air freshener. Then you have old garbage with fish and shoes with a hint of lavender. Even grosser.
    2736 days ago
  • RISA87
    That's gross. You should not feel bad.
    2736 days ago
    Nope. It's well-known office etiquette to NOT stink up the place. Plus, you didn't attack her personally, so you're fine. We have a guy in our office that annoys everyone with his stinky food and weird music. For two days I thought we had a bird loose in the office, but it was just him listening to sounds of nature or something. He always thinks we're kidding when we complain.
    2736 days ago
    2736 days ago
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