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July Recap - August Goals

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

This can't be right...August already?! *sigh*

I thought about not making "goals" for this month. I thought about ignoring the whole thing and sticking to my plan of simply living a healthy life. And then, last night at football practice, all of that changed.

It was the start of Ethan's third year in football. First practice. And though I've cautioned him time and time again that he needs to start conditioning himself for it, he had a few bouts of stop and start exercising and never fully stuck to it in favor of playing video games and, well, being 10. I get it. How can we realize the importance of something like that when we're 10 and all we want to do is have fun and play? I don't fault him for that in the least.

But last night started off like every practice will from here on out until the end of the season. Warm-ups.

Run a lap around the field.
Do pushups (sorta).
High knees.
Bear crawls.
Leg raises.
Run a lap.

They always give the kids a break for water after the warm-ups and as Ethan trudged toward me I thought I heard him crying. "No!" I said. "You CANNOT cry. You can get mad and take it out on the field, but you cannot cry."

Truth is, it finally hit him how out of shape he has let himself become in the off-season. No manner of healthy foods I feed him can properly fuel him if he doesn't also include conditioning into his off-season training program. He collapsed into a heap next to the car trying to suck down water through gasps. He informed me, in between gasps, that he was not crying, but simply couldn't catch his breath. He was hyperventilating. And then he did start crying as he started to tell me, "I can't do it. I can't do it anymore."

I heard myself in that moment. We've all had those moments. When we realize that our bodies aren't responding in the way we thought they would - the way they did when we were conditioned through regular training. And to add insult to injury, as a child, he also has to deal with the fact that his body grew both up and out over his time off. He's now almost as tall as his brother, who is almost 3 years older than him, and he's about 120 pounds now, compared to about 90 last season. He's got more body to move around this year than he did last year and he was in full-on panic meltdown mode over what he considered a lack of his abilities.

I dumped my water over his head.
I talked him through about 10 deep breaths.
And then I told him...

"The first practice is always the hardest, but you look better out there this year than you did last year."
"You will not say that word to me again. We don't say the word 'can't' because WE don't give up."
"If you don't give up, I won't give up - deal?"

He made the deal. And I have to stick with it. And so, yes, I am making August goals. Because what better way is there to live a healthy life?

=== === === === ===



SW: 309.8
CW: 304.2

See, through all the nonsense, what I didn't realize is that I actually lost 5.6 pounds this month! If I can build upon that next month, I'll finally be in the place I've been shooting for for the past 7 years!


Minutes: 777 (HAHAHA!) (12h 57m)

The Break Down-
305 minutes spent Swimming (5h 5m)
85 in ST (1h 15m) (including a supervised workout with my new trainer)
248 minutes with Workout DVDs (4h 8m)
139 minutes spent Walking/Running (2h 19m)

So almost 13 hours for the month of July. And, yes, I find the 777 hilarious! I mean, it was the 7th month and somehow I managed to pull a 777! This could be good for me...my oldest son was born on 9/9/99 and crazy number combinations like that pop up all the time in my family. Still, that's an average of 25 minutes every day for the month of July...and I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it sounds pretty good to me. I'd just like to be a bit more consistent with it.


The month of July saw the biggest push to a positive change in my diet. I've really started cutting out processed foods and have started eating a more Paleolistic diet, which has done wonders for my usual tummy problems. I haven't been 100% on this. Closer to 70% probably. But I'm moving in the right direction.

The one thing I've noticed about Paleo eating is that my calories just seem to work themselves out when I eat like this. It's not as hard to "cut back" because the foods I'm eating are just naturally lower in calories than things full of grains and garbage.


I pushed hard and got a lot done, but I wasn't consistent. And I started eating healthier foods, but I had some emotional eating as well. All in all, I'd say it wasn't all that bad, and what happened somehow helped me to settle my mind with what needs to happen now to move me forward. I have had several people tell me "Don't give up!" and I'm not. Not in the way you're thinking. I'm just reworking my mindset and strategy to focus less on the goal of "losing weight" and more on the goal of "living a healthy lifestyle"...because as much as we all talk about how we're "changing our lives"...sometimes it can feel like a boring old diet - a must do on the list of lose weight, get healthy and fit. We like to think of it in pretty terms, but on weigh-in day sometimes it all falls apart if we don't get what we want. So I'm trying to change my thinking and make working out and eating right less of a "have to" and more of a "get to" - as in, "I get to eat all these delicious clean and healthy foods and not feel guilty for a random indulgence now and again because I know I'm putting time in at the gym to make my body healthy and strong." July made me realize that with this plateau I had slipped back into a diet mentality...and that crap needs to GO!

=== === === === ===



I thought about not setting a weight goal because I don't plan on weighing in until September 1st (if I can help it), but I will say that I'd like to lose another 5-6 pounds like this month. That'd make me feel great and would set me up to be DONE with this plateau and under the 300 mark. Still, I'm not weighing in so I won't be able to stress over the numbers there. There are so many other beautiful numbers I can focus on - like fitness minutes! ;)


Okay, so last month I made it to 777 fitness minutes. I'm not going to go crazy here and try to amp up my workouts to high gear. Instead, I'm going back to the mentality of Spark - small steps lead to positive change, right?! So this month, and with sticking with my pattern/theme, I'm shooting for 888 minutes. *dopey grin*

That would average out to almost 29 minutes every day. A marked improvement.

And how am I going to get there? I'm sticking with the following schedule for August.

Sunday - 30m yoga/PT stretches
Monday - Swim
Tuesday - NROLFW
Wednesday - Swim
Thursday - NROLFW
Friday - Swim
Saturday - 30 minute walk or run

I will try to make every workout I can without stressing myself if I miss one here or there. And, no, I didn't schedule a "rest" day per se, but I'm considering Sunday rest days still because all I really want to do that day is make sure I'm stretching and taking care of my body - managing my hips, my knee, and the PF that is trying to come back. (Yay me... *sarcasm*) And I KNOW there will be some days that I miss my trip to the gym for whatever reason. I have to accept that this is part of life. I can't devote my life to this pursuit entirely and I must be ready for the unexpected family obligation...I just have to do my best to get to every workout I can possibly get to without making stupid excuses that have no real foundation in truth.


Eat more Paleo. Also, I've reset my tickers again on both MFP and Spark, so they have me at a lower calorie range. I'm not lifting as hard as I was months back, so there's no need for me to refuel at higher ranges. Still, I'm not going to stress if I go over now and again. I've been eating pretty consistently around 2000-2400 calories so dipping down to 1600 is going to be really difficult if I try to just go there straight on. Plus, I don't think it would be good for my body. So I'm going to allow myself the higher level of my range - around 1950 - and not stress if I go over a couple hundred calories now and again. In fact, my plan is to not stress at all, because that just leads me to binge/emotional eating. I'll be fine eating anywhere from 1600 to 2400 calories...and I still will try to hold myself down from raging if I get to 2600 on a honest to goodness "hungry day"...because we all have them. (I had one yesterday! ERMAGAD!)


I'm also going to work on keeping my "Weekend Projects" going around the house. I'd love to be able to finish up cleaning and prepping my laundry area this weekend for a bit of a makeover. I'm a little scared to move on to any other room, so if I want to stick with this one until it's completely painted, organized, and in lovely shape, I'm going to give myself every weekend in August to do that. But I may just organize best I can (painting is a pain in the rear!) and try to move on to another important room - either the living room or the kitchen. My goal is to have a better house on September 1st than I do today...and to keep it up throughout the month.

Also, I want to try to keep up my off-site blog. I'm hoping to do more recipes, reviews maybe, and reports on my weekly projects. It's an effort to organize my life and give you a glimpse into the other side of it...the not solely driven by number on the scale part.
You can follow me there at:

So...there we go. August goals. See...I TOLD you I wasn't giving up completely!

emoticon What are your goals for this month? Trying anything new and exciting?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    Great blog, glad to see you up and running.

    You know, I have never set monthly goals, at least not in writing, I will think about doing this... emoticon
    3200 days ago
    I love that you shill have a plan but are giving yourself the options to be flexible. I do think you were a bit hard on yourself with the B-, what with losing your washer/dryer and being without power for how long?

    Congrats on the loss. Glad to see that the determination you show is also a trait your kids have, they are growing into great young men!

    888 - LOVE IT!
    3200 days ago
    Love, love, love your blog and your plans! You sound like you are on the right track and you are making progress no matter how slow the progress seems sometimes. And you sound encouraged today too! You are such an amazing lady and I hate to see you discouraged! Have a great month of August! We are going to do this thing, this thing called healthy living! emoticon
    3200 days ago
    Love it!! I will remember that moment you had with your son so I can do the same for my son someday - never give up! :)

    So happy for you and your goals are fantastic! I started my jogging program last week so I intend to keep on it this month because I signed up on my company team for a 5K MUD run in early October so I cannot stop training for that...I'm pretty much the only chubby person on the team - i work with all skinnies so I need to keep up - i want to keep up with them! The running is damn hard, I'm really hoping it gets better.
    3200 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Honey, I give you an A any month! I love how you keep picking yourself up and getting back on that horse. And I love how you and your son work together.
    3200 days ago
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