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I Want a Happy Ending!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

As fantastic as last year was, this year has been TOUGH. And, it's all because of the choices I've made.

Last year:
...I got down to my goal weight (132) and even hit 130 a couple of times
...I kept that weight for an entire YEAR!
...I ran 3 HM's (my 2nd, 3rd & 4th) and joined Half Fanatics
...I did my longest bike ride ever - 34 miles
...I was in the best shape of my life

This year:
...I started in January by skipping a HM because I was burned out
...I started gaining weight... and am now up 10 pounds (to 142)
...I have tried over & over again to get back on track, but it only lasts a day...a week...or maybe 2

I want a happy ending! I want a success story! But, I know I have to make it work!

In the past 2 weeks:
...I have ran 4 times (though I'm frustrated that even with running/walking my longest run is 2.3 miles and it's SO HARD!!!)
...I rode my bike twice (11 miles when I had the time & 6 when I had to get home)
...I did pilates (for the first time in months and it felt great & awful at the same time!)
...and, I started HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS!!! (because my dd has been doing it since March & we want to buy horses when we move to our ranch in a few years... LOVED IT!!!)

But, my eating? BOOOO!!!!

So, what are my plans?

RUNNING: I actually signed up for a HM in November this week. But, right now I'm just not sure about it. I am hating running!!! But, I used to love it! Maybe it's the heat? Maybe it's the fact that I am frustrated because I can't run as far or as fast. (Definitely FRUSTRATING!!!) So, do I want to train for another Half???

RUNNING #2: My pilates coach is starting a 12 week running group in 2 weeks. Hmmm... I WANT to train with a group. My life as a SAHM gets pretty lonely sometimes. BUT...you have to be able to run 5 miles and the slowest pace is 11-12 min/miles. WELL... right now I can only go 2! And, that is more like 13+! So, can I really get ready??? I just don't know. And, what if I can't keep up? How would 'coach' feel... and how would I feel... if I just trained at my own pace? The neat thing? They are training for a COOL (& difficult?!?) TRAIL RUN in Utah in November!!! I'd LOVE to go on that trip! It's beautiful!!! Incentive enough? I don't know....

BIKING: I am loving my bike... so much more than running right now! And, my friend & her hubby just joined a group that has Saturday rides that are beginner enough for ME! But, the sad part... my friend still doesn't have a bike since hers got torn up 4 months ago on the back of her car. I think I'll join anyway, though. Too back I didn't know about it before last night... I could have joined them this morning!

HORSE RIDING: I really don't know how much exercise this is, but my daughter is always very tired (& hungry!) after a lesson. It's definitely more work than I thought. I'll be going once a week, though this week I only walked the horse. It was so much fun, and I can't wait to learn to trot!!!

So, I hope I'm back FOR GOOD! I want to feel fit again. I felt so much better about myself when I was a little thinner and in a LOT better shape!

Hopefully, I'll be seeing you all around more now!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sometimes all it takes is a little re-evaluation to get yourself back on track. You can do it!!
    3238 days ago
    Losing your motivation is a tough thing. It's definitely mental. Unfortunately there isn't a magic pill or saying that will snap you out of it. The trick (for me) is to find something you love and do that and forget about the rest. If you are loving your bicycle get on it and ride. If you are loving riding a horse get on it and ride. If you are hating running leave it alone for a while. I'm a stickler for a schedule and sometimes forget to have fun and enjoy what I'm doing. I hope you find your happy ending!
    3285 days ago
    It's always so hard to get back on track. I have a feeling you are going to do it this time and end 2012 with a happy ending!
    3286 days ago
    Good to see you back! Hope you find what takes you to your happy ending!
    3287 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7673407
    Awesome! You do have a plan! That's great. I rode horses most of my life. Fabulous core and inner thigh strength if you are riding correctly. You are doing great! (I love Utah)!!
    3288 days ago
    Glad you're back and working away on your goals!
    3288 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Running will seem hard after a break & it will take time to get back up to speed. I had to take a month off because of illness & it seemed so hard at first. It DOES get easier.

    Horseback riding is GREAT core & legs workout. Obviously not cardio, tho.

    I love to run with other people. It makes it seem so much easier. Talk to the coach & see what she thinks. Even with the group I often run on my own. But don't overbook yourself. Only you can decide what will be the most fulfilling to you.
    3288 days ago
  • SWAN47
    Glad to have you back. Figure out what you enjoy and just go for it. Maybe it's not running right now - or maybe it is emoticon Remember when you started SP and how far you've come since you started. We all have these times where we slip or slack but you haven't given up! I'm so glad to hear from you! emoticon
    3289 days ago
    You have some great plans for getting back to where you want to be!! I hate training in the heat and just try to maintain for the most part over the summer, maybe when it gets cooler you'll start feeling the running again. Don't jump into running too quickly, keep your runs short and early and just do what you feel like doing for a few weeks. You are doing great things and will be fine whatever you focus on :)!!
    3289 days ago
    I was about to tell you that I have reached the conclusion that there is no end to this journey. No ending. No finish line. It is a life long process. But you already know that...

    "I've learned that there is no finish line, though I thought I'd reached it when I met my 'goal weight'. This is a journey that will last us all of our days on earth. Hopefully, one day it'll get easier. But, for now, the struggle continues. And, I KNOW that when I'm working out and TRAINING, it all comes easier!!! "

    emoticon emoticon
    3289 days ago
    I'm in the same boat - I was in spitting distance of goal weight (2 lbs) and then somewhere along the line I gained 10! I think when you lose motivation its so hard to get it back. But, you will... and I will!
    3289 days ago
    MAke a good diet and consistent exercise a top top top priority. Make your exercise time an appointment as important as any office meeting or doctor visit. It sounds like you have fallen out of the habits you developed to become successful and you are just having a hard time find the right groove.

    3289 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    Don't forget how far you've come!! Hang in there, you can do this! emoticon
    3289 days ago
    I'm so glad you're back! It always helps me to write out a plan when I'm getting back in shape after a break. Even if it's something as simple as doing 10 pushups today, 11 tomorrow, etc., for two weeks. Or run at least one mile every day for a few weeks. For some reason, streaking always helps me. :) I'll pray that you can get your groove back quickly. Have fun!!
    3289 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Don't forget how far you've come.
    3289 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8092638
    Sounds like you are just burned out. If you are hating running, give yourself a break instead of forcing yourself to do it and I bet you start missing it.

    I understand how frustrating it can be, and how un-motivating (is that a word?) it is when you lose strength. It makes you really not want to work out. I have been inconsistent with exercise since Memorial Day. I didn't stop, I've just been sort of like one week on, one week off and I've lost strength and it makes me not want to work out because I feel so weak and I know what I USED to be able to do. It sucks!!!!! But the only way to get it back is to DO IT. And we're not starting from zero either- remember that! It's much easier to get it BACK than to GET it. :)
    3289 days ago
    You will get there. I think the bike and running groups sound like so much fun. Groups have been so helpful to me to stay on track and get motivated. And I bet you could get up. To 5 miles more easily than you think.
    Glad you're back!
    3289 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9644295
    never giveup!
    3289 days ago
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