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Saturday, July 28, 2012

I started exploring the indoor swimmingpools yesterday - I live between two cities and work in one of them, Karlstad. But I have had a year membership for the indoor swimmingpool in the other town, Kristinehamn, since that is where I pick up my daughter from the bus when she comes at weekends and we usually go to the swimmingpool before she leaves again. And the swimmingpool in the city I work is being restored and haven´t been open for a year. But now it is being reopened in september and as my membership at the other pool is expiring I was thinking about buying one for this arena instead. Looking at the prizes I noticed that they do have a gym as well, exploring more I found out that a membership at the gym includes entrance to the swimmingpool... that opens at 6.30 in the morning for exercise swimmers...whohooo! The gym opens at 7 today but maybe they will open earlier in the fall.

And now the good part - they do have cheaper prizes for seniors = 60+. Normally their is a discount for retired people on almost everything - travels, memberships, concerts etc, but "retired" means 67 or 65 years old and I am not there yet. But 60+... as I am having my 60th birthday in november I called them and asked if "60+" meant the year I was going 60 or the actual birthday... they said the same year which mean I can go working out in the gym OR swim for a monthly cost of 159 skr!(23 USD) which is half the prize you have to pay normally - and normally I also have to pay one membership for a gym and one for the indoor swimmingpool. I have thought about a gym membership for more than a year - my workplace is next door to a gym but I haven´t bought one yet for two reasons - the cost, 4 000 skr/year (583 USD) which is a lot of money especially if I act as I have done many times - go for three months and then fall of the wagon. And they don´t offer shorter memberships, the only alternative is to pay each time you go and that is really expensive.

The other reason has been that the gym next door is very crowded all the time, I went there and did not get a good feeling about the premises, did not like the locker rooms and I have learned to listen to my gut feeling, if I don´t feel good about things, I will probably give up rather soon.

For this senior gym card I know that I will do the swimming part - true that I have not done it regularly for a year but it has been very inconvenient to go in the wrong direction from work for swimming and leaving doggy alone for too long and the gas cost... before that I have been very good at going at least once a week and swim 1000 meters.

The indoor swimming pool will not open until september but I will buy my card the 1th of august and do the workouts in the gym for a month.

This is also something I have learned - if I want healthy habits to work for me I have to find methods that makes it easy, otherwise it will not last. The only negative aspect about this gym/indoor swimming is that it is not next door to my work - but it is close to the highway on my way to work and I will not get mixed into traffic at rush hours - that was the problem of the daycare I had for doggy, she lived where I had to cross very busy areas to get there and coming at rush hours mad it very inconvenient. This will not happen with the gym/swimmingplace.

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