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It Wasn't Pretty But...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

There's a theme to this blog...as there seems to have been a theme for the past 24 hours of my life or so.

It wasn't pretty but...

Yesterday I had the new Chicken Cantina Bowl from Taco Bell. We don't have a Chipotle here, and, honestly, I've never even been to one though I've heard great things...but there have been some comparisons to this new Taco Bell infusion and that other (apparently higher class/fresher) chain. You'll have to judge for yourself there. I didn't have any leftovers for lunch yesterday and I was trying to think of something I could get that I wouldn't beat myself up for later. I did NOT want salad. I was sick to death of salad...and that left me with a choice of Subway sub, burger and fries, roast beef sandwich and curly fries, fried fish and fries...you see my point, right?! So this thing popped into my head and I immediately looked up a calorie count on it. 560 calories. Not TOO bad. And the sources of those calories were in the rice, grilled chicken, guac (hello avocado!) and black beans. Not bad options. Not exactly Paleo friendly, but better than most of my other options. Plus, it's new...and I love trying new things (honestly, though, I could've lived my life without having one of those Dorito tacos...blech!).

My thoughts? It wasn't pretty (the sight of it almost made me think twice about trying it at all), but it was actually quite good. And filling as well! I only ate about 1/2 of it and ate the other 1/2 an hour or two later. I'd certainly eat it again if I was running low on options/leftovers. It's better than a burger but not as good as a salad...and that's where it will stay in my head. But as far as indulgences go? It's a pretty safe one, I'd say!


It wasn't pretty but...

I didn't go swimming last night after work. I know, I know...but it wasn't due to the soreness (but OMG the soreness!! YIKES!). Instead, Hubs called me late in the day to inform me that his father had found someone in the next town over who buys/repairs/resells washers and dryers. He informed me that my FIL had spent $100 buying us a refurbished washer, which was now sitting out on my lawn waiting for us to take it in. *sigh and YAY all at the same time*

I knew Hubs wasn't getting home until after 7pm, but there was some prep stuff that needed to be done first. Our washer/dryer area sits right inside the back door...which we never use. And without any ability to wash clothes and my son's brilliant cleaning style for cleaning his room (he throws everything in my hall....I can't tell you how many legos my poor feet have stepped on!) - well, I needed to do a little cleaning up of the area. Plus...well, Hubs has been lax on his weeding duties out back (hey, he has VERY FEW chores, but the yard is one of them...I will mow but I hate weedeating!) so there was some overgrown brush that needed to be cleared out as well. Enter the comedy of errors.

1) I got home and my brilliant son hadn't done his chores (dishes), so I had to quick do those so I could make dinner later.

2) I clear out the area in front of the washer/dryer after stepping on a few small bits of toys and yelling a few choice words.

3) I go to get the weedeater...it's electric...and Ethan informs me we don't have an extension cord. *facepalm*

4) I go to get the mower, because I figure I can just work at it with that...but the mower is out of gas, and our gas canister is empty. (REALLY!?)

So, yea, that was interesting. We finally got things sorted out when Hubs got home. We got the old washer out and (even with his protesting), got the new one in. (Small note here - I did a lot of the heavy lifting there. *big grin* My Hubs actually made some comment about calling his father to help. "Why?" I asked. "Well, so we can just lift it up in there." I looked straight at him and said, "Do you think I just go to the gym to people watch and look pretty?" And, I took the lead and we got the thing in there no problem. :) )

And our first load? It leaked everywhere. *lmao* (By now it was just funny...everything was getting funny at this point.) Hubs tightened the hoses in the back and we're now in business.

So, it wasn't pretty but I have a washer again and I'm wearing freshly laundered clothes this morning! (Not that I wasn't before...but these were the first clothes washed in my NEW (old...it looks like it's from 1973) washer!!)


I didn't exactly get to bed early last night with all the drama, but it was around 11:20pm as I was drifting to sleep and I had set my alarm for 5am on the off chance that I was able to get up early and get to the pool to make up my swim I had missed. Little did I know my 12 year old decided to stay up all night...again (this is the last week they're allowed to sleep when they want...next week we go back to bedtimes and routines). He nudged me around 5:15am and said, "Uhm, Mom. It's 5:15am and your alarm is going off." "That's nice..." I told him. *lol* At least he had the intuition to realize I was still half asleep so he tried his approach again. He helped make me breakfast while I was rushing around like chicken sans head to get out the door.

I'm still sore this morning from TUESDAY *sigh* and that showed itself in the pool. Not to mention the countless equipment malfunctions I had. First of all, I got some conditioner in my goggles as they were in my bag. I tried to get most of it out, but it's totally screwing with my goggles (and my eye is burning so maybe there was a touch left in there when I put them on). Not to mention my cap would just NOT stay on this morning. I had to adjust it (and I mean pull it off and put it back on again) no less than half a dozen times! I didn't do my laps as programmed because I couldn't really think this morning other than counting. So I just counted laps. I think I swam slower than I ever have in my life...and it was sloppy as all get out...but I also swam solidly for a lot longer than I usually do (other than equipment breaks I only took about 2-3 breaks the whole time to catch my breath). I ended up doing 60 laps...it took me until lap 50 to do the calculation in my head that 1200 divided by 20 is 60. Yep...that's how "slow" I feel this morning.

It wasn't pretty...but I did 60 laps in 47 minutes and got my swim time in.


So now I'm back at work, wishing like hell I was at home again in bed. I'm so damn tired and I hurt all over! While I may have missed my swim last night - dragging a washer up and down 4 very tall steps into and out of position certainly isn't "relaxing" or "resting"....

Hope you all have a good day. I might take a nap now. *head falls on desk* *snoring begins*
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had that as a burrito the other day, it was GREAT! I really liked it and I was SUPER full, plus it just FEELS healthy. I don't think the burrito is as "good" stats wise as the bowl, but I was eating and driving, it's much easier! :-)

    It is a lot like chipotle, I've sworn off chipotle because their calorie counts are so inconsistent they may as well not even be there. But I used to love them. The thing was, you could get really unhealthy with it too, add on the sour cream and cheese and guac and you're adding like 300 calories that's mostly fat! And only one good fat! Still, they're very very very tasty.

    Sounds like you really kicked butt on the swim, even if it was slow, you DID it! This morning my workout was just...bad. I don't know, I only got about 5 hours of sleep, had a few drinks last night, whatever it was I closed my eyes while doing a plank and literally started feeling dizzy and like I was falling asleep, emphasis on falling. But I did it. I did an hour. Maybe not the best hour, maybe not as good as it could have been...but better than nothing!
    3205 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Awesome on the washer!
    3206 days ago
    So glad that you have a new (old) washer! You don't realize how nice it is to have your own washer and dryer until you don't. Been there a few times and it is no fun!
    3206 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    How nice of your FIL to get you a new washer!!! Even though its not new, its one less thing to worry about now! And go you for putting it in yourself :) We had a flood too last week. The drain tube popped out of the pipe. Luckily I had walked in when it just started to drain. I immediately stopped the washer and ran to get Rob. Easy fix!
    3206 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    You lead an interesting life.

    Our kids are adult and independent, just DH and me and a nicely functioning washing machine that Sears will come to fix if it breaks down.....

    I kind of miss (actually for very short periods of time) the busy life one has with growing children.

    Good for you for getting the swim in. Sounds like you did a lot?

    And good for you for reasonable food choices!

    3206 days ago
    I'm not even done reading your blog yet, but i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your comment to your hubby about going to the gym to just ppl watch and look pretty! CLASSIC!!!!
    3206 days ago
    Sounds alot like my night, only instead of a washer it was 100 bales of hay, onto wagon, off wagon onto other truck, off truck into customers lot. Mine I have arm muscles this AM.

    Good job getting the swimming in this morning, hoping to do that after work if the storms hold off.

    3206 days ago
    3206 days ago
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