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Getting My Head Back in the Game

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guess what's coming up?!

When I was a kid growing up I always loved watching the Olympics. I remember trying to catch snippets from the 2008 Olympics when Phelps won all his medals while traveling through NYC for the first time with a friend. This year, however, things are a little different.

First of all, I get it a little more.
I'm understanding a little better how much work and dedication and effort it must take to rise to that level of athletic achievement. I have a lot of Sparkfriends who are dedicated to their hardcore workouts and are always working toward their next PR. Their dedication is astounding to a lot of people. I hear all the time from people how I must be so motivated and dedicated to stick to my workouts even through struggles like injuries. But what we've got going on is nothing to the 6-8 hours a day these people spend every single day in the gym working on getting better, moving faster, developing their technique and honing their skills. This year when I watch the Olympics, it will be with even greater respect. Yes, these athletes probably have something a little "special" in them, but they aren't born superheroes like I once thought they were. They were made. They made themselves. And they continue to do that every single day leading up to one point, to one race, to sometimes 2 minutes or less worth of performance time where they have to put it all out on the line and prove to the world that their dedication to their sport was worth it and they measure up with others like them from across the globe.

So what will *I* be watching?
Swimming, of course. Always a favorite of mine! Also diving and gymnastics. I may try to catch some of the rowing and some archery, but the big three for me of the summer games have and always will be diving, swimming, and gymnastics. This year I may actually try to watch some of the weightlifting as well. I never used to think much of it, but I understand that dedication now more than ever as well.

With all these thoughts rolling through my head and the excitement of the opening games this week pulsing through me, it makes you wonder why I had a major "moment" last night. A binge unlike those I've had in a LONG time. It wasn't me setting out to destroy my work like usual...this was a mindless binge to the point of pain...something I haven't done in a while.

But unlike all the times before, I woke up with a more level head this morning. That was one day. One hour of mistakes. It does not erase the 45 minutes I spent in the pool at 6am yesterday morning. It doesn't mean that all my hopes of ever reaching my goal are lost forever. It was a mistake. It could have been worse. It certainly could have gone better. But no matter - it was, and it's over. Time to move on.

I didn't do my ST routine last night, but not for lack of motivation or whatever. My phone reminded me when I got home last night that I've got another supervised workout tonight at the gym. I'll be meeting a new trainer and I have no clue what he's going to ask of me and I didn't want to completely put myself out last night and have nothing left for today. I still have the tightness in the back of my knee to worry about and the hip stiffness as well. There's a reason why I backed off my workouts for now. Mostly because my body needs it...but also because I want to see if I can maintain my focus even when I'm not stepping into the gym every single day. I want to see if it's possible for me to stay strong and move forward and keep losing while not putting my body through hell. Slow and steady wins the race...or at least that's the theory I'm testing right now.

I'm honestly a little nervous about tonight. Tanner was amazing. He could joke with me and my workouts went by in a quick 45 minutes that felt like 10. He put me through things that seemed so simple but challenged my body in ways I never knew it could be challenged. He worked around my body aches and pains without ever letting up on me. I'm hoping by Tanner suggesting this guy for me it means he'll be the same in his efforts. My goal is to shut my mouth and only say "can't" if it's physically impossible or if I know it's going to mess with my injury in a way that might put me out of business for the rest of the week. The rest...well, I'll get it done. If I walk out of there burning at least 300-400 calories in those 45 minutes, I'll consider it a win. (Incidentally, all of the trainers I've worked with there totally love that I wear my HRM to work out. Both Tanner and Raj kept checking it to make sure they were working me hard enough throughout the entire 45 minutes.)

Plan for the day?
emoticon Drink LOTS of water. Flush out the mistakes of last night.
emoticon Eat healthy, well balanced Paleo meals.
emoticon Put in 100% effort at the gym tonight.
emoticon Head home and make a well-balanced Paleo meal for dinner. (We're having steaks and roasted veggies tonight. I made the veggies the other day so I'll only have to reheat those. I'll grill up the steaks with some onions and mushrooms and I think everyone will be quite happy. Let's see if I can NOT overcook mine, though! I don't have steak sauce to fall back on to make it sufferable!)
emoticon Get to sleep by 10pm so I can get some decent sleep tonight and wake up early in the morning for more laps. (Well, if we don't go to the demolition derby at the fair, that is...)

The one good thing about my new schedule is that in addition to lap swim time in the AM before work, my gym also has lap swim time every day between 4:30-5:30pm. That means that I'll be able to make up any missed morning laps right after work! I'd rather not have to do this, but it's there if I need it. :)

emoticon Oh, and hand wash some clothes. *sigh* Hubs got the part for our washing machine that broke last Wednesday. We thought perhaps it was just the belt (again)...but it seems to have been the motor as well. That means Hubs and I will be setting aside some time to shop for washers in the near future. His next day off is next Monday and I'm wondering if I shouldn't just take the day myself so I can get this whole thing sorted out that day. I NEED a washer in my house, dangit! I don't have oodles of time to spend handwashing everything in the bathtub! And I certainly don't have oodles of time to drag everything to the laundromat...which is probably what I will be doing this weekend. Time to get me a few rolls of quarters and wash everything in my house that needs washing so we're all caught up at least. *sigh*

Oh, the joys of being an adult. *sarcasm*
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ERIN1128
    LOVE the Olympics! Swimming and diving are awesome, and it's always fun to watch something you'd never watch otherwise - in the last winter Olympics, I totally got into curling, of all things. Total bummer about the washer, hope that gets resolved quickly!!!
    3211 days ago
    I love the olympics and always love those three as well. What I didn't know until the winter olympics is that my boyfriend is OBSESSED with them. He records them and watches literally every minute! By the time they're over I'm READY.

    Too bad about the binge, but if we were perfect we wouldn't be here, right? For some reason the past three days almost every meal I've eaten has been out! Never my choice, but definitely my "going-along-with-the-flow-ness." It's good that you're keeping a level head, moving forward, and kicking butt!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3211 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10795864
    Yes, the work that the Olympians put into their performance is amazing....in fact, any true achievement, I think, depends on a bit of talent and a lot of hard work.....I have even read that Mozart achieved what he did because he had been practicing and playing music for hours a day from a very early age. I think I got this idea from Malcolm Gladwell, can't remember the exact source.

    Nice to see your quick and healthy recovery from the binge!

    3211 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    I never watch the Olympics. Well, not consistently. If I catch something interesting, I might watch it for a little bit but otherwise, I don't pay attention. I am always amazed by the gymnasts though!

    And good luck with the new trainer! I am glad its someone your old one recommended and not some random one. Hoping it works out!
    3211 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6553009
    I am super excited for the Olympics to start! emoticon
    can't wait for the swimming and gymnastics. My girls loved watching the gymnastics with me a few weeks back!

    Your plan for today is great! emoticon emoticon
    Good luck with the washer situation! If only you lived closer...I am selling my washer and dryer!
    Have a great day girl!
    3211 days ago
    I hope your trainer surpasses your expectations! I don't recall...what happened with Tanner that he's no longer your trainer?
    3211 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12303859
    I, too, am amazed at the dedication of Olympians. I can't wait fo the Games to begin!
    3211 days ago
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