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Joyce Meyer - the Experience

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I must confess that I am a Joyce Meyer enthusiast. I was fortunate to attend one of her conferences last summer and my opinion about her changed 180degrees. I will admit to being spiritually dry prior to the conference and came out of there with the "holy ghost pilot light relit" and a fire to increase my fellowship with the Lord. It was about the same time that I found out about Sparks and found early success with their program. Since then, I watch Joyce's show everyday and have vowed to attend at least one of her conferences each year. I love her and am so grateful for her teaching gift that the Lord has annointed her with. Anyway.....

Over the weekend of February 17/18, Joyce was the guest speaker at a church in Grandville, MI (outside of Grand Rapids, west side of the state). Despite the long drive for me, I was determined and excited to attend. Here is a summary of that weekend.

It was an amazing, AMAZING, weekend. I'm not sure where to start. I guess I'll begin with Friday night.

Friday night, I'm watching Joyce's show right? Right. I don't remember the overall message, but one of her examples
went something like: "Genesis 12:1, In Haran, God told Abraham to pack up and leave all that he had ever known and
loved (family, home, friends....)." I remember thinking - how hard that must have been. But, Abraham was a great man of
faith and is great example of obedience to God.

Saturday on my way to Grandville, I decide to listen to Joyce's February teaching CD. It's basically about getting along
with yourself and I think it's called Going the Extra Mile. At some point on the CD she starts with "Genesis 12:1, In Haran, God tells
Abraham........." I thought, Whoah! That's twice she's telling me the same thing in 24hrs. What are you trying to tell me God?

Saturday in Grandville, I get to the church early so I can get a good seat. I bring Joyce's book "How to Hear from God" with me. I open it and begin to read where I last left off. Within the very first paragraph...."Genesis 12:1, In Haran, God tells...." Okay.....God what is up? This is 3 times from the same person in 3 different formats...all within 24hrs.

Saturday's message was powerful all about the Power of Your Thoughts. Very applicable to life. Joyce was wonderful and she was so funny as she went waaayyy over her alotted speaking time. The audience didn't care - we were too engrossed and didn't want her to stop.

Sunday, I get to the church early so I can get a good seat. I sit in an area "reserved for prayer partners." I figure I'm a prayer
partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries - maybe that will work....well, it doesn't. I'm asked to move back.

So, after I've moved back and I'm sulking a little asking God to help me with my attitude....another lady (by herself) sits down next to me. She's just come from the Joyce resource table and she has bought Battlefield of the Mind. I tell her I'm anxious to get to that book, but have several ahead of it. She tells me that she's read it before and lent it to someone but doubts that she'll get it back......I
laughed and told her I know exactly what she means since I've given 5 of the Joy books away. I then proceed to tell her, that I've brought along my favorite Joyce book (Joy) in the slight chance that I might get Joyce to sign it. When this lady (Jeanne) sees the title, she says something like "oh, I didn't even know Joyce had written a book on that." Soooo I respond with, "well, then I want you to have this one. It's transformed my life." She offers to reimburse me for it - but I don't accept and then she begins to cry. "I've lost my joy she says...and proceeds to tell me about the absolutely hellish year she's had."

Okay, God....now I realize why you've sat me here. It was so cool! I spent the rest of the morning with her. I think I've made a good friend.

On my way out of the church after Sunday's second service, I stop in their bookstore to get a CD of their choir (amazing/fantastic/awesome...)
. At the counter, I see that they've got Joyce's Saturday night message there for purchase. As I speak with the cashier about it, the lady who was in front of me and was still putting her purchases in her tote bag realized what we were talking about and said "oh, I wasn't able to make it on Saturday night, but I've heard it was really good." She took one look at the long line and I saw her face fall, so I bought one for her too.

Let's not forget all the ladies I helped in the restroom with the automatic towel dispensers......I walked away thinking i was just a great big bundle of blessings all weekend......okay, God, I feel like I'm really starting to get the hang of this "be a blessing to others" thing...

After I got home last night (reluctantly since I wanted to stay to see the 5pm service but didn't want to face the drive afterward), God gave me the reminder that this church broadcasts live over the net. So, I tuned in. Joyce gave a different message than the two earlier services....can't remember what it was about except for the very end.

All weekend, Joyce was leading the altar calls and many people came to accept Christ as their Savior (AWESOME!). Last night as Joyce was about to start her spiel about the altar call, she said..."wait a minute....if the pastor wants to do a regular altar call after this, he can. But right now I feel that God has pressed this on my heart to address this call to the believers in the audience. There's something that He's asking of you, and maybe He's been asking for a while.....You know who you are and you probably know what He's
referring to. He's asking you to leave something behind - maybe it's this or that (and she gave examples). Are you really the committed Christian you profess to be? ...... and on and on she went." Reference #4 from Joyce in, yet again, a different venue/format...all within 48hrs.

"Leave something behind....." 1) Friday TV message, 2) Saturday CD message, 3) Saturday Book passage, 4) Sunday Live message

I just started to cry. This weekend has been so powerful. So much emotion. I feel like I've taken a huge step forward in my relationship (or maybe just my attitude) with God. He's asking me to do something - and I think it's something big. I have no idea what it is (and that is the frustrating part for me...am I too dumb to not realize what He wants? ). There's lots that obviously needs fixing - which am I supposed to choose from? I've come to a place where I feel like I am totally trusting in his good and perfect plan for me. He sees the other side (the Lori after the change). He knows and I trust him for how good it will be. So I've been pretty emotional since that broadcast. Not sure where any of this is going or how long it will take or what it involves. I'm praying and trusting.

Here are some photos from this weekend. My camera did ok. I was too far away on some so they're a little blurry. Oh, and she doesn't stand still for very long. I don't like taking pix in churches. The colors get all jaked. Joyce, literally looked orange in most of the ones I took. I tried using my photo-editor and in my tear-induced state, I think I went overboard on a couple and now she looks too green. I'll have to fix that.....

Since then, I've received the same "Leave something behind" message two more times. I think it was the week of 2/26, on the Joyce website there is a daily devotional titled Lifelines and it referred to leaving something behind. At my church's mid-week service on 2/28, my head pastor referred to Genesis 12:1 (I about fell out of my chair).

Am interested in hearing everyone's feedback. Please email with any insight you might have
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I found your blog, and wanted to tell you how it moved me. I'm going through a transition period and asking the same question, God, where are you leading?
    If it's not too personal, did you figure out the message? That is so impressive how God works, isn't it?

    I've read a few of Joyce's books. We did Battlefield for the Mind in a woman's class at church a few years ago.

    Thank you for sharing.
    4562 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/9/2008 12:38:24 AM
    Thanks Rally cat for commenting on my blog. Counseling is Christian and I have a disability suport group that I co-lead, called HopeKeepers. I haven;t been on Kindred Spirits for a while - I suprised you found me.

    I to love Joyce Meyers and we quote from her calendar every day on my site- Christians with fibromyalgia.
    God bless you- Sandi ( Candlewic9)
    4970 days ago
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