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The Romantic Weekend that WAS (with some pics)

Monday, July 23, 2012

I honestly, hands down, could not have asked for a better weekend. It was the most fun, relaxed, and enjoyable time that Hubs and I have spent (alone) together in a very, very long time. I think we argued ONE time for about 5 seconds. That's it. Two days mashed together doing everything together, barely glancing at our phones or other electronics that were connected to the outside world, and still we managed to get along like...well, like an old married couple. *lol*

I will say that after we came home last night, though, the missing the kids thing hit big time! *lol* So glad they're coming home today!

Anyhow, to recap just a bit...

We started out heading east to Blackwater Falls in Davis, WV. We took some curvy back roads through the mountains to get there, which really was part of the fun for both of us. We mostly kept our eyes on the road, just taking it all in, laughing over nothing, and listening to some REALLY good music on the radio once we got closer to Morgantown (we both commented on how much we wished we could take that station home with us! We didn't hit a SINGLE bad song the entire time and the commercials were few and far between).

I will admit, however, that it got a little dicey about 2 hours in. My hip started hurting. Like...a LOT. It went from a dull ache to a stinging and stabbing pain to this fire radiating around my entire hip joint. It was torture! Thankfully, we saw a strange little roadside pit stop place as we were coming down the mountain right at the height of my discomfort so we both opted to take a quick break and get out and walk for a minute.

It was a great place to stop too! After using the facilities, Hubs and I walked around the huge yard looking at decades worth of ancient machinery - and donkeys and other animals too! *lol* I kept asking, "What's that?!" but Hubs had no idea either.

Here are a few highlights.

I swear those picker dudes from TV would have had a friggin' field day in this place. For me? It just made me REALLY want the camera I've been dreaming about for about 10 years. (And I've decided that I am GOING to find a way to start saving up for the the thing...even if I just save a buck a week...)

Seemed so random to me to have animals out there...and their droppings created a rather interesting maze of land mines, I'll tell ya! I got about THIS close to dragging some of those donkeys around with us the rest of the day!

After the walking around, my hip felt a LOT better, and Hubs and I got back on the road and finished the winding drive through the mountains to Blackwater Falls.

I have to say, these falls are quite impressive. They aren't "beautiful" in the sense that I think of most waterfalls. It's not a place I'd like to have a lunch next to and sit for a while and chat. In fact, it's stupidly loud because (I guess from the rains lately) there is SO MUCH WATER going down the rocks! These falls are more impressive in the way Niagra Falls is (in fact, it reminded me of a smaller version of that). Hubs was supremely impressed and even told me later that it totally lived up the the expectation he had in his head...in fact, it may have surpassed it!

From the first platform down the LONG steps (over 200).

Getting closer and getting wet.

Interesting side note...the water in the falls is supposed to look like tea. I'd say so!

One thing I should mention is that Hubs and I didn't do quite as much "hiking" as we thought we would. I forgot that Hubs stubbed his pinky toe something awful a week or two again and is still limping. So between my hip and knee and his toe...well, those 200+ steps down and then back up...well that was all the workout we really needed!

After another quick potty break it was back on the road to head to our B&B for the night.

Well, after a quick stop to see The Smallest Church in 48 States...which, yes, was really small! *lol* I'd say you could fit MAYBE 24 people in here plus the preacher.

I have always wanted to stay in a Bed & Breakfast, but I never knew whether I would find it charming or creepy (it's like staying in someone else's house!). Thankfully, the place we went was quaint and quiet and I had reserved us the best room in the place (which, also thankfully, was in another building from the main house). For any interested parties, we stayed at The Inne at Watson's Choice in the Harvest House in Uniontown, PA. The owners didn't bother us at all after check-in, but made sure we knew that they were willing to help meet any of our needs if we had any (and gave us a number to call their main residence on the property).

Some pics from the property...

We immediately sat down to plan out dinner. We both wanted it to be a bit "fancy" but we weren't willing to pay $100 for dinner. Seriously, we consider $60 a fancy dinner night. We're happier around $20 for the two of us. I found a place that served fine dining food, but at a more reasonable price (they actually served a meal - with sides - for the same price you'd get just a steak and a small salad at comparable places).

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone in the Uniontown area. I think it's also a B&B (or maybe it used to be?), but it has a full restaurant downstairs. Hubs and I actually walked in the wrong door and got to see the kitchen staff hard at work before we were seated. The staff was friendly and pleasant and simply showed us to a table.

Hubs had a seafood pasta dish. It was a rare treat for him as I didn't think he much cared for mussels and clams (he admitted when the dish came that he didn't care for them much, but I figured maybe he hadn't had them cooked properly, and from the way he devoured them? I'd say I was right! *lol*). The shrimp in the dish was HUGE!

Hubs didn't say a word when I ordered a second glass of Blackberry Merlot after having tried it. AMAZING! (I'm so mad I forgot to ask what brand it was because it was SO good. No bite whatsoever!) As for dinner, I tried to be as Paleo as I could as I didn't want any stomach problems upsetting my weekend. I did have a roll, but as for the food, I ordered the house chicken (which, other than the heavy cream, was completely Paleo). It had mushrooms and sundried tomatoes on it and was amazing! The people at the table next to us also remarked on how good it was.

But the best thing I had all night (besides the merlot, of course) was the Sesame Ginger dressing on my salad! YUM! Do NOT miss this one if you end up at this place.

I had intended to order dessert (and they had grilled peaches too! *pouts*) but I just couldn't eat another bite! We settled up our bill (around $60 bucks with tip!) and headed out.

It may be blurry, but it's the only full-length shot I got of us all weekend. The nice lady kept telling us, "We can take one on the stairs!" Maybe that's what we should have done...

After dinner, Hubs said we could go see a movie or something, but I had other plans. We ended up back at the B&B with a bottle of rose champagne and Casablanca (which Hubs outright REFUSED to watch about a half a dozen times...but I put it on and asked him to just lay with me for a bit and he ended up LOVING it!! *lol* He says it's because of all the Nazis. *snort*).

The next morning, even though I had hoped and prayed for waffles or French toast (I actually WANTED something non-Paleo *lol*), I ended up with an almost completely Paelo breakfast. Fresh fruit, vegetable bake (like a quiche), a small slice of artisan bread with butter, and grilled or roasted tomatoes and zucchini. There was some coffee cake and other pastries, and I had a few bites, but the breakfast was really quite delicious and their coffee was really good as well!

Day 2

Possibly the best thing I planned for the trip was coming up. Hubs loves architecture and I love nature. What better than to go see a Frank Lloyd Wright house, right?! We could've gone to either Kentuck Knob or Fallingwater or both, but we were already running low on energy, and I with my hip and knee and him with his wobble from his toe...we figured one would be plenty...and if you're going to pick just one FLW house to see, you pick Fallingwater. SO glad we did. It was everything I expected and more! Hubs loved it as well and I kept thinking how funny it was that we made this a weekend of waterfalls. *lol*

We made one last stop on our way home for coffee and (more importantly) for the dessert I had missed the night before. We ended up at Almost Heaven Desserts and Coffee Shop in Bridgeport, WV. The iced latte I had was pretty good, but the cannoli, Hubs' shake, and the chocolate cake left a lot to be desired (I had a bite of the cannoli and cake and took the rest home...Hubs drank his shake but he said it was really bland). The place, however, was saved with their White Chocolate Biscotti. SOOOO good!

If I'm ever in the area again, I'll be stopping by to see what other kinds of biscotti they have on sale that day. (The girl working there said the anise kind was her favorite.)

A couple edited pics for you...

I guess it's back to the real world now. Work today, and time to get used to my 5-day a week 8-hour days shift now. The boys will be showing up here around 3pm I think and I'll be off at 4pm. Thankfully I already started the morning with my 1200 lap scheduled swim, but NROLFW will have to wait and I'll have to swap in some bodyweight ST tonight instead as I'll be needing to take the boys home.

The rest of the week, the plan is simple.

Tomorrow - Rest
Wednesday - Laps before work, NROLFW after work
Thursday - Rest
Friday - Laps before work, NROLFW after work
Saturday - 30 minutes of yoga

Thankfully, I weighed this morning and even though my water drinking left something to be desired this weekend and we were in the car a LOT and I didn't count a single calorie, I'm only up 2 pounds...which I'm guessing is most likely just bloat. I'll be pounding the water for the next few days and hope to even out or even maybe see a loss again on Friday. Even 1/2 a pound would thrill me after having one of the best weekends on record! ;) The only struggle I'll be facing this week is whipping together a meal plan...I didn't plan for one this weekend like I usually do, so I'll have to try to fly by the seat of my pants for the next few days. Hopefully I'm skilled enough and have been doing this long enough to be able to do that without any problem.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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