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Friday, July 20, 2012

today i went for a walk a 1.6 mile walk according to endomondo. i have decided i am going to keep the job i have right now.. do what i have to do for the next year and move up when i have my degree. I think i have to much on my plate to take a supervisor position.

As of right now i am still on the look out for a new water bottle so i dont have to keep using all the little water bottles and have a land fill of water bottles.

I also am thinking about starting to sell miche bags.. this would be huge fun for me and help me meet new people. I have a hard time making friends.. so i thought this would be a great way. Step one. get going on home work..

Step 2 work my butt off next month..
Step 3 sign up to sell miche bags
Step 4 start 3 of 6 classes next semester.
Step 5 finish 6-6 classes next semester.
Step 6 ask my gf to marry me for christmas.
Step 7 plan a fantastic trip just me and her for our 1 year anniversary
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