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Friday, July 20, 2012

Found this article link, posted by friend Kasey in january:


It might be depressing to some to learn that maintaining weight loss maybe very hard for those who had been overweight long, but to me it is an inspiration. Why? Because it is about real scientific facts, "this is what happens and these actions are possible..."

I realise that I get confused by all this declarations of will power, freedom of choice and being enough motivated - if you follow my blogs you know this. I once read that only ten procent of those who loses weight manages to keep it off and that has made me wonder if overweight people are worse in the "will-power"-department than others, or what is going on. And I have been puzzled because I have managed a lot of things in my days - I stopped smoking 20 years ago, I stopped drinking seven years ago, I ran a company successfully for a couple of years etc.

And this article gives me an explanation - the mission to lose wieght and keep it off is a lot harder than estimated. I have declared before that nobody can tell me I can´t lose weight - I have lost hundred of kilos in my time. The problem being that I always did put it on again... now I know why. It+´s an old dr Phil statement "you can´t change what you don´t acknowledge" and learning this makes me think about in what ways I can arrange my life to keep weight off - is it even possible? I do not know - example Janet Bridges has concluded that she can eat 2000 cal a day IF she does 500 cal worth of extra exercise... that would be about 80-90 minutes a day in my current situation.

AND note that she then still is overweight per definition, she has settled with a weight around 88 kilos. Sounds much but form the starting point of 150 and a goal weight at 74, it is still a health win... and she has been very scientifically about her doings and her conclusion is that her body consumes 5 ca/minute in an exercise where the "officials" states that you use 11 cal/minute.

I know for sure that my meabolism has changed after cancer - or maybe it is a changed lifestyle and the fact that I have pains in my feet after chemo - unconciously I probably move a lot less because it is such an effort to do it.

If I would accept about the same metabolism as Janice seems to have I would have to restrain myself to 1500 cal a day if I don´t do any extra exercise. For the rest of my life... Or do this 500cal-a-day extra exercise and eat 2000 cal. Interesting.

Interesting also is that the research that this article is about says that it seems to be no differenc how fast you lose - if you do it on a "kamikaze-diet" or if you do it very slow does not seem to matter for the maintanance problems. Sounds logical to me - the problem with losing too fast (IMO) is that the skin does not follow well and that you - if you are a compulsive overeater lik me - get crazy after starving and eat everything in sight....
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  • SILLYHP1953
    Those people were on a 500 calorie diet for two months!! That could explain their body still acting like it was starving a year later. I'm sure my body and mind might never be the same after two months of starving.
    2677 days ago
    Love to see the complexity of overeating dealt with on a rational, educational, and psychological basis instead of just the calories in-calories out routine that is lip service and demeaning to those who really struggle with a life-long issue. Must save this for future reference. Once again, emoticon and emoticon
    2680 days ago
    Definitely fascinating and very pertinent to my struggle at this very moment. Thank you for sharing.
    2680 days ago
    what a grand article. I love reading about research on weight loss. I htink the millions of people on spark would provide a great research project if one could survey them all but can't imagine the man hours required to organize the data.

    ONe thing I do know, every BODY is different and does respond to exercise and food in different ways from body functinos to mental to emotional needs. I can drink coffee until bedtime and I know others who must stop at mid day or they cannot sleep.

    I do appreaciate your note that maintaining your weight is definitely the BIG picture issue for most of us. The people who I have met and are successful at this have some things in common.

    1 - they stop buying clothes bigger than the size they want to be. when the clothes get tight, the eating gets front seat attention and they lost the 5 # (instead of 20+).

    2 - they continue to challenge themselves in life by finding activity to help keep the weight off, as you noted. find the calories in and out balance. (that is a journey in itself and a lot of what weight watchers' is all about)

    3 - the maintainers find some key, some action which they continue and will signal to them they are out of conrol with eating or exercise and MUST get back on the program.

    As you noted in another recent blog, habits must be established and ther needs to be a motivator or anchor to make you stick with your habits. Although one can create a habit in 21 dyas, one can lose it in a mintue!
    2680 days ago
  • LUCYLIN101
    This was a fascinating article full of lots of clinical information on obesity. I have lived the battle all my life beginning in junior high where I ballooned up to 139 lbs. Upon reaching high school I managed to get under control and hit a low of 108 lbs at 5'5". Married, right after high school, the weight crept up to 115 and the battle was on.
    Five years later the children came along and my top pregnancy weights were 168 and 174. The weight after both childbirths got back down to 118 at one point. Then, the young stay at home Mom, found her worth not in a healthy body but baking and cooking delicious fattening meals. Every occasion was reason to try a new recipe and the cook delivering the dish grew more in girth every year. I got lost along the way. What I woke up to find after many years passed by was eventually 110 lbs more than that top 9 month pregnancy weight.
    I am only now realizing how far I had come. Then and now.
    In 2005 I started the slow journey back to find that part of me trapped inside a body out of control. Since then, I have slowly left behind 66 lbs. Two steps forward, one step back.
    The only thing I think the article can not capture is the drive and will inside each individual to achieve the impossible. I plan to succeed. I did not get this way overnight and I am patiently moving forward in my journey. One pound at a time!
    Thanks for sharing the article. It motivates me even more!
    2680 days ago
    Fascinating article, MeddyPeddy! For me, it's reassuring to find that there are many factors that determine our weight. Yeah, calories in versus calories out makes sense, but anyone who has gone thought periods of compulsively logging those numbers knows there's something more to it.

    I've lost more than 10% of my body weight and I'm working to keep it off. That article provided a lot of food for thought.
    2681 days ago
    some things to think about....

    I do not believe that maintaining weight loss has much if anything to do with willpower,

    One of the reasons, I think, why it is harder to maintain weight loss, as opposed let's say to stopping smoking or stopping using alcohol or drugs, is that food is associated with the earliest moments of our wellbeing and fight for survival as infants. Newborns do not need to smoke or drink alcohol or use drugs to get high. But they sure need food, and if there is a messed up situation, I think this sets patterns that can be lifelong.

    Look at me, all Freudian. Where I differ with the Doctor is that I do not believe that years of psychotherapy are the way. There is cognitive work, and understanding about motivation and habit, just as you said Meddy, and programs like Sparkpeople.

    But, at least for me, it is an everyday occupation and while habit does kick in and help, the compulsiveness of needing to eat at times is a tough one to handle.

    2681 days ago
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