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Motivation and helping others...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

With the help of a spark friend I started to analyze motivation for the umptieth time and then it dawned on me - motivation is what makes me start doing something but it is a bummer when it comes to keep me doing it...
To demand motivation to succeed is like demanding good weather to do cardio... when you want to start getting out for a walk in the morning it is very good if the weather is nice as you do it the first time - but as the habit grows on me I don´t really care if it rains or snow because it is a habit that I am used to and my experience tells me that the effect is good and after a while I start enjoying it even in bad weather.

I don´t need motivation to brush my teeth in the mornings, I just do it. I don´t need motivation to make my bed in the morning either, I started that habit some years ago and it´s automatic nowadays.

There is something that motivated you to join spark people and use it for getting into better habits, but in the long run you need habits to keep it up because the motivation will not be there constantly, motivation is somehow like the weather - it changes...I don´t need motivation to log into spark every morning - I have done it for three years and it is a habit. I am not that interested all days but I habitually log in, do the things I have decided I need to do - track, huddle, comment on blogs and (this year) write my own blog - and then leave again. Other days I am motivated to search new teams, read articles and learn stuff.

Conclusion: Motivation is my tool to start changing, habit is my tool for accomplishing.

I got another insight for today too... a friend wrote on her blog that she had not achieved her goal of being supportive to fellow sparkers. It reminded me of one time at an AA meeting when the question was raised about service - there is seldom enough service willing people and ther is always people nagging about how everybody ought to do more... and this man who has big problems with his nerves and goes into depressions now and then but have been sober for more than ten years said:"My service is that I stay sober and attend meetings!" and it dawned on me that that is the "heaviest" contribution that is made. Of course we need service but even more we need people who do the things they need to do.

To me, blogging about what´s going on in your life is more important than giving me a goodie or writing "well done" it´s when you share your successes and failures I get the power and energy to keep trying.
The best support you can give me is to tell me how you are doing.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Excellent blog, Meddy!
    2674 days ago
    WOW! two powerful insights in one day..

    I have to admit I do like goodies though because it is a quick way to congratulate, sympathize, support or just say hi to a spark friend. On the other hand, I do LOVE blogs and reading them best of all. Even the comments on the blogs are well worth reading when the blogger is in need of advice or has had a light come on..

    LOVE your differing Motivation and habit, this may help me use motivation in its proper manner instead of trying to make it a habit. If motivation was a habit, how would we start something new?

    Love this blog dear Meddy!
    2675 days ago
    Loved your motivation/habit analysis! super rationale! You're right about staying sober or abstinant in the 12 step rooms....imagine a room full of drunks or actively eating food addicts, or addicts sitting with needles in their arms. Everyone coming for help but no one doing the "service" of being able to help the other due to the throes of their addiction. It's the little foxes that spoil the vines, and the little achievements that build a victory. Spark on friend! emoticon emoticon
    2675 days ago
    EXACTLY! when we share each others ups and downs non-accomplishments and successes and how each has made us feel that does far more than just a simple emoticon. Don't get me wrong I know some have trouble expressing themselves and in still wanting to be supportive express themselves with emoticons. That is why I love it when those who are "non-verbal" write a blog so that I can see and understand their journey We need that one on one and group support.

    2676 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/19/2012 9:47:57 PM
    Thanks for such a thoughtful blog. I've been very consistent with my fitness this year and a co-worker recently asked how I stay motivated to go to the gym 5 days a week. The thing is, I'm not terribly motivated, it's just part of my routine.

    When I first started attending AA meetings, I went to a 7am meeting every day. There was a time when I found myself getting a later, then even later start every morning, until it was difficult to get to the meeting at all. My solution was to start attending 6am Mass at a nearby church before my meeting. It was a simple matter to go to that AA meeting right after Mass. I guess that sounds nonsensical -- but it worked for me!
    2676 days ago
    Good insight!
    I need to get in the habit again!
    emoticon for sharing! emoticon
    2676 days ago
    I find so many parallels between AA and Spark. With both, I have to give it away to get it back.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Don't be envious. If the envy is coming from having a husband, trust me, it is not always roses. I always remind my single friends of the personal freedom they have and the constant negotiations required to keep a relationship on track. I feel blessed and we love each other dearly, but there are times in the last 42 years that we asked "What in the heck are we doing?". LOL
    Have a great day, Meddy.
    Thanks for the great blog.
    2676 days ago
    Beautiful reflection on motivation and habits. This blog has made my day. Thank you for sharing.
    2676 days ago
    Great post.. love your conclusion sentence!
    2676 days ago
  • SILLYHP1953
    Hmmm...I guess it's time to start writing down my feelings again. I've taken way too long of a break. I never compared me stopping writing blogs with me stopping going to meetings...it does have a more far-reaching affect than just on me. I've just stopped thinking, and I'm sorry.
    2676 days ago
    Very thoughtful and meaningful!

    I like your distinction between motivation and habit....

    Me, I am counting down to June 26 when I am at the Fracture Clinic again and hopefully will have the pins removed from my foot....not sure if I will be allowed to drive or do the treadmill though....

    I am walking outside, and doing arm cycling, and doing upper body weights while sitting down...

    But I miss my treadmill! It is surely a habit!

    2676 days ago
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