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My latest goal...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

So, I know what I want next. I wanted to walk a half-marathon & get that racing bib, and I trained for 3.5 months to get there. Now, I want those cool Before, During, and After photos. I want to have a pictorial diary of my success. I have been on MFP looking at these photos from others for about the past hour. So inspirational. I'd love to be able to inspire others like that. So, that's my latest goal.

I told my Dr that I felt that my meds were contributing to my weight gain and hindering my weight loss. He was able to pinpoint whichone was likely the culprit. We have begun to step down my dosages on this med and I can tell the difference in my appetite. It's funny how you don't notice changes like that unless you are looking for them. Anyway, first thing I noticed is that I could hear the signal my stomach gave my brain to say 'You're full'. I hadn't realized that signal had been turned off. As, I continue to step down off this medication, I find I have more and more control over my appetitie and what I put in my mouth and when.

So, I plan to take a picture at 30 days (Aug 15th), 60 day (Sept 15th), etc. So, I can get my pictures! Let's do this!!!

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