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9 days to go! Incredible ST today and the hard work is paying off!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Post workout smile. Happy to be covered in sweat :)

New July Totals Day 11 -
Miles - 54.28
Push ups - 1,450
Squats - 2,047

Daily totals -
Miles - 2.11 incline intervals holding DB's
Push ups - 400 reps - no knees
Squats - 500 reps

It seems after being stuck in such an endless plateau, my body is really starting to see some real changes from all my ST and clean eating. The inches are coming off and yes, a few pounds as well but I am not really weighing, or focusing on the scale anymore. I am more focused on other goals but I do want to know my weight to get an accurate BF% to see progress.

Today's ST session left me completely exhausted. To be honest, I was struggling the entire time. I almost stopped twice as I had NO energy and I felt so tired. But, I have 9 days to go until we leave for the cruise and motivation won over fatigue. I kept remembering the last 2 times we were in the Mediterranean and how big I was and I always imagined going back when I had lost my weight. I realized that time is NOW! So, I pressed on today and ended up with a killer workout.

Now, about that video I posted on FB and my blog regarding the Medicine ball burpees? I will tell you in ALL honesty......I did TWO. Count them with me please...one! two! That is it. My knees were hurting and I did not want to push it....yes, that is true but I also say that these are HARD! My knee did better with the jump squats holding the MB and pressing it overhead while jumping. So, my new mission is to do these MB burpee things......killer I tell you!

Now for my ST for today....

ST full body - 61:10 mins

Alternating bicep curls with 30 lb DB's - 2 sets of 10 reps, 3rd set only 6 reps....so tired!
Alternating bicep curls with leg raise using 20 lb DB's - 50 reps
Solider plank push ups - 50 reps ( raise one arm and and one leg after standard push)
Spiderman push ups - 50 reps
DB press with sumo squat using one 30 lb DB - 50 reps
Jump Squats with overhead press holding a 12 lb DB - 50 reps LOVED this one!
DB Two arm front raise with squat - 50 reps using 10 lb DB's
Walking push ups - 50reps
Medicine ball cross body mountain climbers - 100 reps ( 50 reps for each side)
Two arm kettle bell swings - 50 reps using a 25 lb KB
Close grip push up - 50 reps
Diamond push up - 50 reps
Medicine ball push ups - 50 reps
Medicine ball horizontal chops with sumo squat - 100 reps using a 12 lb MB
Medicine ball pulldown with leg raise - 100 reps ( 50 reps for each side)
DB Horizontal chop with sumo squat - 50 reps holding one 20 lb DB
DB Diagonal chop with sumo squat - 50 reps holding one 20 lb DB
Two arm bicep curls to overhead press with squat - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Lateral raise with sumo squats - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Bosu ball push ups - 50 reps
Standard push ups - 50 reps
Bent over lat raise - 50 reps with 10 lb DB's
Bent over lat raise - 50 reps with 5 lb DB's

Afternoon workout - For cardio today, I jumped on the tread for a quick 30 min interval set. I walked 2.11 miles in 30 mins while maintaining intervals from a 3% - 12% incline while holding 5 lb DB's at a max speed of 7.5 kph. I also walked at a 15% incline but w/o the Db's....will do it next time but I was so tried!

Here was my nutrition for today......

M1 - 1/4 cup of Oats, ground flaxseeds, 1/2 apple and a small amount of my husband's protein shake along with 2 egg whites
M2 - Protein shake with 1/2 banana and strawberries along with 1 rice cake and natural PB
M3 - 1/2 apple, egg whites, and 1 rice cake with natural PB
M4 - Spinach, broccoli, egg and ground chicken mix
M5 - Grilled chicken breast with steamed kale
M6 - Kefir, ground flaxseeds and almonds
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