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Let the Challenge(s) Begin!

Monday, July 09, 2012

So I've got 2 accountability challenges starting today. Perfect timing too because a horrible toothache/headache and exhaustion from the heat had me thinking I just should skip the workout and go home and sleep. HELL NO! I'm not starting off a challenge like that. Certainly not TWO of them!

=== === === === === ===
Challenge #1

emoticon My starting weight is [309.8]. (6/29)

emoticonI'm going to make July and the rest of summer great by [sticking to BOTH my healthy eating and workout plans! No excuses now that there is power and running water!].

emoticonMy weight loss goal for the summer is [285.8 (by first day of fall - September 22nd)].

emoticonMy fitness goals for the summer are [C25k (run), 0 to 1650 (swim), Rockin' Body and 30DS (ST)].

emoticonMy nutrition goals for the summer are [learn to eat mostly Paleo, stop eating out as much, and stay within my calorie goals even when I fall off plan].

emoticonI often go off-track when [my workouts aren't working for me].

emoticonI am going to remain accountable this summer by [sticking to my workouts, which always helps me stay on track, and checking in here and with several FB accountability partners - AND - WRITING IT DOWN! Making myself write down my progress helps me visualize what's working and what isn't.].

Will you be tracking this summer? [YES!!] If so, what are your daily calorie goals and weekly fitness minute goals?

emoticon Daily Calorie Goals - 2100-2750 avg cals per day
emoticon Weekly Fitness Minutes - 180-300 minutes per week

Sign here: I, [Esther], pledge to eat wisely and slowly and avoid binging this summer whenever possible. I vow to drink my water and to turn to clean food for snacks as a first resort (fruit, nuts, veggies) but not feel horrible about myself when I eat too many "bad" foods, because it is not the end of the world. Whenever I don't feel like exercising, I will at the very least commit to a brisk walk.

=== === === === === ===


The first week of a challenge is always exciting, but I am going to commit to checking in every week until 9/9.

emoticon I need a challenge because [I do NOT want to go hard and burn out. I need to remember that it's a continual process, not just a few days' commitment].

emoticon By the end of this week, I want to feel [like I been consistent in my efforts of moving toward my goal].

emoticon My big nutrition goal for this week is going to be [eliminating as many grains and dairy and processed foods as possible from my diet].

emoticon My big fitness goal for the week is going to be [sticking to my workouts as scheduled - at least 2x in the pool, 3x on runs, and 5x doing ST through Rockin' Body workouts].

emoticon My big wellness goal for the week is going to be [getting plenty of sleep each night so I'm ready for the next day].

emoticon My biggest challenge in meeting these goals will be [ignoring the pressure I constantly put on myself].

emoticon If I meet all my goals this week, I'm going to reward myself with [a trip to ON for something new].

emoticon If I don't meet my goals, I'm NOT going to get discouraged and quit. I will count every step forward as progress toward the end game.

=== === === === === ===

The second challenge is with a bunch of people I know and a bunch I don't know on a FB group. I really need to reread the rules and download the Google Doc tonight so I can start recording my workouts. It's a fitness-based challenge wherein we earn points for workouts we do. This should work out (HA! PUN!) great as my burnout last week needs to be built upon, not used as an excuse to give up for a few days.

emoticon Activity Types: Cardio, Strength or Combination.

emoticon Duration Points: 1 point per 10 minutes of workout with a total of 6 points (1 hour) for each activity and a max of 12 points (2 hours) each day.

emoticon Intensity Bonus: Only awarded for high-intensity cardio. You earn 1 bonus point per half hour of HI cardio.

emoticon Combination Bonus: Earn this automatically if you do a combination workout (cardio + strength). One point per half hour.

Max points per day: 16

=== === === === === ===

This week's plan:

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Monday - Laps W3D1 & Rockin' Body (BT (40) + STDP (45) + HCA (10) = 95 mins)
Tuesday - C25k W2D1 & Rockin' Body (PE (25) + DG (35) = 60 mins)
Wednesday - Laps W3D1 & Rockin' Body (RIO = 45 mins)
Thursday - C25k W2D2 & Rockin' Body (PE (25) + HCA (10) = 35 mins)
Friday - Yoga DVD (30m) & Rockin' Body (STDP = 45 mins)
Saturday - C25k W2D3 (Rockin' Body ONLY if I feel up to it)
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Lap and run time is usually around 30 minutes, so we're looking at:

Monday - 30m cardio, 95m combo = 11pts
Tuesday - 30m cardio, 60m combo = 11pts
Wednesday - 30m cardio, 45m combo = 8pts
Thursday - 30m cardio, 35m combo = 7pts
Friday - 30m strength, 45m combo = 8pts
Saturday - 30m cardio = 3pts

Goal: 48 points

25+ = bubble bath
35+ = new nail polish color + bubble bath
45+ = new polish + skin care item + bubble bath
48+ = new polish + skin care item + bubble bath + item from Old Navy


Also on the agenda for this week -
* Lots of healthy Paleo cooking. I made a beef and veg chili yesterday that was amazing!
* Ethan's pool party on Saturday.
* And probably the drive-in on Friday night...we're going to have to make sure I either have ROOM for some unhealthy foods, or I pack a bunch of friggin' fruits and veggies to munch on! *lol*
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