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"The Body I Want." Homework for Red Hot Heartbreakers DONE Girl Challenge

Monday, July 09, 2012

For our Red Hot Heart Breakers 12 week Challenge, our first homework assignment is to detail the following:

1. How we are getting out of our comfort zone in terms of exercise.

2. Starting measurements and weight including current pics (always such a fun thing)

3. What do we want to look like. (realistically and fantasyland)

4. Look at my eating habits and where I can change them to help us get to the body I am aiming for.

First things first. We are to get our “sweat on and be happy about it.”

As far as exiting my comfort zone and getting my “sweat on” I think I found a solution for that a few weeks ago.

I recently joined a MMA Gym for their conditioning classes. Here’s some of the stuff we do:

I would rather walk the plank than do the plank...but I'm doing it!

95 in the shade and I'm doing it.

Running on gravel, sun beating my brains out and I'm doing it.

Kettle bells and tire hops. I'm doing it.

Indoors, outdoors, kettlebells, handstand pushups, running, suitcase burpees, pullups, Jacobs ladders, pushups, mountain climbers, box jumps, more running, pulling sleds, flipping tires, jumping rope, Tabata cardio, more push ups, planks, side planks and free weights are some of the things we have done.

All of it is seriously pushing me out of my comfort zone and challenging me. Every single class has been different which I like a lot (keeps me guessing.) It can be intimidating because most of the people there are REALLY in shape and I seem to have to modify everything to keep up (e.g.really...you really think I can do a handstand push up? So I just throw my body against the wall and hold a hand stand for as long as I can hoping my wrists don't give out and cause me to clock my head against the ground) Oh, and I’m ALWAYS the slowest runner there.

But I have added these classes 2-3 times a week and committed to the gym for 6 months.

I'm also training to "run" a 5K in the fall. I say "run" because my current 5K "runs" still end up being 5 K run/jog/walk/crawl/twitches.

What I have signed up for is the “Run for Your Lives” Zombie Infested Obstacle Course which includes a post apocalypse party. It is happening September 1 in Pennsylvania. I figure if I am doing something that I hate (running) I might as well at least have a damn good time doing it. If I can get my time down and not finish dead (ha ha) last, I also have the option of volunteering to go back on the course as a Zombie so I can experience both sides of the food chain.

Check out the website and see if the Zombies are coming to a location near you (I'm running in PA but the Zombie Hordes will be elsewhere)


On to the really fun stuff: Starting measurements, weight and pics.

Before I begin, let's pause for this public service announcement:

I set my start weight as 204 because that is the weight I see most days. It can fluctuate as much as 5 lbs up or down on any given day (or time of day!) depending on how hot it is, how much salt I eat or how much water I drink or don’t drink but in general that is my “moving” average for the last few weeks and was my weight the starting day of the challenge.

Other measurements:

Waist: 34
Hips: 46
Thigh: 27
Calf: 16
Upper arm: 13.5

My waist measurement has gone down since I last measured, but my calf and upper arm measurements have gone up, probably due to the running and weight training, but that is still kind of frustrating! However, my husband (who is my ultimate tape measure) swears I'm getting smaller, so that's kinda nice!

Current pics:

That's my doggie "Odette" next to me. She and my other buddy Reo take me walking nearly every day!

Goal: Less junk in the trunk and better looking guns.

-:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥

As an aside, did you know that there is a WORD for a nicely shaped butt: callipygian.

So, besides having a callipygian bottom and having firmer arms, by the end of this challenge or before I die (whichever comes first) I would love to be able to fit into these size 12 capri jeans again:

-:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥

As a reward for all my hard work, I would also like permanent admittance to ONEderland.

-:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥

I was not going put any pictures of models here because overall I can be pretty happy with the way I look right now depending on what I’m wearing. However, if I woke up looking like this, I don't think my husband would complain:

I think he would really like that pole installed in our bedroom too. emoticon

-:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥ •*´¨`*• ♥ -:¦:- ♥

As far as how to change my food to get the numbers to move, that is a tough one. My set point seems pretty stubborn right now.

I’m consuming 1300-1700 calories and working out or exercising really consistently and I’m just STUCK!! Eat more, eat less, more protein, more fat, less carbs, more whole foods, less fruit, more fruit, no grains, whole grains, paleo, Scarsdale, Atkins, South Beach. I’ve worked most or all of those philosophies but maybe none of them long enough to see any real changes.

I’m kind of morally opposed to giving up whole categories of foods forever because I know I can’t maintain that.

So, for now, I’m just going to stick to real foods, fruits, veggies, lean proteins, limited fats and make sure I’m sticking to my calorie range.

That's it folks. The END...except for a big SHOUT OUT and THANKS to the captain of our Red HOT Team: XPHOENIX for setting up the challenge and being such a great motivator!!

Cheers to all the other Red Hots in this challenge also!!

Let's get it DONE!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had so much I wanted to say but I think I saw a zombie so I am keeping it short!~

    Great blog! I got to give you props for the MMA classes! You go girl!

    emoticon emoticon
    3260 days ago
    Good on you! setting firm goals and developing a plan is key.

    Keep us updated on your progress.....btw, how did your 2-week Scarsdale thing work out?
    3263 days ago
    You are doing great!

    Ahhh plank... plank and squats feel like inferno punishment, but now I love them for what they do to my body. :)
    3263 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4892468
    Love the workout pictures...that workout is NOT made for the faint of heart.
    3263 days ago
  • STACYR31
    First of all, you are looking fantastic! Secondly I'm doing a boot camp class also but yours sounds way harder than mine so I should quit whining! Keep up the fantastic work!
    3263 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11903727
    Fabulous! I am totally in love with the idea of getting out of your comfort zone!
    3263 days ago
    You ARE doing it!!
    3264 days ago
    Ok.. I have a LOT of things to say, so I HOPE I don't forget anything!! If I do.. nothing wrong with 2 comments, right?? LOL First. I love you! This blog is just freakin' amazing and exactly what I was looking for! 2) MMA!? Really!? Holy crap that class looks intimidating/awesome/tough. You go girl for even GOING in the building! That's amazing! 3) I think you look gorgeous. This just proves how subjective life (especially this journey) is.. you are probably the shape I would want to be by the end of my journey. Freaky, huh? You are someone else'e "ideal".. :) Congrats! LOL 4) Maybe try to calorie cycle? Eat on the lower end for a few days, then higher end a bit? And switch up WHAT you eat? Maybe add some green tea with honey or something weird that burns calories/fat? 5) One of our challengers (SassyMoHo) lovessssss to pole dance! She used to have a pole in her house, I swear it. You can ask her about it if you want.. I bet she could give you some tips or ideas! 6) I stole some pics in here for future reference. LOL You rock. I hope that was all.. 'cause.. this blog rocked my socks! YOU GO GIRL!!! :) XOXO
    3264 days ago
    Your workout class sounds like fun...in a sick way! So does the Zombie run! And I hate running too.

    Good luck figuring out the food thing. That's always the hardest for me too.
    3264 days ago
    Good luck! Watch out for the zombies!
    3264 days ago
    i like your blog and your attitude. Be gentle on those with broken hearts, It is my goal to give back a small percentage of the great pleasure given to by looking upon the female form. Much to be accomplished to do that.

    3264 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10737273
    I love this blog. I just love it. I think that I might do something similar just to keep for myself as a motivator. You are awesome, your classes sound TERRIFYING, and the Zombie 5k sounds so cool! I'm going to check to see if there's one in NH. You look great, are you sure your scale is calibrated correctly? I don't believe 204 for a second!
    3264 days ago
    That class sounds great. Thank you for sharing the pictures, too!
    3264 days ago
    Your gym classes look very exciting! And the zombie run sounds sooo fun. Looks like you have some great goals and inspiration planned out for yourself. Congratulations. :)
    3264 days ago
    re: impressed with my holding a handstand

    NO one was more impressed than ME!! I have not done a handstand in many, many years and was worried my wrists would give out and I'd clock myself on the ground.

    But...I have no shame, I don't give a flying fig what anyone thinks or and I don't care what I look like...so that really helps too!!

    3264 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/9/2012 2:12:46 PM
    I'm thoroughly impressed with your ability to hold a handstand.
    3264 days ago
    The run for your lives 5k sounds like a BLAST. I have one in October called Run Scream Run where you are chased by a man wielding a chainsaw. I think it's going to be so much fun!

    Great Blog my fellow red hot!! emoticon I know emoticon
    3264 days ago
    OMG I love you postage stamp.

    Great blog.

    BTW you aren't too far off those hips you said you would kill for.

    Light and love emoticon
    3264 days ago
    totally loved the blog.....
    emoticon AND YOU ARE emoticon emoticon
    3265 days ago
    I love the run for your lives zombie 5K! great blog my fellow red hot heartbreaker!

    emoticon emoticon
    3265 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3692258
    You are doing awesome! Keep it up!
    Another philosophy regarding calorie consumption is calorie cycling. Go over your limit on one day then under the next. Here is an example http://www.rd.com/health/healthy-ea
    ycling/ Do your own research though.
    But you are doing great.
    3265 days ago
    Haha I don't think many people would complain if we woke up looking like that! The run for your lives thing sounds interesting, I'd never thought of doing a fun race like that before - maybe once I've worked up to running for more than 30 seconds at a time I'll see if I can find one in the UK.
    3265 days ago
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