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Trying To Lose Weight On The Downlow (Food Police)

Monday, July 09, 2012

Here are two old blogs that reference a little bit of what I was dealing with in 2010 at my workplace:



So this girl that has to comment when I eat healthy and how "if you don't do a super strict diet it's not going to work" (the one extreme diet included no sodium etc etc)...she is something else, that's for sure. Believe it or not I actually get along with her fairly well, which says a lot about the *actual* beyotches I work with lol. ;)

Anyways, her stupid boyfriend caught me tracking on spark the other day and my cover was blown! I always have updates about all the crap that people eat here and try and feed me... but if they know you are trying to lose weight, they will tie you down and force feed you cupcakes, I swear lol. These people seriously are not right in the head.

Anyways, so her stupid boyfriend blew my cover, and she just told me that it was great I was doing good or whatever.


Dun Dun Dun! In her passive aggressive almost too sweet tone she said "do you want me to teach you my ways?" I played dumb "about what?" in the same sweet passive aggressive tone. She said "about food" and maintaining the tone I said "nooooo..." she responded with a "really?!" *cue whiny tone* and I knew exactly what she needed to hear to back off from me...

"I'm just not sturdy. I know your way is the best (insert internal eye roll), and that it really does work, but I'm just not sturdy." She seemed to understand that and left me with an "If you ever want to know or advice I am here"... then she knew I've been walking so she said how she walked 3 miles today... mind you I outweigh this chick by at least 60 pounds, probably more like 70... and said it was hard for her but it'll get easier. I just told her that was great, because it is great. I left out the part where my fat a$$ walked 4 miles the other day, booyah suck it! I was so tempted to tell her I was doing "just fine on my own" but it is not worth it. This place is a strange place, and not a good atmosphere in general. Don't get me wrong, I have a handful of actual friends at work who keep me sane, but the rest... don't even get me started.

So I continue on my road of doing it my way, on the downlow, not flaunting anything, hiding my food scale, and not tracking spark freely where others can see. Please don't confuse this with not being proud of what I am doing and please do not lecture me on how sharing our goals is helpful and I shouldn't have to do these things because you don't know what it's like in this shark tank. ;) In my actual life with my actual friends they know about my goals and my steps to become healthier, so it's not like I'm keeping it to myself entirely... it's just the sharks that don't need to smell the blood in the water. ;)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Co-workers can be so mean. Where I work they had a pizza party at lunch which I did not attend since I am watching my sodium and I got 3 phone calls about the food being upstairs and where was I, and a visit from my manager wanting to know why I didn't attend. When I explained I was watching my sodium his response was "It wasn't just pizza there was wings too". Really, wings are high in sodium also. I felt like I was being nagged to death when it was my lunch time to do with what I liked. Hold Strong and Steady to your Course you will leave them all in the dust. emoticon
    3233 days ago
    I actually have a co-worker who has tried to get me to take her diet pills. No thank you...I have better things to do than die of a heart attack from being hyped up on those things. Slow and steady wins the race. The things I'm doing now, I want to be things that I will incorporate into my lifestyle, not just to lose weight, but to live healthy for whatever time God gives me. And I blow raspberries at the food police...if I want a Sonic Blast, then I'll have one, if I've left room for it, or if I've planned for it.

    Enjoying your posts...
    3233 days ago
    sooo... what is her way exactly? Not eat anything at all and when she feels like she is going to pass out she eats a cube of cheese? (paraphrase from The Devil Wears Prada)

    Seriously, I know what you mean. My co-workers are really great about everything, and have even gone as far as to buy healthy snacks that we can all enjoy.

    Of course there are times when there is pizza, KFC, chips, cookies... whatever, but they totally respect my dietary restrictions and don't even offer. I guess they figure if I want it I will help myself.

    It is much nicer that way
    3262 days ago
    I won't lecture you. Next time she starts kvetching and chirping .. throw cupcakes at her and her super crazy boring diet addled brain will snap, she will stuff them in her cheeks chipmunk style and ninja up a tree to savor them and out of your hair til she wants more cupcakes.

    I used to be a food nazi to myself until I realized it was the lowest form of living. emoticon
    3265 days ago
    LOL...i love it! You know your environment so you are handling it the way you know fit. Keep going strong and eventually...hopefully...they'll shut up all together.
    3265 days ago
    LOL Booyah, you can do this even with those people at work....inserting major eye roll and whatever talk to the hand !
    3265 days ago
    i totally understand, there are still certain people I dont want to talk to about my new healthy habits because they will try and force feed me their advice, because they know better then me. The thing is we know our bodies, we know what works and what doesn't and while it's awesome to home someone in your corner, rooting you on and to offer advice if asked -we are the ones that are changing and we have to take our own path.
    3267 days ago
    pshahaha BOOYAH SUCK IT! I laughed sooo hard when I read that lol On one of my blogs I was gonna put those exact words but was like no....ppl will probably be like this chick is weird and un lady like haha. Glad I'm not the only one! Someone commented and said that every workplace has those kind of people......and I just thought about it...that is the ONE thing they don't do to me! They all know I'm changing my eating habits, and they talk me down when I want a soda, or some other snack I def should not have. And the bakery girl flat out yells at me if I go for a donut, which I do quite often, But by the time she tells me all the reasons why I shouldnt do it Im like yeah! It will pass! So I'm really thankful for that ONE thing that they are good for.....anything else work related..not so much haha
    3267 days ago
    LOL I loved this. I was rollin' my eyes outwardly for you. I was thinkin'....OH HECK NO!!!! I hate it when people start gettin' all up in your koolaid and they don't know the flavor!

    You Go girl! You got this!

    3268 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12259720
    Hang in there. Haters are gonna hate.
    3268 days ago
    I've got people like that. Only they live with me.

    I loved this blog, and I think you dealt with mrs. Pushy-pants just beautifully.
    3268 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12088077
    Agreed! Spark is my tool for weightloss. It will lose it's magic if someone in "real life" found my account.

    Good on you for sticking to your guns. People usually have good intentions, but still can be hurtful!

    All that to say, I get it girl! Keep your chin up :) You are doing awesome!

    3268 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12292864
    I like to call them "food Nazis", "diet divas" or "Im better than you bullies". Every workplace has them!! emoticon It's not easy though and I am so happy that you have a found a way to deal with it while maintaining a sense of humor! More power to ya!

    PS. You totally made me laugh! I love that!
    3268 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12292842
    I completely know what you mean. There are certain people that I can't/don't tell because I don't want to hear what they have to say. For me, a few are because when I say that I am slowly, but consistently, losing-want to tell me what I am doing wrong and how to "miraculously" lose more, faster. The bigger portion of people that I am not sharing my journey with are the ones whom I feel I have told over and over again that "I am dieting and 'this time' I am going to be successful" and really, just don't want to look like a pathetic "non-loser"(lol) loser again!!! I want to be like BAM, look what I did when, this time, I succeed!
    3269 days ago
    Specific people in my life know that I use SP for tracking everything and I leave it at that.. I like having SP being my "secret life" where I share my successes and vent without feeling like I have to not say something because someone might be offended. I think it's easiest for me to have my SP world and home life separate. I still share my accomplishments and everything with others and will recommend SP to anyone who wants a good shot at losing weight but I like it the way it is. I feel like some people would half stalk me if they knew I used SP for blogging and they would bring me down. Nobody is gonna bring me down! :) Use SP as you like to.. and don't feel like you have to tell anyone exactly what you use to help you lose weight. I usually just tell people that I keep track of what I eat and I eat healthy and exercise and leave it at that. Hope you are seeing progress towards your goals!
    3269 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12621234
    Stay strong! I feel the same way with my work, I always hide SparkPeople whenever they are around. I don't want them to ask questions and make a big deal about it. emoticon
    3269 days ago
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