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I am Insane!(140 to 52)

Saturday, July 07, 2012

WOW I have not blogged since MAY! I guess I have not had anything much to say LOL

I was recently tortured by my youngest favorite daughter to purchase the insanity exercise dvd's. I caved and did it. Shaun T moved into our home and we started with the fit test last Sunday(I was totally worn out on the fit test!) and started the program on Monday as I wanted my rest day to be on Saturday. Well I am proud to say I made it through week 1! Oh yea she made it too. LOL She actually called me at work blaming me for ordering the dvd's LOLLOLLOL
How did I make it? MODIFICATION MODIFICATION MODIFICATION! My knees are not able to take all of the jumping. Nor am I able to move as fast as Shaun T. But I figured out a way to do a modification of any exercise that was too much for me! Now let's not get it twisted; there were times that all I could do was lay on the floor panting and dripping with sweat! (and sweating is not what I do a lot of)
I will say that despite the fact that I could not do all of the exercises the way Shaun or his team did them; I did push harder and digged deeper(Insanityism's) this week and I MADE IT! I lost .6 pounds and I did see some improvement in what I was able to do! emoticon
Week 2 starts in the morning! Soooo I will try to update next week! emoticon
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