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omg it hurts

Saturday, July 07, 2012

so today i started walking.. i walked a mile and a half.. and i felt like my calfs were being ripped from my legs.. i stretched i've done just about everything i could think of even jogged a bit and i couldn't handle the pain.. i wanted to cry... but i don't want to be fat any more..

So if anyone has any way to help with the pain any ideas i am willing to work on anything to get the pain to go away when i am walking .. i am starting to take vitamins tomorrow morning.

But i guess i am off to a good start cause i decided today oct 6th i am doing my first 5k so i need to get my but going so i can do this.
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    Sigh. I know. Maybe you did too much all at once. I do 1 mile at a time and take ibuprophen first. Even though I keep telling myself, "it's all in your head." (I could go on on that vein, but if you are not familiar with A Course in Miracles, you'd think I'm nuts ;-)

    I'm doing my best to get back 'into' cardio. It's just been so darned hot in Chi town.

    Anyway, hon, welcome to the team. Soon I'll have enough $ to buy more lez books instead of reading the cowboy romances my daughter has been giving me. They're really good, though.

    2924 days ago
    Your sparkfriends are right on the money here with advice....when we first start something we have a tendency to want to do too much too fast for too long...in runner's parlance we call that the terrible 2's....So hopefully you're feeling better today though I suspect probably still stiff...continue to stretch, break your walks up to smaller snatches and or even in a given walk, break it up with some stretches...so you would walk a given time or distance (listen to your body) do some stretches then repeat...that might help. Also don't try to walk too fast and be sure to shorten your stride...people who try to take too long a stride will get shin splints and possibly calf pain too.

    I am so psyched that you have set a goal date for a 5k and like janet says check out the training plan it may be helpful...but we're all different and we need to listen to our bodies and take heed...if your body says slow down or spend more time at one stage or another do it...this is your training not mine or anyone elses ....and finally, here's a mantra for you...The Goal is to Finish....it's not speed...it's not competing with anyone else...if I can go the distance, I'm a winner!

    Oh....5k translates into 3.1 miles....yesterday your goal of 1.5 miles was like half a 5k on the first day out....another sign that you are being a bit impatient with yourself. A rule of thumb for runners is to only add 10% a week....so maybe a smarter training plan for you would be to take a comfortable walk....measure that distance and then slowly increase from there.
    2925 days ago
  • JANET552
    I suggest you walk for less time and build your time from there. No one says you have to walk in one session either. You can go out for 10 minutes more than once a day. It'll happen. Slow and steady wins the race.

    Have you checked out the 5K Your Way SparkTeam? They have a workout schedule to help you get ready for a 5K.

    I wonder how you feel today. I hope your legs feel better. If not, maybe a rest day would be helpful. Good luck and keep us posted.
    2925 days ago
    I agree with Karidian1 you might want to consider a slower pace. Stretching is a very good idea, also. Be kind to your body and listen to it.
    2925 days ago
    When I started walking I would just walk for 10 minutes or so-5 minutes out and 5 minutes back. I took it slow and easy and gradually increased the time. Now my average is 30 minutes and about 1.5 miles a day when I walk. My husband usually walks with me and we would walk the dog too.

    I think it took me several months to get to that point without feeling uncomfortable or my legs bothering me.

    Hope this helps, just take it in baby steps to begin with and work your way up.
    2925 days ago
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