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15 Days to Go! Daily Results!!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

July Cruise Challenge - 15 days to go
Running/walking Miles - 31.25/75
Biking Miles - 6.2/50
Push ups - 650/1,000
Squats - 747/2,000

I started off this morning with what is sure to be the fastest ST workout ever. I wanted to head out to the trails for my walk but I needed to get a few reps in before I left. Here was my super fast workout.....

15:50 mins. 104 calories burned

Two arm bicep curls with sumo squat using 20 lb DB's - 3 x 15 reps then dropping the 20's and doing the same with 10's - 3 x 15 reps
150 push ups - standard military and Bosu ball
3 x 15 overhead press with sumo squat using 10 lb DB's

That is it :) Told you....super short! But I still felt a great burn.

After my ST we headed out for our walk into town and around the trails. It felt great although I was having a hard time getting my HR up high. Either my Garmin was freaking out or I am really getting some amazing cardio benefits living here :) Regardless, I walked strong. No running today, just a good walk with the stroller and a few good size hills .

13.4 mile walk - 3:24 mins AP - 15:18, 909 calories burned. For my cool down....yes, I am logging it as I was tired, so I want to get credit for it :) Anyways, it was a quick .15 mile cool down but needed as the back of my knee was a bit sore from one of the climbs.

Totals for the day -
Miles - 13.55
Push ups - 150
Squats - 135
Calories burned - 1,043
Calories consumed - 1,567

Here is a look at a few pictures from my walk today......it was beautiful :)

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