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A fantastic way to start a new month!!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Yesterday was a fantastic! My husband headed out for his bike ride and after about an hour he called me and said to look out the upstairs playroom window. There he was at the top of the hill behind our home where there is an outlook area to view the harbor and the surrounding areas. He had climbed up to the very top for the first time. He set the standard of what this month would be about, reaching new goals and striving to step out of our comfort zone. He came back to the house and I headed out for my run. My husband always says that I inspire him but little does he know just how much HE inspires ME!!

I started off slow, crazy slow in fact. My knees where killing me and I was beginning to doubt if this run was going to be the epic start to July that I longed for. I kept going and soon came to Melshi where I started off on some trails. I LOVE this area for running. Such great fun. My knee did well but it took it slow and of course I stopped for a few photos! How could you not? The ferns and mossy rocks were vibrant green and the trails where dark due to the clouds above. It was an incredible run. I had walked through the area before with the stroller but always longed to run the paths so filled with beauty.

I love these trails!! A great challenge in a beautiful setting!

After the trails I headed towards Algard, then came back towards town and ultimately stopping at the base of the lake near where we live. My run was a total of 6 miles and my knee felt great so I wanted to stop before I hurt myself. I wanted to finish strong!! My last 3 miles where negative splits and were all sub 9 mm so I was so very happy. I have not been running fast due to my injury so I was happy to see faster numbers despite a hard run. I began walking home but I started thinking why am I walking these hills instead of pushing it and running hill intervals? If this was your LAST day to run would you walk or run the hills..........I would RUN!! And so I did :) I ended up doing another 3.3 miles of hill intervals with walking in between. My pace was crazy slow as I was so tired from my 6 mile run but I was happy to be out there pushing it! I ran up to the same spot where my husband just biked that morning and I called him just has he did with me. There he was out there on the balcony waiting for me to run up with his camera taking pictures of me.

Here are some pictures I took when I made it to the top. This is looking out towards the North Sea and is right behind our house. So beautiful with the storm coming in.

It was a great victorious run.....followed by a hard rain storm while I was still outside! I came back home soaked with cold rain and as I opened the door, there was my husband waiting with towels and a big smile waiting to congratulate me on a stellar run. After some time, I did 100 standard military pushups along with another walk easy, just a good leg stretcher of 1.14 miles. So in total my July 1st was a success, a memory I will NEVER forget!!

Just after finishing my run....seconds before the rain came down HARD!!

July totals so far......19 days to go until we leave for the cruise!!!!

Miles Running/walking - 10.44/75
Miles Biking - 0/50
Push ups - 100/1,000
Squats - 0/2,000

6 mile partial trail run with hills - 56:50 mins AP 9:28

M1 - 10:50
M2 - 9:35
M3 - 10:19
M4 - 8:48
M5 - 8:40
M6 - 8:36

3.3 mile hill interval run with walking/ slow running in between - 41:35 mins AP 12:35

M1 - 15:35
M2 - 14:00
M3 - 9:35
.30 - 2:23

1.14 mile easy walk with the family.
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