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SO proud I pressed on! Goals reached ;) Now to reach for more!! 21 days until the cruise!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

New totals for my 51 day challenge - Day 30....

Miles - 200/200 - GOAL REACHED!
Push ups - 2,023/2,000 - GOAL REACHED!
Weight loss - 0.4 lbs /5 lbs.....not going to focus on this. I have lost inches and therefore my BF% has gone down, so I am happy.

I woke up yesterday morning with the crazy scale on my mind and I told myself I was NOT going to let it get me down. Yes, I weighed but I took measurements and my husband and I were both shocked that I am really melting those inches away!! My arms are up slightly but my hips and waist are down. Legs are calves where the same. Looks like the hills and strength training are doing me a world of good!

The weather yesterday was stunning! Blue skies and a high of around 61 with an amazing breeze. We headed out for our walk into town. I did walking/running intervals while pushing the stroller and when we reached town my baby girl was asleep. I did not want to stop or wake her so I ran into a store ( forgot to stop my Garmin......ugh) and I grabbed some water and nuts then headed back home. Instead of going up hill to the house I went around to the two lakes near by until I reached 10 miles. Then I made what was the LONGEST walk home ever! I did not think I was going to make it up the last hill home but I did. All total, I did 13.1 miles of walking, running WITH hills today!!

My overall time if off somewhat as I forgot to stop my watch 2 or 3 times. My splits etc...are on my daily mile site....but my AP for 10 miles was a 12:18 mm.


After my run/walk I did 13.2 miles on the spin bike for a total of 26.3 miles and completing my 200 mile total for my challenge!!

I also did 260 military push ups along with 260 squats for my FB fit challenge I am apart of.

Today I finished my push up goal and the squat goal as well. So this week I did 1,000 squats for the FB challenge and I have completed 2,000 push ups ( all military - no knees) in 30 days!!

Today's ST set was pushups, squats and a bit of light lifting......

Push up set - each 50 reps - 300 reps total
Spiderman ( for my friend Mary)
Bosu Ball
Medicine Ball
Close Grip
Squat press with 10lb DB's - 50 reps
Horizontal MB chop with 10 lb MB and sumo squat - 50 reps
Bicep curls with 10 lb DB's and sumo squat - 50 reps

New Goals??? I still I have 21 days left in my challenge. What to do??? Well, you know me.....REACH HIGHER!!!

My focus needs to be redirected. First and foremost I need to make sure I am eating enough (NATF...I hear you girl) and so to do this I really need to know how many calories I am burning so I can ensure when I log my foods that I am eating enough for my specific caloric needs. I wear my Garmin but I do not always track my caloric burn ( meaning I do not always wear my HRM strap). I am more focused on miles etc. All this is great but I need to get back to the basics. The formula that helped me lose weight. Calories in vs calories out. Normally you would want to track this to see if you are eating too much but in so many cases you can be eating TOO LITTLE! Now that I have lost so much weight I do not burn the calories I used to. Two things have changed. First my overall weight is lower so naturally you burn less. My cardiovascular health is FAR better than when I was overweight so it take so much more for my HR to get really high thus producing a greater burn.

So, with all of this said. Here are my new goals for the remaining 21 days before our Mediterranean cruise!!!

21 day goals -
Walk/Run Miles - 75 (aiming for 25 miles each week)
Bike Miles - 50
Push ups - 1,000 reps
Squats - 2,000 reps

Blessings to everyone!!

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