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23 days to go! Daily Results...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New totals - Day 28....
Miles - 173.7/200
Push ups - 1,463/2,000
Weight loss - NOTHING.....weighed today and the scale going in the wrong direction :( Must keep pressing on....

Fitness for the day -

ST - with 300 squats and 160 push ups along with 6.53 miles of walking with hill work

Military push ups - 50 reps
One arm overhead press with sumo squat using one 20 lb DB - 50 reps
Body weight squats - 50 reps
Front raise with sumo squat using 8 lb DB's - 50 reps
Lateral raise with sumo squat using 8 lb DB's - 50 reps
Jump Squats - 50 reps
Sumo squat press with one 20 lb DB - 50 reps
Bicep burnout - Alternating bicep curls using 30 lb Db's - 16 reps then switch to 10 lb Db's for two arm curls non stop to 50 reps.....love it! Heavy to light....great way to BURN!!!

Afternoon walk - 6 miles with HILLS!! I took the hilly route and worked up some hard hills pushing the stroller. It made for a great workout. My ITB seemed to be a bit sore, especially going down hill. I had to keep my pace slow when going down hill as it is so hard on my knees. But I pressed so hard climbing up, especially the last hill home. I took the steep side!! The last turn home is a 20% incline!

After the walk I cooled down for .53 miles then did another 110 military pushups for a total of 160 for the day!

Total miles for the day - 6.53
Walk - 1:37 mins - 6 miles

Nutrition for the day -

M1 - Vega shake with 1 cup of Kale, 1/2 banana and milk

M2 - 1 apple with natural PB and 1 gluten free cracker

M3 - Egg Whites, Salmon, Napa cabbage and a small amount of Tofu mayo mixed together

M4 - Whey protein shake with berries, banana and greek yogurt with flax and chia seeds.

M5 - Turkey breast with tomatoes, chills, avocado and broccoli
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