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Say What? I splurge a little and.... lose?!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The human body is an amazing thing. The salts, the hormones, the water weight, the fluctuations... it's enough to drive anyone crazy! My bathroom scale and mirror have taken quite a bit of abuse the last few years. They've deal with my yelling, the cursing, the looks of confusion.... But to me, though, the whole process is also pretty astonishing.

For instance, lately I've been focusing less on counting calories and weighing myself, and focusing more on eating wholesome, nutritious foods and measuring my inches and body fat.

So, I was surprised to see that after even a few days of eating some less-than-nutritious foods: ice cream (I happily opted for the baby cone), a buttermilk biscuit at a breakfast outing, a little more than half of a cupcake on Friday, a handful of Goldfish crackers, and some 'sugary' cereal (whole grain, but sugary nonetheless!) -- my weekly measurements were actually smaller, my body fat was down and I looked more toned than I did last week. After weeks of eating nearly 99% whole grain, minimally processed foods, I see no change. This past week, I eat 95% whole grain, minimally processed foods and I tone up? What the....

I assumed it was a fluke - maybe I was a bit dehydrated or something, but no - two days and many ounces of water later and the changes remain the same.

Just goes to show that my last few posts have been pretty accurate: all in moderation works best for me. I felt perfectly satisfied with a few crackers, a small cone, half a cupcake and a biscuit. I didn't feel the need to go nuts and eat a large anything. If anything, maybe with the workouts, I need the calories. I'm looking forward to incorporating more calories in a healthier way, but that was a nice surprise.

I think we really have more leeway than we all realize. Obviously, the more whole grain, wholesome foods (veg, fruit, nuts), etc. that we consume, the better, but I think there is room for "junk" without it derailing us.

How have you all been doing with healthy eating lately? Are you nervous that summer festivities will throw you off track?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I get this too every now and then. Haha. It always amazes me too!

    I've been doing well with eating recently. If my boyfriend and I go out, then I eat until I am full. It's worked so far (I barely calorie count. I find it too time consuming). I'm a little nervous since I will be going to Alaska in a couple of weeks to see my Dad. I won't have my regular foods, so I am afraid of gaining back the weight that I have lost, but I've decided that I will just do my best!

    Way to go on all your hard work! I love reading about your progress. Keep it up!

    2939 days ago
    I definitely walk the line of clean eating, but with some processed foods mixed in to keep my sanity. I think it's good for all of us to have the treats sometimes, and appreciate them in small amounts. You definitely seem to have portion control under control, which I think is that major downfall of a lot of sparkers (1/2 a cupcake? I didn't know that existed!).
    2939 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    In this last 2.5 year stint, I made sure to include the "processed" foods I like most, such as whole wheat biscuit mix, or smaller portions of Mexican fast food and such along with fresher foods. I don't long to overeat them now. And I know I'll have them again. But I don't need them, either.
    2939 days ago
  • IRP1114
    I have not been tracking my food for a whole month now. Just focusing on eating for hunger not thinking of numbers at all. Had my ups and downs but also see progress at times. I think over all some times we can over stress over the numbers and that extra stress can keep us from making progress too!
    2939 days ago
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