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25 Days to Go!! I am pressing on....

Monday, June 25, 2012

New totals for my challenge - Day 26
Miles - 162/200
Push ups - 1,353/2,000
Weight loss - 1/5 lbs.....BUT inches lost and BF% down....must focus on this.

Fitness for today......

Morning ST Circuit - Time - 21:17 mins - Aiming for under 20 mins next time....

1. Push ups - 200 reps - ALL military alternating - standard, medicine ball, close grip and staggared hands.

2. Sumo squat to overhead press with one 20 lb DB - 100 reps

3. MB Diagonal chop with squat using a 10 lb MB - 100 reps

4. MB Horizontal chop with squat using a 10 lb MB - 100 reps

5. Pull ups - unassisted. No chair, nothing. 4.5 reps....really I should count it as 5 reps but the last one was really not all the way so I am counting it as 4.5 - I did 2 the first set and then 2.5 the second set. I really need to dedicate myself to doing this more. SO VERY hard. Next time I will use a chair or something to help me up so I can do more reps and get stronger.

I was shaking after this workout. I LOVED how fast and effective it was. I was sweating like crazy and my HR was very high, even more so then when I run!! So I love the cardio that was involved in this short but awesome circuit. It is definitely the Mommy of a 2 year old circuit :) Fast and it does the job!!!! When you stay at home with a toddler you do not have all day to workout......you have more important things to do :) So I love getting it done early and feeling the burn all day from my hard work!

Afternoon Core Circuit....also called nap time circuit (while my baby girl slept) Time - 32 mins

1. MB Jacknifes with a 10 lb MB - 100 reps
2. Standing oblique crunch with leg raise - 100 reps for each side - 200 reps total
3. Windmills - 100 reps using 10 lb MB
4. Side to side knee lift MB twist holding a 10 lb MB - 100 reps for each side - 200 reps total
5. Suitcase crunch with pullover using a 10 lb MB - 100 reps
6. Bosu ball mountain climbers - 100 reps
7. Russian twist with leg raise using a 10 lb MB - 100 reps for each side - 200 reps total

Cardio - Spin with climb intervals - 64 mins
Miles - 15.7 - HARD spin today. Higher resistance and climbs....kept my RPM's high.

Nutrition for the day.....pre-logged dinner to stay on track and not eat the world...crazy hungry today.

M1 - Bobs red mill 10 grain cereal with apple
M2 - Egg whites scrambled with spinach and ground turkey
M3 - Fresh strawberries and blueberries
M4 - Apple, Natural PB with 1 gluten free cracker. Vitamineral Green and Earth with water
M5 - Protein shake with Kale, banana and berries
M6 - Another Protein shake with berries and spinach along with a side cucumber, tomato and hard boiled egg whites. Vitamineral Green and Earth with water and some watermelon
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