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8 glasses of water a day??? Possible Urban Myth?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Did water merchants get us hooked on this idea? Wouldn't surprise me. A lot of what we do is based on some clever marketing campaign. Yes, even doctors, physical trainers and health "experts" are caught up in the idea. It always takes someone willing and brave enough to study the facts to say "HEY! The king's got no clothes on!!"

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    I don't drink water. At all. Unless it has coffee in it!! Love coffee. I get lots of water in fruits and veggies.

    Absolutely don't believe that slugging back the water is of any assistance in weight loss or maintenance.
    2526 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I haven't trusted the pushing of water for years, ever since I took a class in macrobiotic cooking (my teacher would have a heart attack to see what I eat now), and they said urine should be a pale golden color and if it was too pale, you were drinking too much water or other liquid. Yay! I don't have to walk around with a water bottle.

    Sorry, but it depresses me that so many people here on Spark go year after year racking up their points for drinking water but never really decrease their eating and never lose a pound. Personally, I think you should be able to get your points for drinking water only if you kept to moderate eating that day. Or is should be worth a lot less.

    Hunter gatherers don't drink the recommended amount of water. Many long-lived cultures in the world don't, either.

    I think it's also important that those who do drink a lot of water sip it, not gulp down glasses of it at a time. Those who participate in eating contests don't train by eating, but by DRINKING A LOT OF WATER AT A TIME. That sure hit home with me.

    Or maybe I just like finding sources that defend my not making this essential? How HAVE I lost 42 lbs. in 4 years without drinking all that water? Could it be that eating less is really what's central?

    2526 days ago
    Good point Starlady.
    And in response to RANDOM00B's comment:
    Of course we heard about drinking 8 glasses a day BEFORE bottles water was everywhere! Think about it. Everything that is destined to be marketed HAS to get A LOT of press before you will see it "everywhere". That's exactly how marketing works. It's not going to be much of anywhere unless people see all the ads and read all the press hype--often for quite a long time. We don't see it "everywhere" until a lot of people and a lot of stores have bit the bug. Marketing is all about future prospects especially for the big corporations.

    Most people get their "education" through marketing and they don't even know it. They're not suppose to know it. They're suppose to thoughtlessly believe that they've learned something important. What they have learned is that now they "NEED" something they don't have. Advertising banks on getting people to believe they are lacking in some area so that the product they are selling can fill that lack.

    I know, not only because I have paid attention to advertising but because dh is really into it. He's good at it and knows how it is done.
    3097 days ago
    This is a good topic. I've also heard this long before there was such a thing as bottled water. I've heard that it doesn't have to be all water to drink and juice and tea can count towards the fluid intake. If you drink a lot of water you need to make sure that you're getting enough potassium. Toxins aren't the only things that get washed away.
    3097 days ago
    I was sure, when I posted this that I would get some push back. Yes, each one will do as they feel is right for them. I tend to lean very heavy on the side of "natural". And it has never seemed natural to me to drink any more than what your mouth genuinely desires. If you are in the habit of drinking 2 gallons of water a day then I suppose your mouth/brain wants it. I think this article has some wisdom in it.

    I don't drink very much water myself but I do drink a lot of herbal teas and fresh veggie juice which I prepare myself every day--about a pint of that per day. My water bottle is a half litre of water with a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in it that I carry with me for if my mouth tells me that I'm thirsty.
    3098 days ago
    Well, I remember hearing about 8 glasses a day as a kid BEFORE bottled water was everywhere. That was 20-30 years ago. I love water. My body craves it, at least 8 glasses a day. Of course, I rarely drink anything else at all (not even orange juice!), so my body has acclimated.
    3098 days ago
    I feel this article is one-sided or myopic; not comprehensive enough. Three reasons I drink a gallon or more of water per day:

    1. My weight is currently in the 250's and I'm losing. Many toxins are released as one loses, and, fresh water helps wash the cells and toxins (there is more to it than the color of your urine). I'm convinced a person's water needs vary with their weight and SparkJourney. I'm also convinced there is a minimum, and that 8 glasses is not unreasonable for it. We all have toxins to wash out of our cells whether or not we need to lose.

    2. Many trusted alternative doctors say a gallon a day (which is twice the amount of 8 glasses) keeps the doc away. And that's for healthy people. How much more so, then, for me. My max is the Mayo Clinic's prescription which is more than a gallon a day for me (half an ounce for each pound of body weight per Mayo Clinic really works for me; 258lbs = drink 129oz water per day). At 315lbs that was more than a gallon; so I'm just now approaching the gallon recommendation. I have a whole person to lose, so losing half my current weight would bring me close to the 8 glasses. But if I feel better on the gallon, I'll keep the gallon as my minimum, depending on % body fat and level of fitness / athleticism.

    3. My sister died of cancer and when I investigated cancer, I found the docs that are successful with cancer, all agree on healthy lifestyle components, and lots of water is one of those components. Since this fits with how I feel, function, and think when I drink more water, I believe it. And since they are smarter than me, and are not selling water, I believe them. These are men who have put their careers and lives on the line to help people; not sheeple and not water profiteers.
    3098 days ago
    Great article! Thanks for sharing.
    3098 days ago
    I saw that today too! I love water and drink plenty, I don't really track it because I know that I get enough. I also found the bit about caffeinated drinks not causing dehydration interesting.
    3098 days ago
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