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Monday, June 11, 2012


Okay now, all together - make the image in this post ring.




Well, you see, I am still waiting to hear about employment. Argh, quelle pain (yes, I know that in French that technically means "what bread". So sue me), eh?

To recap, for you at-home listeners.

Job #1 - Interview was on 5/23
Job #2 - Interview was on 5/30
Job #3 - Interview was on 6/7

My top choice is #3. It's the only one I have a recruiter for, and he is pushing to get a decision from the Hiring Manager this week as the company is looking to have someone starting by the first week in July. Between 2 week notices and time to set up the still rather spartan cube structure, they'll need this much time. I am thinking, hoping, praying that it'll be decided in my favor by Friday the 15th.

Job #2 is my second choice. I have no idea how much competition I have for that one. As for #3, I only care a little. It's a very low-paying role and, really, that place only gets away with paying what are essentially (I am not exaggerating) poverty wages because their name has a LOT of cachet. If people only knew what they pay!

Anyway - I will make my round of calls on Wednesday if I have not heard anything by then. I'll just go down the line. Top choice, second choice, last choice.

A much as I want work, I also want closure. I want someone to tell me - sorry, we went with someone else - if that turns out to be the case. Or, sorry, but we lost our budget and cannot hire you. Hey, I'm a big girl. I can take it. I have heard such things before and did not crumple. The world did not go careening off its axis.

But I do want to know. And I find it rude, annoying and more than a little unprofessional to not be told.

In the meantime, everything I hear that even remotely sounds like a ringing phone is making me jump. And I've got at least two more days of this if I don't hear before I start my round of phone calls.

And this all got me thinking - here's where the tie to weight loss comes in, folks - is there is patience and there is a bit of insanity. I think being patient enough to understand that it does not all come off in one shot is, well, the mature thing. I started off very, very fast and I still took several months to peel off 100 pounds. Any faster would have been truly unhealthy.

But there's also the part where, well, patience is one thing, but is it also, sometimes, just an excuse for not pushing yourself? Oh, it'll take months - might as well get used to that. Ho hum, another doughnut. After all, doughnut or not, it's still going to take months, right?

Egad, such is the way of the slippery slope, eh?

So my suggestion is, to have as much patience for this process as is necessary to cope and get through day to day and month to month and year to year operations. But also have enough itchiness, enough desire and enough fingers tapping on the dashboard, leg jiggling, key rattling DESIRE to get it all done yesterday. Because patience is the long-term stuff, but impatience, I think, is where the breakthroughs can happen. It's where you realize you should push yourself harder. It's where you dig deep down.

In the meantime, if you hear a phone ringing, hang on, and I'll get it as it may be for me. And woe be to any phone spammer out there (Rachel of Card Member Services or whatever your fake robot name is, this means YOU) who calls first.

But you won't get me tomorrow night, sorry.

I'll be running a little something I like to call my 29th 5K.

And I will not be taking my phone with me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Heard anything yet? My husband had an interview 2 weeks ago, and they said they would let him know in 7 to 10 days, and they never called or emailed. Rude! The waiting is the hardest part, and then to hear nothing is just mean. I hope you get something you want and SOON!! Hugs!
    3094 days ago
    Hey, no need to set your 5K aside just to wait for the phone to ring.

    I've read that it sometimes tips the job in your favor if you immediately send a nice thank you note to the interviewer, thanking for the interview, expressing the continued interest in the job, etc. Sometimes the little things get the big favor!!

    3094 days ago
    I HATE to wait. Patience I have not!

    Seems to me that your theme song should be "Waiting on a Sunny Day" -- to continue that Bruce theme.

    BTW, have you seen the online photos of Bruce concert in the rain? Simply unbelievable... and on his website. Worth a few wasted minutes...while you wait!
    3096 days ago

    Smart woman to be running off the anxiety. And this is a reminder for all those hiring to be sensitive to the difficulty of waiting.

    3096 days ago
    as I think you may know, I am a Jersey girl...so I kind of have to do that.

    I believe in the faith that can save me
    I believe in the hope and I pray that someday it will raise me

    Waiting waiting waiting. As I know you know, Tom Petty would say it's the hardest part. :)

    I hope things get decided for you soon, Jes. I totally understand wanting to know...even if it's less than good news. I never bought into the whole "no news is good news" thing. I like facts. I am a big enough girl to deal with either good or bad.

    Good luck, my friend.
    3096 days ago
    Mmmmm...good one, JES...patient AND impatient...both serving a purpose. I love it!

    Ring phone ring!
    3096 days ago
    Hoping you get that closure soon...not being told is the pits and yes, HIGHLY rude!

    Kudos on your 29th 5K! Hoping to inspire more "itchy" for myself...good point! Too lax, too long and those slippery slopes ARE so tricky and devious!

    3096 days ago
    Oooh!! Badlands is my theme song lately. Talk about dream/try to make it real

    I'm sending good phone call karma your way, JESPAH!

    And Woo Hoo! on the 5K!
    3097 days ago
    Things will work out. They always have a way of doing that. emoticon
    3097 days ago
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