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Total Exhaustion

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last night, I came home from the normal run of kids appointments, dropping people off and speaking over the smartphone to my eldest son at college while sitting in waiting rooms. It was a full day, but I had intended to make it even more so. I was going to attend a health and lifestyle seminar in the evening: something just for me.

Could it be done? No!

I got home and opened the door. The house had that wonderful smell of baked game. We had a slow roast sizzling away in a Romtoff clay oven, and there were veges to put on, and a balanced meal to make.

Did that happen? No!

Talk about a paleo diet, we were all so exhausted that we would have eaten the kangaroo hot and bloody straight after the kill if we had to. We opened the dutch oven, went "Oh, yum!" The kids were salivating, and my 12 yo daughter was, "Ummm, Ummm, Ummm" whenever we put anything on the plate. She was eagle-eyed and set for the largest portion. I thought salad. I was wrong.

Last night we ate kangaroo for dinner. That is all we ate.

I sat down after the meal for a minute or two, and thought, three plates, I can do that. No!

I was in bed by 8.10. The kitchen stayed the way it was. The teenaged petals were already in that other dimension called sleep. It was just too cold.

Yesterday I lived a paleo lifestyle. I rose early, ate paleo food, did a long 6.5k paleo walk, then the normal non-paleo kids run around. I saw my chiropractor, took my second eldest to his share, and then came home. The little sun had only just gone to bed an hour or two earlier, the fire in the kitchen (oven) had only just gone out, and my whole paleo tribe was asleep in our respective caves.

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