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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I have been considering giving up my blog challenge on Spark (to blog every day for a year) but I think it will be enough that I did not blog for two days.

I had two very bad days. The first was my court experience, concerning my daughter, it was so bad I don´t even want to go there in my mind, I had a very hard time to keep on afterwards. I had to pick up my daughter in the evening and that was no fun for her at all. Luckily e had a rehearsal at theatre and that WAS fun for her and I could leave my gloomy thoughts for a while...

The next day we went for rehearsal again - and passed a policecar who obviously saw that I did not wear my seat belt (find it very uncomfortable) As they started following us I knew that they would check my registration number - and find out that my car was imposed with a driving ban since I have not gone to the annual check in time...

And yes the blue lights went on and I new that it was going to be a very expensive morning... and so it was, I was fined 2 500 sw cr (345 USD, 271 Euro) And all because the seat belt, if I had worn it they would never had come after me.... the interesting part is that crisis seems to make me happier. This was a practical disaster as I knew I really had to do something about my car then, if I had the misfortune to run into another police check they would see that I already been fined once and would come down really hard on me...(doing the absentminded little old lady works very well for me in dealing with the police, I am nice and cooperative which many times results in letting me go with just a warning. To show my appreciation I mostly become a very lawabiding citizen for at least a year afterwards...)

COming home at night I went online to book a check-out time... the earliest was on tuesday 22 and I booked that. But I also went up at six next morning and checked for cancellations and thus got a new time at 9.10 the same morning. I still had the problem of winter tires, tried to change them but could not release the bolts - went to town at seven and got a firm to change them PLUS replacing a bolt that had been one of the reasons I have not fixed this earlier - I easily get trapped and passive when there is a problem that I can´t figure out how to solve - with the missing bolt I thought it had been broken and that there were a part of it left in the hub, it would have to be drilled out and I don´t know how to do that... I found out that it was nothing there, I could have fixed that months ago.
Then I went to the check-out, did not pass because my towing hook was rusty and have to be replaced, that´s another 5 000 sw cr... but I have a month to do that and the driving ban is lifted.

The things I managed to get done in 24 hours, I have been postponing since january because I did not have the energy to figure out how and did not really have the money either - it was altogether about 800 sw cr. Now I have spent 800 Sw cr PLUS will have to pay a fine of 2 500... "experience is a good teacher who sends ridiculously expensive bills..." so true.

Did I learn? Probably not, similar things have happened to me in the past, I am getting better at dealing with it but the risk is still high that I get paralysed when I can´t figure out if I can fix it or not.

The weirdest thing is that I get sort of energized in fixing all and I have also managed not to be too hard on myself with the whole thing. It is embarrassing but not a disaster compared to the situation with my daughter.

And the precious daughter asked when we will have our piano - I have the same problem with that as I did with the car. It is left behind where I lived before, it is a very heavy furniture and to get it I have to ask my brother and a couple of more strong guys to carry and I also have to build some sort of ramp to get it in the house...it is the ramp that paralyses me.
I answered dear daughter "when the police fines me for not getting it..." but I will in fact take some precautions today and see if it is possible to move it before june.
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  • SILLYHP1953
    Maybe you can get the piano moved to your house by her birthday in July. I just read that blog this morning and then want back to these older ones to keep catching up. It is invigorating to get things done that we've bee procrastinating about. I'm sorry the court was so hard on you, but this day is over and you got through it.
    2704 days ago
    I think what you described with your car is a very common human behavior, especially for women who don't have the muscle to do things men can do so much more easily. Pretty much I think it is the human condition for both sexes because life is busy, and none of us wants to deal with the unpleasant things in life if we can put them off until tomorrow.

    I am truly sorry what happened with your court case with your daughter. Just remember that children can get flustered and intimidated dealing with authority figures, and not be able to speak up like they would want to. I know hearing that doesn't change the loss you feel, but I do hope it gives just a bit of consulation.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2754 days ago
    Glad you got your car fixed even if it did result in some heavy fines from the police.

    I hope that you are able to build a small ramp to get the piano into your house for your daughter. I also hope that the custody issues are resolved soon.
    2757 days ago
    I get paralyzed a lot if left to my own devices. It's better for me if I ask some people for help, although I am VERY RESISTANT to that. It's always an inner conflict. And it's always the little things that hang me up! Hang in there!
    2757 days ago
    One day at a time. You're handling it. Hard lessons. Hugs.
    2757 days ago
    For clearity: I have shared custody but the permanent living is with her father, she spends every other weekend and some of her school breaks with me. In Sweden the parent who stays where the family used to live gets an advantage when deciding where the child will be resident - when we broke up, I stayed on our farm and thought that would help when I four years later decided to move back where I used to live before I met my ex. But it did not and this time she had said herself that she wanted to move, which made me sue ex. Unfortunately daoughter did not repeat her wish clearly enough in fron of the social security who talked to her and then I had no chance at all.
    2757 days ago
    Did you lose custody of your daughter or some of the custody? What happened there?

    Sorry about your car fines.. but glad you got things fixed.

    2757 days ago
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