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Hit to the Self Image

Thursday, May 17, 2012

This plateau has really hit me right where it counts. I was enjoying a steady downward flow with my weight loss and my confidence and self image were headed upwards. All of a sudden, they're taking a hit as I struggle with trying to figure out why I'm not losing weight again. I love how my body has changed so far, but I see so many things that still need to change. I'm not gaining, but I'm not losing. I'm not over eating or under eating. My life is filled with a bunch of "buts" right now and it's killing me.

I know this blog is a big whiny bunch of boo hoos, but I've been struggling with these feelings and felt like if I didn't get it out, it would just poison me and my thinking. I don't want to revert to just mindlessly eating or not caring again. I don't want to give up. Those thoughts aren't there yet, but honestly, it wouldn't take a lot of not making any progress for them to sneak back into the weak parts of my mind.

I did the math and in order to make my goal, I need to lose an average of 9.3 pounds per month between now and my birthday next year. With the way things are going, I'm not sure if that's going to happen or not. If I can get back on track, I know I can do it, but it's getting back to losing my 1-3 pounds per week that's going to get me there. I am so frustrated with this hang up I just don't know what to do with myself.
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    Jess hang in there. Plauteau's are the pits. It is hard when you are losing consistantly and suddenly nothing. I hate when that happens. Remember all of this will pass. I know it is a struggle. Just remember how far you have come and this is just a snag in the road of your journey. You will get over this snag. Keep consistant. Rethink your goals in smaller goals. Make things more doable. You could be losing in inches for now instead of pounds. Letting out your feeling in your blogs is a very good thing. We all have been where you are now and we do understand what you are feeling and going through. Many can help encourage you during this tough time. Just remember be consistant no matter what. It will break!
    2751 days ago
    Jess~ I know that plateaus suck. I feel my entire journey is a giant plateau. Just remember you are beautiful no matter what the scale says. We get it stuck in our head that we have to hit a certain number on the scale when in reality there are so much better ways to judge if we are healthy. Are you able to live your life in such a way that your weight is not hindering your goals? if that is the case then you are doing great! if not then work towards getting through that.

    If it wasn't for the BLC's I wouldn't even step on the scale. I judge my health by my activity level. If I am able to enjoy my life doing the things I want to do and not sit on the sideline then I am healthy. If I need to work a little hard to do that then I work a little harder.

    Don't worry you will break this wall down soon enough!
    2758 days ago
    Right now that you're at this plateau is when you should work the hardest. I know that sounds pointless since you're not losing but you need to fight through it. I think this is the perfect time to experiment and try different workouts to jump start your body and get it back on track. Don't give up thought. Whatever you do, don't give up. Sometimes we focus too much on the scale and it starts to dictate our lives. I know it's less than ideal when you're in a weight loss challenge to not be losing weight but look at the bigger picture. Don't let the scale dictate how you feel and your confidence and self image levels. Keep working out and eating right. It makes you stronger and healthier and that's the main goal. Push through it Jess, I know you can do it!
    2759 days ago
    i know how frustrating plateaus can be. not to get all cheerleader-y on you, but try to remember how far you've already come. some weeks are going to be easier than others, but just because one week is a little slower doesn't mean you aren't still making progress.

    i've only been here for a few weeks and haven't really seen any progress on the scale, although the measuring tape is showing that i've already lost some inches. don't put all your stock in your actual weight, because you're still getting healthier and doing great things for your body.
    2759 days ago
    sorry you are feeling down. Losing 9.3 lbs per month is a litte too much. A healthy weight loss is 1-2 lbs per month, so the most you would want to lose is 8 lbs in a month and sometimes it just doesn't happen they we plan it. We all hit plateus. You'll get there but don't set your sights too high. I am sure will you lose plenty of weight before your birthday. It may not be as much as you wanted but as long as you keep this up, you'll get to where you want to be eventually. :)
    2759 days ago
    It happens a times. It can be discouraging but hang in there, it will pass. Hope you have a great night.
    2759 days ago
    I'm on a plateau too, Still doing my best to eat and workout as i should. just a bummer since I was doing so well for so long.
    2759 days ago
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