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The New Me!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I feel completely new. I feel young and energized. I feel like nothing is going to stop me! Amazingly it is not because I've gotten down to the size that I want. It is because I can truly say that I am eating healthy. No energy robbing sugars, meats or processed foods! I've never felt better and I owe it all to my diet. I keep waiting for the effects of my new diet to stop. Like one day I will wake up and realize that I've only been feeling better because of the excitement of trying something completely new. I know that won't happen but I still fear it.

When I say diet I don't mean some new fad of quick loss weight. I mean a life change that has not only made me feel better, but my husband as well. I've always had this idea that vegans are crazy. How can anyone go without eggs and steak!? Now I know. After six days of having neither I don't even want it! The other day we went to the boat and everyone had spinach dip, sourdough bread (a previous all time favorite for me) and barbecue chicken. I didn't even crave it!!! And while everyone was in an after eating stupor, I was ready to run a marathon.

The one thing that they did have that I craved was chocolate covered strawberries and a big cream filled strawberry cake. I didn't eat any of it though, which makes me so proud!! You see I kept looking at it, drooling over it, but then I would think about how good my body feels. I would think about how I would feel after I ate it. I also thought about how I would crave sweets even more if I took a bite. You see, I can't just eat one piece of cake or one strawberry. I don't have the control to take a bite and say I'm done. I have gone 6 days without eating one drop of sugar and I don't want to give up that streak by making a big mistake that would lead to the entire cake in my stomach.

The most amazing thing on this diet is that I actually don't need coffee anymore. I've been a daily coffee drinker since I was 8 years old. When I began this new diet I decided that I would give up coffee. I got myself down to one cup a day and then all of a sudden I realized that I don't need it anymore! I'm not a zombie in the morning until I get my coffee. I don't crave coffee. Now I'm going to cut it out all together. The one thing I'm afraid of is the migraines. After drinking coffee for as long as I have, I know that they are going to be bad. But in the end I will succeed. Today was my last day of coffee!

Now on to my sleep! With all the changes my body has undergone in 6 days I thought that it couldn't change anymore, but it has. My sleep is 10 times better. I wake up feeling refreshed. I wake up earlier without needing naps! I've even been able to go to bed when I want to. No more laying in bed wondering if sleep is going to come! It comes alright! I even dream now! Which some may think, everyone dreams. I didn't! I could never sleep deeply enough to reach that dream state. I have had a dream every night this week.

Now some may think that I'm a crazy vegan, but I tell all of you who think that:
I would rather be a crazy vegan feeling great, then a meat eater feeling like crap!
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